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    Dear All Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I read your warm comments to my family members and they are sending you their best wishes. I have just visited my mum. I told her my day. I told her that everything is going normal, weather is cold, I truly miss her and love her, it’s time to wake up and I will be back tomorrow. She is in stable condition (blood pressure normal, oxygen saturation normal, pulse normal). We are praying for her to gain consciousness. All the best, Umut
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    Hi Umut, The problem with a SAH is that everybody's recovery rate is different. It is a personal journey for her and she has to go at her own speed, not the one you want her to go at. Your problem is that you want to do something for her but you have a feeling of helplessness. However, you are doing something wonderful. You are being there for her, you are encouraging her and you are taking things for her. Even though she cannot respond at the moment, it is surprising how much the brain takes in, so read magazine and newspaper articles to her, talk to her in your normal way and keep a diary of her progress, noting any small improvements. Try and keep stimulating her, but also know that she will tire quickly and needs to rest, so give her that time also. Be patient Umut, every journey starts with a single step, as has been said so many times before, and as long as that journey is forwards there is a chance. I think you are doing just great, so keep going and keep us posted. Best wishes, Macca
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    Umut, I send prayers for your Mom and you. Hang in there and best wishes for recovery for her. Chris
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    Dear Karen and Tina, Thank you very much for your warm and kind support. Today is my mom’s 18th day at ICU. The doctors cut sedatives on March 15th. Since then she has been sleeping on her own. She has been breathing on her own with very little respiratory support. All other bodily functions are normal. She is still unconscious. Tonight as everyday I will be visiting her. Last night during my visit, I got the impression that she slowly - exerted some effort- pulled my hand on to herself (i have no idea if it is reflexive or not). She is showing basic signs of instinctive bodily reflexes. During my visit I tell her that I need and love her, I know that she hears me but can not be able to respond. I will be there for her everyday, she looks great and relatives and her friends miss her and it’s time to come back. Kind regards, Umut
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    Dear friends, I have just visited my mum at ICU. She was looking unconscious but in a stable condition. I told her the current date, time, place and how long she has been at the hospital. I told her once again that she is looking great and the doctors are planning to move her to a hospital room within next week. I got the little, tiny impression (I have no idea whether it is reflexive or not) that she exerted a little pressure to pull my hand on to her chest. A little eyedrop came out on her 90 % closed right eye. The nurse told me that this may be due to the pain for the catheter insertion just 30 minutes before my visit. If that’s correct, this might be a sign that she felt the pain. If that’s not the case, she might have heard me. I really don’t know although I had the feeling that she listened to me. All the best, Umut
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    Hi Umut, How is your Mom Nug today? I truly hope that she regains consciousness soon. It sounds as though you and your family are doing all of the right things with playing messages of family voices that are familiar to her. Tough times for you all, but it sounds as though Nug has a lovely supportive family around her. x
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    Umut The answer is very difficult, its a very difficult thing to answer as every patient is different . There is no one size that fits all. It is the same as asking how long is the piece of string. Doctors err on the side of caution I believe and I hope mum will wake up when she is ready. Put your hand in hers and ask her if she wants to come back and to squeeze your hand if she does. All you can do is wait and its a horrible time and so much will go through your mind but all you can do is be patient and wait. It can take another three weeks , nobody knows for sure but taking one day at a time would be the ideal thing to do. Be there for mum , squeeze her hand , talk to her , and tell her you all love her and you want her back. It is a shame no one is the same as each bleed affects people very differently and there will good days and bad ahead and we can only hope and pray mum shows signs she is aware. All the best Paul
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    She needs you now and I am sure you are right that she sensed you there but bet she is shattered as "A letter from your Brain" tells you what Mum has been through. But we are strong while we have our loved ones to help us
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    Hi Umut, I had an SAH4 and awoke after a long while. Keep Mum happy sing her favourite songs, my answer to all ills xx Also keep talking to her as my Sisters used to sing to me and my Daughter used to ask them to join me in the conversation. We are in there just keep talking to us or a song or 2 xx Wishing your Mum all the best Regards Win xxxxx
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    Umut, my very best wishes to you , your mother and your family. This is a difficult time for you all and well done s for such prompt action, you made the difference to mum. Paul speaks from knowledge and experience and as he says your patience will Be important as it Is very early for mum after such a trauma to her brain. Watch for signs and reactions , differences in them , be the advocate in her care and the diary is a great idea to help communication and messages, also put up pictures taped to her bedside if they allow and music and voices are a great stimulation. If she reacts to them intentionally then keep going with that but know that the effort of that will also exhaust her. It is good your mum has strength and I will pray for her progress. Take care of yourself too. She would want that. All I wanted was to know my kids were ok so pace yourself and eat well. That’s the mum in me speaking.
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    Hi Umut I'm sorry about your mother but we all hope things will improve in time. however you are so so early post bleed and it can take up to three weeks before any change will be noticed. Mum has taken a huge injury to her brain and it will take time for that to even settle mum has a tightrope to walk over the next twenty one days. you have done right in playing voices and music to her. I started a diary and left it in the ward so others could write any comments in it. I know my partner was out of it for three weeks plus but was also moving her limbs. its going to a very long marathon its not going to be a sprint and you are starting on a roller coaster recovery your going to have some major ups and downs but hoping mum will pull through. Wishing mum and the family well take care we will be here for you, take time for yourself as well.
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