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    Congrats on the anniversary. I wish you continued improvements as more years go by. Chris
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    Hey ClareM and Louise, Thank you both for letting me know that I am not alone. ClareM I am Staff Assistant for a small Community College in my home town in which I work 38 hours a week. Yes I too get my words all tangled up if I get the least bit stressed. However I do have a super boss and she can see when I am having a hard day and will tell me to go for a walk and relax or let me take a long lunch. She has even sent me home just because she knows that I have had a long week. I try my best to built up my strength but by Thursday I do good to make it through the day and just collapse when I get home. I think my hardest thing to deal with is not remembering some of the past and also I have a hard time remembering the day to day information which seems to aggravate the family more. I can't explain it to them and all they can see is how much I have improved. I have also started to have a lot of mood swings that I can't seem to control anymore either. I was really hoping that I would be more like myself by now and have things under control better. Thanks for letting me vent I am very thankful my life is no worse than it is and I know I don't sound like it but I truly am Blessed. Hope everyone has a great day. Melissa
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