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    I remember when I was discharged from the hospital I asked the brain doctor when I could go for a run again. Her answer was "go live your life" I wasnt sure what that meant. It took me a couple of years before I was able to go back to the gym. Even today 11 years later I still struggle to get into a routine because of QOL issue like lack of sleep and PTSD and mood problems. I must say I feel a sense of accomplishment when I do get a good workout. But it does not help me sleep better
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    Hi Melissa Was it 2016 you had your bleed? I had an EVD for hydrocephalus but did not have coiling or clipping as mine was non-aneurysmal. I am not worried about it happening again. as the doctors say the chances of another bleed are really rare. I often wonder what caused it but will probably never know. I am grateful that I survived and although my life is very different now at least I am here to share it with my family. Hope you are recovering well. Clare xx
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    Hi Karen, I didn't know this until over 2 years after my SAH when my 'aftercare' finally started! I attended an appointment and my medical file had *Stroke Patient* on it in big red letters. I didn't see this but was told about it on the journey home by the person who came with me. I went mad, screaming, swearing and adamant that I did NOT have a stroke. Now that I know, I'm not sure why the word 'stroke' upset me so badly. Maybe it was the shock - I was still trying to get my head around 'SAH' at the time, that was scary enough and stroke was a step to far for me to deal with as well at that time I'm really interested to watch this poll as I wonder if I was in a minority of people who didn't realise SAH was classed as a stroke at the time when it happened to me? Michelle x
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