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  1. Hi Gam Glad you checked out ok. Tinnitus when it comes on or ramps up is horrible and of course the more you notice it the more you notice it. It’s exhausting and we are fatigued enough. And there is the brain providing commentary ‘ what’s that’ ‘ what’s happening ‘ and of course the natural responses for the worry to creep up on us that something is wrong, that could it be another bleed, and then the fireworks really start going as this all spins together and can easily create the perfect anxiety storm. First thing to say is you are not alone o
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  2. Thanks for all your input. That covid story really sounds difficult. Your Covid experience must have been just a terrible,terrible experience. And it makes you think how many people are going through that right now?? It's interesting you mention covid because when this "China Plague" (as Trump calls it, lol) , when this virus thing started, one of the first things that went thru my head was "dont go back to ICU!!" I've been very cautious to not catch it and it's out of my desire to not relive that experience again. The week on ICU when I had my initial bleed was the
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  3. Hi! I am almost 5 months post NASAH. The ringing sound had reduced after the first month. Then one weekend after much stress (worry about being forced to return to full time work, relationship conflict, etc. the sound was loud. I consulted with my neurologist and was given continued time off from work and reduced home conflict. The sound however, increased in December to an almost unbearable level. I went to the ER out of fear that something was happening again in my head...I waited 7 hours in the ER amid patients coming in with Covid-19. CT was clear. I began to s
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  4. Hi Gam, I have some buzzing in my left ear. Hearing was impaired at first but that came back...buzzing is tolerable for me, I am thankful...I am on board with Daff's words about mindfulness and breathing...I was not, haha, really not at all but did seek out a therapist who practiced with me and now I realize there is help within myself...I just sit quiet, no TV, and breath slow taking myself to something calming, enjoyable what your special place or thing is... I realize this is not everyone's thing..My daughter likes to color, seems like a big no to me but she lov
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  5. I m very cautious too not catching the virus because I won’t be killed by anything made in China as a friend puts it lol. Many months later, me and my staff is still covid free. It is a miracle. Lots of prayers and meditation helps I believe. I was happy to get the first vaccine on dec 31st too. Never spent a night inside the hospital so far as a patient so no thank you. Sometimes marriage is luck or it is the choice we made and sometimes we don’t know it till one is tested. We are almost 50. I try to make the most out of life by doing good things.
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