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    Hi Julie A very warm welcome to BTG. So glad you found us and the site has given you some comfort to know you are normal in how you are feeling and not alone. You will find lots of helpful information on the Forum also lots of friendly caring support. As the lovely Win has already said, please feel free to join in the daily banter in the Green Room, we are a friendly bunch and ask any questions on the main Forum. We cant give medical advice, but can share our experiences. Julie G-B said QUOTE "I'm confused, so so tired, cant find words, a shocking memory, really struggle with light and noise, shooting head pains, neck pain, sometimes my head is just too heavy for my neck, when I'm extra tired my left eye almost closes, just wish I could have just one day off from the head ache." I can totally relate to all that you have mentioned above. Things will improve, it just takes time and learning your limits and not pushing yourself too hard. Lots of rest and drink plenty of water. Wishing you well with your ongoing recovery and look forward to hearing more from you. Take care Tina xx
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    It all began on 17th February 2017, out of the blue I got the worst head pain ever, the back of my head right hand side. I was only a 2 min walk from home, by the time I got in the house I could hardly speak, I went straight upstairs' and lay down, within minutes I had all the characteristics of a stroke, weakness, slurred speech, mouth drooping on my left etc., my husband rang the ambulance. I was taken to hospital, had a head scan, they said it wasn't a stroke but they found an aneurysm behind my right eye they said the symptoms and aneurysm weren't connected, I was admitted on the stroke ward, they did a lumbar puncture to make sure there was no bleed. I was discharged on the 19th feb. I would receive an out patient appointment to have the aneurysm looked at. I waited 7 weeks, heard nothing, went to my GP, they said give it another 3 weeks and see what happens, in the end I rang the stroke ward at the hospital as I had no idea who I saw or who I was referred too. They said I had been referred weeks previously on further investigation they had lost my paper work! On the 16th June I had an angiogram which showed I had 2 aneurysms behind my eye, on August the 22nd they were coiled and a shunt/stint put in, discharged on the 23rd. Going back in 5 months for another angiogram to make sure all is ok. It has now been decided that I did have a bleed in February. I have had a base headache since February, I'm confused, so so tired, cant find words, a shocking memory, really struggle with light and noise, shooting head pains, neck pain, sometimes my head is just too heavy for my neck, when I'm extra tired my left eye almost closes, just wish I could have just one day off from the head ache. I was told I would be referred to a group meeting in the hospital with others in the same boat as me but yet again heard nothing. I have found this site very interesting and really appreciate people taking the time to put up their stories, I didn't know if I was normal, I feel so out of it and have found some comfort from this. Thanks everyone x
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    Thanks Macca, working on that on the bad days (today's chat wasn't one of the best which left me down, trying to climb up) and on the good ones when they come. What I've been doing since it happened is write for him, talk to him in a notebook, and it helps me to remind myself the little things that have improved . Maybe one day I'll be able to share it with Paul.. Maria
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    Does help have a site like this Irene and knowing we are not alone xxx Back at you xxxx Love Win xxxxx
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    Put mind at ease and see another Doc if possible or ring them and tell them you are worried. Even if it's a bad migraine at least you wont have it hanging over you xx You must be worried and stress doesn't help so ask for a 2nd opinion and say "Can you assure me it isn't a bleed etc etc . Off you go and put mind at ease one way or another or you'll stress all weekend about it . Sorry for being Bossy but better to be safe than sorry xxxx Good luck Kiwi and Hi Eileen xxxx
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    There is loads on here Julie and they will be here soon xx Good to know we aren't alone and when on a downer come into Green room were we type our general chit chat or let off steam xxx Many a time I have left here laughing. (little things please little minds ) xx Be well Win xxxxx
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    Eileen, a very warm welcome to BTG and thank you so much for sharing your reassuring experience with Kiwi11. Maybe you would like to post a bit about yourself in the Introduce yourself section. We look forward to hearing more from you. http://web.behindthegray.net/forum/8-introduce-yourself/ Wishing you well Tina xx
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    Thanks Winb143, really appreciate you taking the time read and reply, its nice to know there are people out there. xxx Julie G-B
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    That's very considerate of you Macca, taking the time to check it all and write what you've learned about it. Yes I get what you mean, and believe me I came back from staying with my fiancé with hope which was something totally unexpected. I contacted with the director and everybody around him those days to try to get a different approach from them when I call him every day (it's different when you know a bit the person you are talking to) and I'm following them because yes they told me they would try to make possible chats on Skype, but I'm still waiting for the first connection. I know it was so different when he saw me! I can only hope that can help him a little more. You are correct, I feel I'm not doing enough and try to search other ways to help him. Are there any guides I can read or study so my calls are more useful for him? I wish I could be with him because when I was around I felt he worked harder on walking and being present and that upsets me. But I'm here for him and the pace his healing may take, even though it's hard and I still cry and miss him every day. Hope you are well, you all help me stay strong (or at least stronger than I thought I could be)
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    Hi Kiwi11, This is my first post but I felt compelled to respond. had a similar experience. Please don't do what I did and leave it too long before getting medical advice, ! Had my SAH on holiday. Had no idea what had happened. Stayed in bed for two days, sleeping a lot and trying not to move. The drive home was awful. After I came home I couldn't go back to work because I felt so bad. At that time ( 2014) I used the NHS symptom checker which kept telling me to phone 999. I saw a doctor after a week who thought it was a bad flu and gave me painkillers. After another week I went back to a different doctor who gave me more painkillers. After three weeks off work I saw my own doctor (who had been on holiday). He advised that I went to A&E and asked for a scan. I was admitted immediately. Because it had happened three weeks before, the scan could not detect the bleed. That meant I had to have a lumber puncture. That didn't work and results were inconclusive so I was kept in the local hospital. After 4 weeks I was sent to another hospital. with a neurological department. It took them a further week to identify the SAH and then more time before they treated it. Better to to go now to hospital as it will be easier to detect and treatment will be quicker. Your symptoms are identical to mine. Dont be scared. Treatment was fine. It was the period before it that was bad. All the best! Eileen
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    Hi Julie, I had an SAH/Bleed and I do not remember what was going on. I had a shunt put in a year later and woke up from cuckoo land. You are not alone and this site is a God send as we have all been there without the wait you had. !! My short term memory is awful lol but I sing a lot and it cheers my Family up (Not !! ) ha I knew I was getting better as hubby and Daughter were so good to me, now they moan more ha ha I will wish you well and as I tell everyone, My Surgeon told me" No Stress" it is bad for us, that's where the singing comes in xx Hope you feel better but it is a long haul, take it easy and again No Stress xxxx Regards Winb143 xxxxx Sunglasses help I wear them even when it is rainy lol xx
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    Hey Eric I was like you - worked long hours, rushed around at 100mph - I also had a memory that almost eidetic - now, not nearly!! The hardest part for me was accepting, like you, that there were things that I could no longer do. Strangely, once I gave up fighting against the new me and "went with the flow" the whole thing became easier to handle. I wasn't so nervous, anxious or frustrated. I'm over 11 years in now and have been working full time again since 2 years in - I work in a very busy school office where memory and multi-tasking are key. It has helped me regain some of the "old me" but like I said, the memory thing is not nearly as good as was; however I realise that it my no longer be nearly eidetic but it's still better than some of the people I work with. You will find new ways of doing the old stuff that suit you better but you mustn't rush it - if you're still getting wiped out for 4 days then you're pushing too much. "Slowly slowly catchey Monkey" is what my Dad always says to me - not sure what it means to be honest, I've never tried to catch a Monkey in my life but it is my daughter's nick name for my aneurysm!! Rest when you can and drink plenty of water - 7 1/2 months is still very early in your recovery.
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    Thanks to everyone on here for all the good advice. It's been a rough two weeks so I apologize for taking so long to respond. To answer the anxiety part, yes I worry about a reoccurance all the time. It's hard to let that go although, i know it's something that needs to be done. More than that, my mind wanders to worse case scenario and picturing my wife explaining to my 6 year old daughter what happened. I have started writing in a journal again, which has helped quite a bit with just getting everything out. My other hang up is coming to terms with not being able to do what I once did. I'm used to being outside all day, everyday working 12 to 14 hours, running 90 miles an hour. It's very difficult for me to slow down but, I'm also at a point where I can work like this for 5 days straight but then I'm down for 4 days with headaches and no energy. I know it needs to change and I'm trying, it's just hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Being able to get it out, even in an online forum has done wonders though and for that, i thank you all for letting me vent. It's a one-day-at-a-time thing that I am slowly beginning to figure out
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    Hi, Thank you all for your responses to my post. I haven't been on for a few weeks but I like to get back to see how everyone is doing. It is lovely to hear how everyone else copes after their PMSAH. Just to have contact with others is healing in itself. Love to you all, Irene x