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  1. Hi, Riane, I am 2 years out from my SAH and your post is the MOST helpful information I have come across (Stroke of Insight is second). Thank you! I'm off to drink water - which I have been totally ignoring. Best wishes for your continued recovery. You sound like a lot of fun and I am going to steal your lines to your daughter ("Have we met...) Best ever! Thanks again. Alexis
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  2. Hello Alec. Yes, recovery is a process and it takes time. I am glad to read the progress you have made even if not completely back to your old self. I don't know if we ever get that back completely. Part of recovery for me is accepting a "new normal" and continuing to grow and learn. Things are not as they used to be. I think I am more prone to mood swings and irritability. I still get tired easily and have to take naps. But, life is good. I appreciate family and friends who take time to connect with me and are patient with the challenges I continue to encounter.
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