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  1. Hi Teechur, your words are so true. Think recently had misplaced my positive and optimistic thoughts. However yours and all the other positive words that I have got on here have helped greatly. Sue
  2. Hi Winb143, your words made me smile a lot. Thank you for your positive words they mean a lot. Would love you to sing a song Sue
  3. Hi Shellie, thank you for your positive comments. Am working toward returning to work. So have been doing some hydrotherapy for the past two weeks which I have discovered is deviously exhausting but feel it is helping me. Balance is my biggest issue at the moment but hopefully visit to eye specialist on Friday as recently had small eye op to clear a bleed from my SAH. So am hopeful my balance probs are related to this although I suppose it could still be from SAH itself would really just like it to improve. Hoping things are quite well with you. Sue
  4. Hi Macca, thank you too for your reply was most helpful. Apologies thank you for the diary idea have started that today. As I said above just writing it down has helped especially as its to people who know what it is like to go through an aneurysm and all its after effects. Will let you know how the hydrotherapy goes feeling positive about starting that. Sue
  5. Hi Daffodil, thank you for answering much appreciated. It was only when I started writing down what happened I realised how much I had been through though that was a condensed version. Have mostly been coping quite well it's really only the past month or so I have felt a bit flat and miserable at times. Maybe because improvements start to slow down and more so I think my expectations of myself may be a bit high and I was getting frustrated to still feel so tired especially when I haven't really been doing anything. So think I do need to start being kinder to myself and set goals for each day. Rules for driving are much the same here but I also had the added issue of no vision in my right eye which is hopefully resolved following some eye surgery a week ago. Though I think although anaesthetic was light still made me very tired which I probably didn't allow for. A diary is a good idea so will give that a try. Am starting some hydrotherapy next week so am hopeful that will help with some balance issues I have still. Mostly I think I need to be somewhat more patient although that has never been one of my strong points. Again thank you for your kind supportive words it's has helped as you know what it is like and it is extremely difficult to try and explain that to others.
  6. I woke up on March 14 2014 my day off feeling very peculiar don't recall having a headache just knew something didn't feel right thought that if I stayed there bit longer that I might feel better. This however was not the case and I remember thinking I really needed to get the attention of my kids who were getting ready for uni otherwise something awful was going to happen. I managed to crawl out and lie on the lounge room floor where they found me vaguely remember asking them to call an ambulance. Much of that day is a blur went to RAH large hospital in Adelaide had an angiogram where it was discovered I had an aneurysm which had burst but had stopped bleeding at this time had no idea how sick I was. My mother and brother were now there. Next thing I remember was being on a ward Doctors telling me what had happened and organising coiling for my aneurysm the following day. Next few days a blur of angiogram headaches tablets and having my observations taken a lot. Plus the start of what was going to turn into weeks and weeks of nausea and vomiting which resulted in large weight loss. My recovery from coiling wasn't great along with nausea I apparently became quite confused fortunately I don't remember all of it. I developed hydrocephalus which required a shunt which cleared my confusion. However nausea and vomiting remained huge issue not helped by two infections. I then found out that unfortunately the coiling had not been a complete success and the surgeon would be required to do further surgery to clamp the aneurysm. By now though I had been in hospital 9 weeks and due to my poor condition they wanted me to go to Rehab and then home for a few weeks to build myself up. This was a difficult period still feeling quite poorly plus the concern of a major surgery playing on my mind. Extreme fatigue and headaches were also still and issue. I had also lost the vision in my right eye following the aneurysm. Eventually returned to hospital for clipping surgery how ever due to position of shunt I needed that removed prior which concerned me greatly as I knew how awful I felt before its insertion. Clipping surgery ended up taking nearly 15 hours so felt completely flat following that. Nausea and vomiting didn't seem such an issue and CT scans did not indicate further hydrocephalus so I was discharged after three weeks. Didn't really feel great but persisted at home however after 2 weeks still very flat began vomiting could tell it was CSF ambulance back to hospital another CT scan massive hydrocephalus requiring another shunt and another month in hospital including a week in Rehab. Have now been home about 10 weeks had my eye operated on last week which has caused me more balance issues than I had due for review next week. Know how lucky I have been to go through all that and end up just about ok. But still feeling exhausted at times and wondering when I will feel almost normal again. Really wanting to go back to work be able to drive etc but just feel very flat and over it at the moment. But grateful. Would appreciate any advice helpful hints.
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