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    Hello Bev75 I have been reading through this thread. You have been through such an incredibly difficult time. I really feel for you. You've been dealing with different complications and setbacks. It's understandable that trying to return to work under the circumstances has been such a challenge for you. My husband had NASAH in May 2019. He's making a good recovery, but of course like everyone he still struggles with different side effects, and it gets him down. He doesn't know what his new 'normal' is yet. Chronic pain is very draining physically, psychologically and emotionally. I hope you are able to take very gentle care of yourself as you work through your diagnosis journey? And I hope you have people around you who you can talk to and who understand that while you survived the SAH and meningitis, the struggle continues. You mentioned your cat, Mac? I hope Mac continues to be a comfort to you. I am a cat lover too and find their company very easy and reassuring (most of the time, I have a 9 month old kitten rescue who is very big and wrestles with my older and much smaller rescue cat, he drives us a bit nuts when he's not being super cute and cuddly). It sounds like you are doing what you need to as you work through the diagnosis journey? Prioritising what you think is most pressing. My Aunty had fibromyalgia for many years, it is a very painful and often misunderstood condition. I work with people who experience sensory overload, and yes a weighted blanket may bring you comfort and help to settle you to sleep better. Let us know if it makes a difference for you. Thinking of you and keep talking to us on BTG. Veronica
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