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  1. Thanks y'all....I will surely stay in touch....mom said he was awake for 20 minutes today...that is huge considering this whole past week he wouldn't open his eyes at all.... Yes, Winb143....I did play a song to him last week that made me sob uncontrollably while I was there....It's Holly Dunn - Daddy's Hands..I thought for sure this would have made him open his eyes...he didn't but he did hold my hand...I know he knew I was playing it for him... Oh Daffodil...you poor thing.... Macca - thank you - your words are encouraging.... You all are so courageous...God Bless....and thank you...xoxox
  2. Hi all - I'm new to this site & hope I am following the rules on posting...I'm looking for some reassurance that my hopes for a positive outcome is not naive. My Dad (71 yrs old) suffered his SAH 07/22/14...this changed both his & my mom's life in the blink of an eye....he was, fortunately, only 1 mile from the hospital. The neurosurgeon was able to coil the ruptured aneurysm and remove the blood clot....we were told his bleed was extremely severe and it would be wait & see throughout the night...Dad was in the hospital for 3 weeks before being released to a sub-acute skilled nursing facility for rehab...I should mention one week prior to his release he had a ventriculoperitoneal shunt operation. He was making progress slowly...he could speak and was able to read. He was quite confused and babbled off an on...but, we were happy he recognized us all and could communicate somewhat...still after 3 weeks, they were not able to get him to stand up but, continued to work with him...suddenly he seemed to just go backwards....he would not talk, was sleeping constantly and finally to the point where no one could wake him up. He was transported back to the hospital where he was operated on and they adjusted the shunt valve....they discovered the shunt was not functioning properly and he had shunt revision surgery this past 09/30/14. The valve was replaced and the catheter into the valve was also replaced as it was not draining properly. Tuesday 09/30 we thought, this is it - the next chapter - and even though it feels like we are back to square one, we are moving forward...He remained in the hospital a week as he spiked a 104 fever, and once again the nurses, doctors, could not wake him up....they sent him for CT scans, X-rays, EEG, blood work, etc...No infections (other than a UTI which he was being treated for)...they were stumped...he was released on 10/06/14 to the sub-acute skilled nursing facility b/c there was basically nothing more the hospital could do...the shunt was functioning properly.... My mom is beside herself....he is barely eating...but, well eat if someone feeds him..not a lot, but some...he won't open his eyes at all....he will answer questions off and on....but just keeps his eyes closed and all he wants to do is sleep. I keep telling myself it's one day past the shunt revision and his body/brain has been through so much...maybe it's just going to take a very, very long time for him to get on the road...the other side of me thinks, how can he get on that road if he won't open his eyes? How can he participate in physical therapy? occupational therapy? I pray and pray for a sign that he's progressing but can't help thinking we've gone backwards....it's so sad & disheartening as we are just shy of 3 months into this...I have patience but, not sure how to keep positive anymore...the doctors have no answers as to what is happening... Just wondering if anyone out there has had this similar experience..any bit of hope I can latch on to would be a God send. Thank you all - hugs.....Truzzi
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