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  1. Welcome to BTG Monique, sorry to hear that a SAH spoiled your Christmas and New Year but glad to hear you are on your road to recovery. Sorry to say but it may be a longer haul than you would like but with positivity and determination you will get there. It is very hard to accept that things are not as before but you will eventually reach your new normal and it will be different but not necessarily worse. I am coming up to 6 years post bleed and it's been a rollercoaster ride, mainly regarding work. I like you was never sick and did not believe I had to be off work for
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  2. Welcome to BTG Mon Although we are unable to give medical advice as we are not medically qualified we can support you in your recovery journey. Try to have a nap during the day which may help you sleep at night, fatigue is a well documented after effect of an SAH. Drink plenty of water to keep you well hydrated. If you feel able, take a short walk during the day. Apart from breaking the day up and you getting some fresh air, it may also help with your sleep and boredom. It is a long road to recovery for most, your brain has had an onslaught and needs time t
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  3. Hi Monique, You'll get loads of good advice here from those much more experienced than me - only just over two years in for me - but I can fully empathise with the frustration of not being the 'old you'. It's hard to accept that things that were second nature now seem so difficult, but it does get easier, just takes a while. You might find it useful to search this site for stuff on mindfulness. I confess to be being a bit cynical about the touchy feely stuff initially but I've found that using some of the meditation techniques have helped me get thought the
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  4. Hey Phil. no apology needed as we all know the fatigue fog and how heavy that can be. It is hard for others to understand really how this feels for youand the everyday hard and struggle and of course as time passes from your event people have an expectation that you are ‘better’ now...and of course in their eyes you are, back at work , able to function to an extent as before. Of course what they can’t see, know , is the toll that effort takes and actually the sacrifice of then other activities just to be able to allow you to work. Paying the bills is al
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