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  1. Many thanks Tina, Daff, Chelle and Claudette for your love and kind words. Today is the day I am being discussed in the MDT meeting, so hopefully I will hear something in the not too distant future. It has certainly been an arduous journey Claudette and losing 6 close family members during that journey has made it so much harder. Love, Sarah x
  2. Just a quick update on this thread. To recap: incidental finding of dural arteriovenous fistula following angiogram which was to see if aneurysm needed further treatment. Due to me being asymptomatic, it was decided in January 2020 that the davf could be left alone and a follow up scan was scheduled for Oct 2021 although I was asked to report any symptoms should I get any. I was also told that, in my case, the fistula could not be treated by embolisation or via craniotomy due to it's deep location, so the only option would be stereotactic radiosurgery. Fa
  3. Hi Macca, Congratulations on both your 8th wedding anniversary and your 10 year milestone. You are an inspirational person, who not only had to contend with your own recovery from sah, but have helped so many others, me included, through your very wise words along the way. I really admire your eloquently written posts which are always positive, helpful and written from the heartđź’ś I hope you both enjoyed your Italian - felice anniversario ! Love, Sarah x
  4. Sarah, I am so very sad to hear that your lovely Mum has passed away, you must be devastated - my thoughts are with you. Reading all these tributes has brought a tear to my eye as I too will remember Win as a lady with a great heart, a fabulous sense of humour and an infectious singing voice. She was a remarkably strong person for recovering so well after her sah with all the added problems that she encountered along the way which you bravely shared with us at the time. Then we met Win on here and she became one of the family and kept us all entertained with her upbe
  5. Hi Daff, Sorry, I'm another late one! Well done for achieving what you have over the past 8 years, it certainly can't have been easy especially during those early years and yet you have always selflessly managed to help others on here with your excellent posts. Recovery is all the more difficult when you have to tend to children, so congratulations on doing such a good job with raising your girls. Your positive attitude is an inspiration to us all, Love, Sarah
  6. Thankfully I've not suffered with tinnitus, but I can imagine it must be very annoying. I have however read up on the condition recently and apparently it is quite common amongst the population. It appears to me to affect a lot of people after having had a subarachnoid haemorrhage. There is more than one type of tinnitus and apparently, according to what I've read, tinnitus is rarely an indication of a serious disorder. However, I have recently discovered what one of these rare and serious disorders is, having been diagnosed with a Dural anteriovenous fistula.
  7. Many thanks Karen, Fiona Macca and SM Yes, I can live with those odds, it could have been a lot worse. I was definitely feeling more relaxed about it all after the appointment than I was before it. I don't think I'll have a problem with getting on with my life, after all I've managed to live with these two aneurysms for the past 11 years. The nurse said on Monday that although the fistula was discovered incidentally from the angiogram done last October, they had looked back at the MRI scan I had last April to see if it was showing on that scan and it was, it's just t
  8. Well, I had the appointment 2 days ago to discuss the dural AVfistula that they had incidentally found in my brain whilst checking my 2 aneurysms. All my planning in allowing enough time for picking my sister up, rush hour traffic, parking at the hospital etc., just didn’t include the fact that my car might not start! Being on my own with nobody else up, I soon abandoned the idea of trying to get it going with jump leads, deciding it might be quicker to go back in the house and hunt for my daughter’s car keys in her floordrobe and go in her car, just hoping she didn’t need it!
  9. Many thanks Colleen. The waiting since the shock of finding out, in the way that I did, has not been the best way to start a new year, that's for sure! Monday is within sight now, so I should know more soon. Thank you also for the birthday wishes - no partying as such yesterday - need to keep the old blood pressure down! Sarah x
  10. HI Jenni, It saddened me to read your last post, but never give up hope. I agree that life can be so cruel and I know from personal experience how upsetting these events can be and how it can be detrimental to your mental health - at least it was in my case. Take any help and support available, keep with this site, maybe visit the green room and hopefully it will all be of benefit to you like it has been with so many of us during recovery. Sarah x
  11. Hi again Jenni, The delay in getting attention certainly concerned me at the time and I did make a complaint, via my GP to the ambulance service although I never heard anything further. So yes, it's always a welcome miracle to come out the other side! It certainly is hard having children to care for when this has happened. Mine were 8,13 and 15 at the time of my sah and have all turned out fine despite the difficulties during my recovery. I'm not sure if my then 8 yr old even remembers the day when I forgot to pick him up from school because I'd fallen asleep!
  12. Hi Jennie, Excellent advice from Macca which hopefully will help keep you focused. It appears you are having a hard time of it all and you mention the fact that you regret calling for an ambulance at the time, which is making you believe things may have been different if you didn't have to wait 5 days before being operated on. Even if you had rung at the time, I doubt the outcome would have been any different. When I had my bleed at the age of 46 I did call for an ambulance whilst it was happening, but it was still another 10 days before I got operated on
  13. Thank you all once again. I really need to start that list of questions soon - there have been so many questions floating round my head that I need to catch them all and put them on paper - no doubt some will escape! I made a bit of progress today in that I've arranged for my sister to come with me - She said she would be up early that day anyway because her partner was going into hospital - just not the same one as me otherwise we could have killed two birds with one stone! Hopefully hubby will come too, so he can drop us off, so we don't waste time finding somewhere t
  14. It's me again! I have finally this morning received an appointment through to meet with my consultant. It's a week today at 9am - which is far too early in my book. What's more it's not at my usual 'head' hospital, but at the Northern General across the city which means colliding with rush hour traffic - something that I have managed to avoid all my life! Even the location being the spinal injuries centre has got me worried! Oh well only another week of anxious waiting - albeit only round one! Sarah
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