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    My name is Lyn. I am a partner of SAH. I am 48 years old.
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    Park Gate. Southampton
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    Skiing, scuba diving, mountain biking, music, walking.
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    NHS community mental health
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    Partner june 2007

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  1. Hi all.... It's been a while! Sorry! Gray's BP is very high as well... he takes 3 tablets for his.... can yu tell me what a coil is and what does it do? Lyn xx
  2. We have not been to anything yet... I am sure that Gray will go to meetings, he is very open to lots of things so long as it aids his recovery! Lesley is going to go through lots of different support things with us when we go and see her on the 2nd. He has come home from work tonight very wobbly and unsure of himself, he says he has pain in his head and feels fuzzzy.... I have to say I am scared that he will have another SAH. I guess we just have to take things as they come Love to all
  3. Hi.. I too am new here, lol... am I qualified to reply to a post this soon!! I agree with everything everyone has said, but what Rod says about just being there, I think this site is wonderful, I wish I had found it 16 months ago! Congrats on becoming a nurse x
  4. Yes... Lesley is the nurse dealing with Gray... I have not met her yet, but I have spoken to her loads of times. She seems to be really lovely. I think the most important thing is, she listens. Not just to Gray but to me as well... It was me who got him the first appointment. When Gray had the SAH he was living with someone else, and from what family and friends have told me he did not get the support, love or help that he needed... Gray had his SAH in June 2007 and I got him his appointment with Lesley in September 2009! Love to you all x
  5. I cry sometimes... But I do it in the bath then he doesn't know! (soap in my eyes!) A little cry every now and agin works wonders... get's it all out! Love to you all
  6. Once again Thank you all so much for your kind words and advice.... we are not alone me and Gray.. (short for Graham BTW!) We had some good news today... I have been talking with the Nurse specialist at the Neuro unit and have told her that we need help NOW, and she has sent us an appointment for December 2nd, Thank goodness for that! Just need to get through the next few weeks now... God it's sooo hard to watch Gray struggle like this. Breaks my heart, god only knows what it's doing to his brain. :confused: Love to you all
  7. From a carer and new member to the group.... Be patiant, listen and don't take too much to heart...... and can someone please tell me what to do!
  8. Thank you all very much for your warm welcomes. I have read each post out to Gray (he can't really cope with reading lots and lots!) and we both hope that we may learn alot and find support in this site. We are on the cancellation list at the wessex neuro unit for counselling, Gray says his train tracks need to be re opened! I liked the one about the ball of string and the counsellor finds the end and unwinds it for you... We'll see. Sometimes I just want to hold him in my arms and make it all go away, I wish it all would go away. Gray is not very good at adaptation and finds it hard to accept that he is not the person that he once was. He gets angry that he can't do some of the stuff that he could before. He gets frustrated. I need to let him know that it's ok and there's other ways. He still gets angry though... I'm sorry if I'm going on a bit. This is really helping me actually, getting it all written down and out of my system. Cathartic I would say.... Cheers one and all.
  9. Hi Michelle, Thanks for the welcome... the vacant siezures are momentary, they just last seconds, but you know he not here! He isn't on any tablets for that but he is on tabs for high blood pressure... We went to the boat show in Southampton last year, had a wonderful day, then on the way home at the train station, he had not a clue why he was there! He just grabs my hand and I know there's something wrong..... I just reassure him and explain! Love Lyn
  10. Hi Everyone, it's good to meet you all. My name is Lyn. I live with my partner Gray. In June 2007 Gray had a SAH. I did not know him at this time. We met at the end of August in the same year when I moved into a flat opposit him. You can guess the rest! He was bright and cheerful, funny and recovering well. We enjoyed doing the same things, riding our bikes, looking and being around boats, walking. He was a bit forgetful, and had the odd vacant siezure where he would forget where he was or what he was doing and had headaches as you would expect, as he healed... but we muddled through. I had not known him any other way. I fell hopelessly in love with him! In August of this year due to the reccession Gray's work dried up and so did the money. The house that he was living in was sold and the plan was that we would live together as partners. CRUNCH TIME! I got cold feet and changed my mind...I did not fall out of love, I just got cold feet... We are together now and no less in love than we were before, if anything moreso, but Gray fell apart. He is now back to where he was shortly after he came out of hospital. It was all too much. He has headaches which I worry about, he is forgetful and I feel like I am nagging if I remind him about things, he is back at work now but earning a lot less money and says he feels like he has stepped back in time 20 years! Sometimes he pushes me away because he says his brain "fritzes out" He likens his brain functions to a million train tracks where the train keeps getting lost and the tracks keep being closed. We are waiting for counselling, but it seems like we have been waiting forever... Reading back over this posting, it sounds selfish and very me me me... I don't want it to be like that.. I want to know how to support my man and help him recover. Any advice would be so welcome. Thanks for listening
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