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  1. Tony Welcome to BGT. I am sorry to hear of your nervousness but you should take great comfort in the fact that you are way ahead of most 'licence losers' that come here for advice. Many/most of us have had our licences revoked rather than taking the (purely personal) decision to hand them in. I would suggest that you focus positively on the test you have to take at Specsavers (we all had to do it!) and tell yourself that it will be a positive outcome. In the 18 odd months it took me to get my licence back I never lost the idea that I would get my licence back at some p
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  2. Hi there Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us. Apologies I seem to have missed this post origionaly... Everything just takes time keep yourself hydrated and listen to your body when you feel tired - then rest up... Take care and stay-safe
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