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  1. Congratulations Karen on this 14th anniversary. Lovely photo - how you manage to look so good on such a hot day is advice I'm much in need of! I'm sure it will give much inspiration to those who are not so far down the recovery path - and here's to the next 14. Sending love and thanks, Sarah
  2. I'm sorry I missed your 5th anniversary Michelle, so it's belated congratulations for reaching another milestone. I'm glad you have come out the other side from having some mental health issues with such determination to move forward which is not always easy, I know. Your contributing posts on here are always warm, sincere and written from the heart. You will have helped many fellow sahers during the past 5 years whilst overcoming the struggles in your own recovery which is admirable. It's lovely that you and Jan have met through BTG and have developed a close friendship - long may it continue. Take care and keep strong, Love, Sarah
  3. Hi Jessica, I too am very sorry to hear your daughter suffered a sah at her tender age of 7. I can't imagine how awful that must have been for you both. It's not helped by the fact that there is hardly anything on the internet regarding children who suffer an sah. I would suggest writing down any queries or concerns that pop into your head as and when they do and then take the list to your next appointment with her specialist. Whilst 7 year olds are usually very active, I would imagine that she will become very tired after little activity, just like us adult sah survivors do in those early months and like the majority of us, she won't necessarily recognise when she needs to rest. Sleep, rest and drinking plenty of water definitely help the brain heal. Sorry I can't comment on stents as I didn't require one. I hope her recovery goes well.. I wish you both all the best and do come back if you feel you need any support, emotional or otherwise - we're a friendly bunch with combined personal experiences of sah together with what can be a rather long road to recovery. Best wishes, Sarah
  4. Hi Bill, Glad to see you have returned to BTG and have managed to overcome some of your difficulties. I was around when you joined and if my memory serves me correctly, you were at Donna's pub in Nottinghamshire when some of us met up a few years ago? Sorry I can't remember the name of the pub, where exactly it was or even which year it was! Best wishes to you, Sarah
  5. Oh Joan, I'm so sorry to hear that your op was cancelled, that's the last thing you need to happen. My second coiling was cancelled on the day I was due to go in, so I can appreciate the anxiety and frustration, etc that it causes. Hopefully you can get your blood sugars to an acceptable level before too long and then get the operation out of the way. Love, Sarah
  6. Congratulations Weedra on your 3rd anniversary. Lovely to have you in the BTG family and you never know, you may meet other members of the family one day! Best wishes, Sarah x
  7. Happy 13th anni-versary Karen - what more can I add that hasn't already been said. A lovely photo and inspiring words x Thank you so much for helping so many x Love n hugs, Sarah x
  8. Hi Joan, Sorry, but I missed this thread until the lovely Tina contacted me. I'm pleased you got a date through which is not too far away - hopefully you will manage to keep the nerves in check during that time. My thoughts will be with you on 2nd August. I have not heard anything from the hospital following my scan on 7th April, but on a recent visit to my GP for something else, I asked if they had had any correspondence from the hospital. They had received a report and I was informed that there were no changes since my previous scan and they would scan me again next April. I'm not overly impressed that the hospital hasn't bothered to inform me though and I only found out by chance. My Mum passed away 3 weeks ago, so I really am grateful and relieved that no more coiling is required at present as I don't think I could have coped with the stress of that as well. Looking forward to hearing from you after the procedure - sending love and best wishes in the meantime, Sarah
  9. Congratulations on reaching the 4 year mark Michelle. I know you had some testing times over the past year in particular, but you still manage to help others on here - I hope you've had a good time with Jan today, Take care, Love, Sarah
  10. Yes Joan, my second one is being watched every year and thankfully has not changed in the 9 1/2 years. The one that ruptured is also being watched and that has changed slightly in size and although there was talk 2 years ago of having more treatment, I got a letter after my scan in April 2017 saying all was stable. So I haven't had any further treatment as yet, but I am anxiously awaiting my results from this April's MRi. Sarah
  11. Welcome back Joan, lovely to see you again albeit the reason for you being here is not the best. I'm surprised it took so long to make you aware of that 2nd aneurysm. I think we spoke on the phone back in 2010 after the first one was discovered. .Hopefully you will feel more reassured when you hear the outcome of their meeting next week. I'm sure if they can coil it, it will be a relief when it's all done so you don't have that uncertainty hanging over you any more. I still go for annual check ups - to check the one that ruptured and my other one too. In fact I'm awaiting the results of the latest scan at the moment which was done on 7th April. (I hate the waiting game!) Anyway it would nice to hear how things progress for you, Take care, Sarah
  12. Congratulations on arriving at your 1st anni-versary Kay. You have remained so positive throughout and have dealt with it all admirably - well done. Wishing you the best for the next 12 months and beyond, Sarah
  13. Hi Alex, a warm welcome to behind the gray. Sorry that you have had the misfortune to have experienced a sah, but appreciate you sharing your story which helps build a great forum for those in a similar situation. I'm not sure what the answer is to not being able to sleep but during a recent spell of this myself I was prescribed something to help me sleep which, although I only took it for a few nights, it did enable me to get some much needed sleep - and then got me back into the routine of normal(ish) sleep pattern. I agree with you, in fact I think the whole NHS system is faultless - I think me and my family have benefited from every department going, in fact I'm off there again next month for my 10th annual head MRI. I hope your recovery continues to go well, but do be prepared that it could take quite a while and next year plan something more romantic! Take care, Sarah
  14. I'm sorry to hear you are in this situation and how worrying it is for you and your daughter. Hopefully after your appointment, the options will become a little clearer for you to consider and make any decisions based on their judgement. I was wondering if this is an untreated aneurysm you have and whether your daughter has only known about it since this recent news and therefore is having to take a lot of information on board in a relatively short space of time - plus the uncertainty that goes with it. (my youngest son is 17 now) In 2015 I was in a similar situation in waiting for an appointment to discuss an aneurysm that had grown slightly and what, if any, treatment was needed. My approx 8mm aneurysm had ruptured in Nov 2008. I'm not sure to this day how me, or my family, got through that particular time. In brief, I'd had my MRI on 10th Aug, the same day as my sister had a scan which revealed bowel cancer. I got a phone call on Fri 9th October asking me to to go in and discuss my results on the Monday - that Friday my husband was having major heart surgery across the city and hadn't even been woken up after his operation when I had my appointment to discuss the aneurysm which was when I was told it had grown. Due to my circumstances they agreed for me to have a further scan in 6 months' time. After that scan I was given the options to either have an angiogram to see if it needed a stent and more coils put in, or be scanned again in a years' time to see if it had changed any further. Needless to say I chose the 2nd option. Following my scan in April of this year, I received a letter saying "stable appearances - scan in 12 months". So I'm a little confused to say the least. I'd suggest you go to your appointment armed with any questions you have and maybe take another adult with you and preferably even ask them to put whatever has been discussed in writing to you - and tell them about your daughter's concerns - not that I thought to do that with my own 3 children's concerns. Best wishes, Sarah.
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