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    It can be vicious circle, you worry, your blood pressure rises which in turn can give you headaches. Please do not take offence but I am wondering if your problems are phycological and possibly some counselling may be in order. Other members have had counselling and found that it helped them. Of course the route to that in the UK is via your doctor, I don't know about the US. Meanwhile, please try to stay calm, take deep breaths and try to distract yourself from the headaches. I have found that the more you think about pain the worse it seems to get.
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    I wanted to note that whilst Hydrocephalus is one potential side effect of a bleed it would be picked up on a MRI with changes in ventricle size. Hydrocephalus is incredibly serious though and as life threatening as a bleed so for the avoidance of doubt though NHS guidance and definition is : “Hydrocephalus is a build-up of fluid on the brain. The excess fluid puts pressure on the brain, which can damage it. If left untreated, hydrocephalus can be fatal.” People diagnosed with permanent hydrocephalus require a VP Shunt to be placed as their ventricles are not working properly and any changes have to be investigated in case of Shunt malfunction . Living with a shunt can bring dizziness and vertigo episodes as Delta, I and others can attest to but it is a thankfully rare complication. Some people can have temporary blockage of ventricles post their bleed due to amount of blood but an EXtra ventricular drain (EVD) is placed and often is enough to relieve symptoms and their ventricle drainage recovers and no Shunt is needed. Blood anywhere across the brain surface can have lasting effects ; vertigo, tinnitus, eyesight issues are all reported by members.
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