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    Grade 4 SAH, Secondary Bleed behind left eye, Hydrocephalus, VP Shunt fitted.
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  1. Thanks for all the good wishes, the site kept me sane in the early days. Loads of good advice. For someone who had never heard of a subarachnoid haemorrhage before getting one it was comforting to know it could happen to anyone. To everyone who is in their first year keep your spirits up there is a future.
  2. The irony is that for the past three years I have worked in Retail as an Assistant Manager in a Charity Shop! Loved every minute of it especially the interaction with all our customers!
  3. I will be nine years into my recovery this Friday 9th November. Life isn’t the same but I’m so grateful to still be here and still able to work at 61, all be it only three days a week.
  4. I want my wife to get a new Passport because it would be nice to venture abroad again. But can we fly safely with A VP Shunt fitted. Also does anyone know of a Travel Insurance Company who cover people travelling with a VP Shunt fitted?
  5. It's been a while since I posted and a lot of water has gone under the bridge. Sadly I am now Ill Health Retired from my job as an Assessor / Trainer at the local College a job I loved because I class myself as a good people person. I did get back to full time working after my November 2009 SAH in March 2011 and felt really proud of myself. I had done the chasing to return to work not my Employers. But I soon found difficulty in maintaining a five day week and had to drop down to four days. This cost me £5000 salary. On I soldiered but found that the volume of work I was expected to complet
  6. Hi Lyn, I do not expect to have mine removed as I believe it to be a necessary addition since my SAH when one of the outcomes was the absorption of fluid in the brain stopped thus raising the inter cranial pressure and sending me into a state of non recognition and any ability to do anything. For the weeks prior to its insertion I was in a state of not recognizing being in hospital or the nurses, however I did know family members. I just have got used to it now and its part of me. I do carry a Card in my wallet that I got free from Shine with my details on and what to do if anybody finds me
  7. Hi Liz, I had a shunt put in in December 2009 six weeks after my SAH because I was "away with the fairies", my system no longer absorbed cerebral fluid and my condition would not stabilise. I have had no problems to date with the shunt. It is fixed and not the adjustable type. What I have noticed is that I get headaches if I do not drink enough fluid. My logic is that as the shunt is fixed flow it is always removing fluid and I balance that by my fluid intake. It works for me. Good luck with yours. Kind regards John
  8. Hi Everybody, confession time its been quite a while since I logged on. But I still feel among friends as soon as my log in is processed. As my heading states its three years this week since my date with destiny, and luckily for me the pearly gates were closed for new admissions! I have stated before how lucky I feel to have survived with very little visual difficulties but its the things people cannot see that cause so much trouble. I am sure when I write my update many people will have experienced worse but I am hopeful of some words of wisdom and similar experiences in replies. I find m
  9. Fantastic news Jess well done. Onward and upward with life! Still waiting on my scan results, no news is good news!
  10. Good Morning Karen, isn't it great to be able to say that to you! I empathise will almost every word you put into your message. I am able to write to you this morning as it is my Friday off. I concluded after returning to work via a phased return and yes getting back up to five days a week that it was too much for me to cope with. Not physically but mentally. I like you do not have any outward signs of my SAH in 2009 but the problems are still there under the surface. I needed to return to work to feel that I was making continual progress post SAH. I kept on measuring my abilities against wh
  11. Hi Michelle, don't know how long the coils last. I was not aware of my op until several weeks later as at the time I was away with the fairies and the decision to operate was granted by me julie. The Consultant told her that the two bleeds that I had had should have finished me off but if the third anni they found bled that probably would have been enough to do it. I can only go on what I was told last year by my doctor who indicated that after two years the bleeds should have been totally absorbed and the balloon shrivelled up. Hi Karen, just had a look at the link and that is exactly what I
  12. I did not realise I would raise such a question as to what happens to a shrivelled up anni? The note I made about the pesky anni maybe growing a tail was the one that got away. Or should I say the one that did not burst. The two bleeds I had were the ones the doctor implied would shrivel. The coiled anni was filled about a week later via an angio after a follow up CT scan discovery.
  13. So near and yet so far. I thought when my 2 year anni...versary went by quietly in November that North Staffs MRI Department had forgotten me. I was a bit disappointed because I just wanted closure I suppose. The Consultant I saw after 1 year told me that it normally takes 2 years for the dreaded annies to shrivel up and become non existent. So I was looking forward to confirmation of the fact. Also just piece of mind that the pesky little anni they coiled was still behaving itself and had not sprouted a tail! So you could have knocked me down with a feather when arriving home this evening
  14. Hi Dawn, I have been back at work since last April. But my return was carefully planned and supervised when finally agreed. I visited OH at the request of my Employers before returning and am glad I did. I like you was a bit wary, what are they going to do? what will they ask me? what if I cannot do some of the old things? the list was endless. The doctor I saw was brilliant and put me at ease right away. He explained that he was here to look after my interests not my Employers. It was his job to assess the situation and recommend the best course of action for me. He said that what ever was
  15. I am so impressed with David's Thread, "3 Things I Miss" that I had to flip it over! It seems that every time I post I am so positive! I cannot help it. One of the biggest things I don't miss is being so Negative, every day is a positive day, I am still here. I don't miss being obsessed with work, when I am tired I have a rest! simple! I would never have felt this way before, pre SAH. I don't miss those feelings at all. I think I am a much better person post SAH! even with my problems. I am certainly a lot happier and more relaxed. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reaso
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