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  1. Hi Adam and a warm welcome to Behind the Gray. I'm sorry to hear you had such a rough time. Not knowing what was happening and having no family around to support either would be a bad experience in anyone's book. Anyway I'm glad you're back home now where you can concentrate on your recovery. 6-8 weeks seems to be the standard that doctors tell you, or at least mine did too. I think it is very misleading give a time span like that as many survivors take considerably longer than that. As for telling you that yours was one of the good ones, well I've never heard anyth
  2. Hi Dawny, A warm welcome to Behind the Gray and I'm sorry that your original post was missed and not replied to. I remember that hesitation about posting for the first time so can understand that it can take some courage to do. Hopefully your trust in posting has now been restored by the responses you have received Much of your post resonates with me although my experience was long before covid was ever heard of. I had a SAH in Nov 2008 and following my first check up they wrote to me telling me they wanted to recoil the aneurysm and they were looking at doing this wit
  3. I haven't had my Covid vaccine jab yet Hubby will be setting off for his injection in the next hour - he probably got his because he's in his sixties and I'm still a spring chicken in my fifties albeit only just! In the meantime I shall just have to continue ducking and diving to try and avoid catching the virus. I'm sorry to hear you had the virus over Christmas Tina, I hope you recovered well and haven't any lasting issues - sending hugs x Sarah
  4. Hi Sally, That's brilliant news xx I've only just read your post on my thread which was obviously posted prior to you receiving your good news. I agree, it's such a relief to hear things are stable after that awful 'waiting game' and well worthy of a Cheshire Cat grin!! Relax and enjoy - (well as best we can in this lock down situation) Sarah xx
  5. Many thanks everyone for your lovely comments - you all sound as happy as I am about this news! I just need the next 18 months to go in slow motion now! Thanks again, Sarah x
  6. Well, I am ecstatic on this cold, bright and snowy afternoon. I have just come in from decorating my daughter's new flat and find a letter from the hospital saying, "I write to advise you that the scans you had on 14th January show everything is stable" It then goes on to say "Dr. Dyde has arranged a further scan to be performed in 18 months and we will write to you with the results when they are available. Currently no further treatment is planned" I am so happy, I could cry! In fact I didn't just get one letter saying this, I got two - an identical letter which
  7. Hi Ann, So pleased to hear your coils are behaving as they should and the fact that you don't require a stent at the present time. Hopefully this will remain the case when they check in July. It does make a lot of difference who you see and how they come across and I'm glad you feel happier about things going forward. I'm still waiting to hear what my MRIs revealed. Hopefully I won't be waiting much longer. Take care, Sarah xx
  8. Well, I'm a small step nearer to finding out what, if anything, they plan to do with my dural arteriovenous fistula and/or aneurysms in that I had my MRI scans yesterday (14.1.21). I'd been getting anxious in the days leading up to yesterday, partly due to knowing how long I would be in the scanners and partly having to go into a hospital when covid cases are so high. (one of my employers have catergorised me as being clinically extremely vulnerable), Then to make matters worse the snow came! I went to one of my jobs yesterday morning and on the way down their untreat
  9. Hi Ann, Haha - these gong shows are becoming a common theme! On a more serious note, I hope all goes well on 5th and you're not waiting too long to get the results and hopefully some reassurance from those involved in your care. As you know I'll be having be having my MRI the week after you and whilst they are primarily looking at this davf they've found, they will also be checking on my two aneurysms. It's going to be an anxious time waiting to hear what they have to say and what they might propose to do. I'm trying to be brave about it all, but if the
  10. Hi Sallios I understand how frustrating and worrying it is for you, but as Skippy says, try not to worry too much. The vast majority of follow ups show the coiling to be successful. In my case however, the follow up showed the coils had compacted and I needed more coils inserting. When I received the letter saying they proposed to do this in the next 3 weeks I thought OMG it must be urgent and might something happen during the 3 week wait. This 3 week wait ended up being 9 months and nothing untoward happened during that time. This was back in 2008/2009 when I was ne
  11. Many thanks Ann and Jean for posting. I hadn't heard of the gong show expression Ann, but thanks to Google, I know now! That sums it up nicely! I hope you get your scan dates sorted and that it doesn't turn into a gong show! Happy Christmas to you and to everyone else who might be reading this xx Take care, Sarah xx
  12. Thank you Skippy and Tina Well, I posted that before the postman had been this morning and yes, he has delivered yet another appointment letter! Depending on which of the 8 appointment letters you look at, there is mention of MRA Head, MRI Head, MRA Head with contrast, MRI Internal auditory meatus Both. The only other thing I can remember her saying during the phone calls is that I would be in one scanner for about 15 minutes and in the other scanner for approximately 30 minutes. Whilst I might be a bit confused by it all, I trust they kno
  13. I suppose I was being optimistic when I thought I might get to the other side of Christmas before hearing about a date for the proposed MRI scan, but it was not to be. In fact, I didn't anticipate that getting such an appointment would be quite so complicated! I received an email last Thursday saying they, the radiology department, were ready to make an appointment for the scan and I was given the option to receive future correspondence by email or continue through the postal system. I chose the email option as I felt it would easier, quicker and cheaper for the NHS.
  14. Today was angiogram day. Up at 6.15am, all the usual getting ready and trying to be mentally prepared. Arrived at the hospital at 9 am. Should have allowed a bit more time for the fact that there was a limit of 3 people in the lifts at any one time. Then when a lift finally became available someone selfishly pushed in before me taking up the third position! Arrived on N Floor at the neuro day care centre. A nurse came and unlocked the door to let me in, asked my name, looked at her list and said I wasn't on it! Luckily I had my letter on me whi
  15. That is so kind of Macca's family, enabling this site, which helps so many, continue into the future. Macca will always be remembered by those who 'met' him through this site as someone who always put others first, always willing to help others with his sound advice which was gained through his own recovery from a sah. He had an amazing gift of writing his posts so eloquently, leaving the reader with knowledge and advice that came from the heart. Sarah x
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