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    Hi Everyone, Been following the site for some time and very grateful to read the stories of fellow survivors. Time to share. My SAH (anterior communicating artery) was just over four years ago and was coiled within hours (not even a stitch in my groin - how does that work?). Phase-returned to work in a busy office after six months and reached full-time after eight. Despite adjustments to my working day and an employer who tried to understand my challenges, I struggled to keep pace, concentration and accuracy and my confidence was shot to pieces. I was lucky enough to get early retirement on ill-health grounds close to my fourth SAH anniversary. Now in retirement I'm volunteering two part-days a week and the new post-"bang" me is very comfortable with revised daily routines. Ongoing challenges include a constant (fortunately) low-level headache. Luckily I can just live with it as paracetamol doesn't touch it! Feels like my brain is being pulled downwards and is definitely worse if I haven't taken on enough liquid. I do get fatigued and often take a nap in the afternoon or early evening. Short term memory is not strong and I often start chores, get distracted and forget what I was doing. I can still recall details from all the FA Cup Finals in the '70s though, so that's ok! Pre-"bang" attributes (unfortunate tendencies toward grumpiness, unwarranted anxiousness and worry, struggling to remember names and numbers) are all enhanced, though I guess this happens with age, anyway. Still struggle to focus in busy places and completely unable to do more than one thing at a time (the pause button is in constant use if the family are seeking my attention during The Big Bang!). Great site, hope other new members are encouraged to share their experiences.
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    Hi Clive, Mine was over eight years ago and was my left anterior communicating artery. I was coiled too. I recognise much of what you say and I too can remember old footy results but can't remember today's or last weeks! welcome to the club! Frustrating at times, I know. However, you survived and things get better. Mine happened at 54 and I retired four years later and haven't so much as looked back once. Enjoy your retirement. Just remember when you are next out in the sunshine having lunch, your ex colleagues are inside, toiling away, stressed and complaining about being overworked and underpaid! There are some things and people I miss, but I definitely don't miss some management colleagues and the stress I was under, often unnecessarily, because of others incompetence and intransigence. Hey - enjoy life, you got a second chance, make the most of it! You are learning to change things around a bit and eventually you will settle into the new normal for you. Glad to have you on board! Macca
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    Clive, Our stories are similar except I retired early (59) and had my “bang” at 62. I didn’t have to transition back to full time work. Sure changed my plans though. I am 67 now and have adjusted to my deficits pretty well. I’m not friends with them, but may as well learn to tolerate them.
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    I do not sing ..well not a lot lol !! It keeps me happy trouble is they are old pub songs my Dad taught me and they cannot be sung on here lol Super you made me laugh xxxx I got a new phone and I couldn't remember No. so they took it away !! Sim card that is. Was going to send them a nasty letter but thought better of it Clive. Hope head feels better. It is so good to know we aren't the only ones this site made me find my smile again XX Apart from moaning at a lovely hubs I have xx Keep going strong Clive and do not listen to others problems, selfish I know but when it first happened I wanted happiness all around me xx Good luck Win xxxx
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    Hi Clive a very warm welcome to BTG Thank you for sharing and letting us know how well you are doing. We look forward to hearing more from you. Take care Tina xx
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