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  1. Hi everyone ...sorry not been on but I lost my password again but hope this time it’s worked. I had my op on 15th October....I had a “web device” put in and was only in 3 days and have done brill ...just the tiredness but am fine now. Just waiting for my scan results which I had last month. Hope you are all ok xxx
  2. They showed me a ( Web ) it’s only used up to 8mm annies ...it looks like a little mop cap lol sticks to Annie stops blood getting in...I asked could I have it and she said You’ve got ten coils in your first Annie and the web is dearer than .. so not cheap lol. Feeling very tired today but glad to be home. Drinking plenty of water so it’s sleep wee sleep wee lol
  3. Hi Everyone...back home had my op on Monday".very sore and tired glad to be in my own bed..they didn’t coil they used a Web but told to stay in bed and rest and drink lots of water. Going to sleep now xx
  4. Thank you , I’ve got two emails from here but they don’t open for some reason , xxx
  5. Hi everyone...my latest news , got my blood sugars down and had my second pre/op and all good so my coiling date 15th October a week on Monday, so as long as no emergency’s should be done . Fingers crossed . Hope you all ok.xx
  6. Hi had problems getting in here as forgot password , anyway your lovely admin sorted it for me. Well my date for my coiling is 15th October fingers crossed. Got blood sugars down from 74 to63 so chuffed.
  7. My op cancelled due to my blood sugars being to high...devastated . Ive never been told it could affect you having op...they let it go at 69 mine was 74...I am type2 but am completely gobsmacked . Thank you for your messages..will try and get in with GP tomorrow..feeling lousy at moment. Been to drs and the diabetic nurse had took me off a pill which now dr put me back on ....I am so angry and now have to wait a month for blood test ..but she was very surprised that they used that as excuse. I feel very down and weepy which really helps blood pressure . Sorry to rant xxx
  8. My op cancelled due to my blood sugars being to high...devastated . Ive never been told it could affect you having op...they let it go at 69 mine was 74...I am type2 but am completely gobsmacked . Thank you for your messages..will try and get in with GP tomorrow..feeling lousy at moment.
  9. My op cancelled due to my blood sugars being to high...devastated .
  10. Well been for my pre-op today and should be going for coiling on Thursday unless it’s cancelled lol will let u know xxxx
  11. So sorry Sarah about losing your mum that is so hard . Yes that is bad about hospital , you could get a copy from drs. I’m not to bad at moment just hope they’ve a bed that was bad last time. Not too scared as been there before lol .i will keep in touch on here , it’s the tiredness after I’m not looking foreword to took me along long time to get back to normal and I’m 8 yrs older . Thank you all for your wishes hope you all keep well. Xxx?
  12. Hi Tina and Jess ....I will , am getting a little nervous but not as bad as last time ,is Kempse ok ?.
  13. Hi , well got my date 2nd August two weeks, so here we go again..how was your scan Kemp’s or you still waiting?
  14. Well letter arrived to say they are going to coil my second one, so now the nerves may arrive. At least I know what to expect and it could be a long wait with the way NHS is lol.
  15. Hi Sarah, Thank you for welcome, is your second one still just being watched? I’m not in the same mind frame as last time .years of living with this I think you do get used to it if you know what I mean. But I wasn’t happy with lack of how my Annie’s were doing after last scan so I rang up and complained , to my surprise got an appointment to see my consultant with in a few weeks which was last week, he was really nice and the outcome is waiting after he’s seen his team to have it coiled. Maybe then I will be abit nervous lol .
  16. Wow Win B you had it bad , always impressed with ones who had SAHs, I’m fine at moment prob start panic stations if I get a date lol
  17. Hi Everyone, The last time I was on here was 2010 when I’d found out I had an aneurysm and got wonderful help from here my questions and answers are still on here. I was diagnosed in 2014 with another infact I did always have 2 I’ve found out but wasn’t told till 3rd scan after coiling. I have come in and nosied here lol from time to time. I asked for appointment after my last scan which was in February to ask how my Annie’s were doing as I’d just got back (stable) anyway he wants to coil my second one and is having meeting next week with his team to see if it is ok to do. So here we go again but am ok with it as hate still living with one being watched lol. Bye for now Saffy ( Joan ) Saffy online name.
  18. Hi Everyone......quite awhile since i was here......ive not been doing to well....trying not to do to much but taking my grand dog (daughters dog lol)for a tiny little walk was still to much...ended in bed for a couple of days...so feeling so tired brought on the tears...so am feeling very down at the moment...very fed up...bored out of my tree...thats main reason ive not posted im so negative....i'll not depress you anymore...hope all of you are doing well...take care ..love Saffy xxx
  19. Hi Everyone.. thought id let you know how things are going...ive been doing ok.....my blurry eyes have gone ok now thank goodness.....i still get a bit of slurry speech but only when im really tired....but ive got to ask...i havnt had a sah as you know just had anuerysm coiled....its 7 weeks to-morrow since i had it done.....but why do i get so tired....on sunday my energy just drained and ive spent two days in bed...with the tears ....i think maybe ive done to much....to-day im feeling better...im not sure if any of you are like me and just had coiling...i can understand how being tired ect when your getting over a sah..(in truth it must be hell) im going to see my gp to-morrow...she is and has been wonderful throughout this...but she didnt know what coiling was lol so not much hope of telling me about the aftereffects...im still waiting for my hospital app/ment..rang an hour ago....was told they would ring me back to-day...but cant see it now.....im really amazed at the lack of aftercare you get...i got in touch with PAL about my lost files...no luck as yet....anyway hope you all are doing ok...take care love Saffy xxx
  20. HI Everyone.......well im up and dressed...first time dressed as havnt felt like it before to-day...now full of cold yuk....but doing ok.....doing a bit of cooking but not pushing it...i really cant believe how this op has left me so weary....was told over 5 hrs is a long op...but still dont understand why its left me like this......but at least its done....managing the 3 ltrs of water but hate it....is this much drinking forever or just for a few weeks....well im trying to find the energy to write my letter to the hospital about my notes...that is one thing im not letting go....i praise the medical staff but loosing my life notes ....im livid...whoops just reread what ive wrote....im moaning arent i...im lucky ive had the op and got through it...truthfully im glad it was found as it was a pure fluke....hope you are all well take care love saffy xxxx
  21. Hello everyone...thank you for your messages....i really want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given me over the months..we are all strangers to each other yet now share an amazing bond...one we really would not have wanted...but you all have helped me more than anyone and i will be eternally grateful....i am doing very well ...resting alot.....having a bath has me feeling like ive done a marathan lol...but theres no rush and my daughter is being wonderful...hubby trying his best lol but ive spoilt him im afraid and hes useless butdoing his best....theres one thing im bothered about so i must ask ....my eyes are blurry they do ease sometimes ...but then go blurry...have any of you had that...i know my speech slurs sometimes but is getting better...it was bad at first ..they said its the blood vessels all tightening with the op and slowly easy off.....well must go now ....so once again thank you so much...speak soon....love saffy xxxxxxx
  22. HI everyone...thank you so much for your messages....doing ok ..but resting alot...they said listen to your body and lie down when it tells you and its telling me alot lol...its the 3 ltrs of water im hating lol but got to be done...im going to bore you with next bit but it was pretty sh---y. well i,ll try to tell you abit of what happened ...got in hospital on the monday at 4.o.clock as asked...got to the ward at 7....was starved from midnight...no water after 5..was told there was a bed in icu for after op....at 4.o.clock in the afternoon (yes all day ) the man who was doing my op came to me to say i wasnt going to have my op....1 the icu bed had been taken...2 they couldnt find my hospital notes...they had all my notes and scan info for my aneurysm but not my rest of life notes...talk about bomb shell...so after floods of tears...and wanting to know why ..as i was suppose to be in 2 weeks ago...was told they just couldnt find them...and they couldnt operate without them...but they had lots of people looking for them....so pulled myself to-gether and told him i was not leaving my bed till they did my op and boy was i serious to which surprise he agreed with me and said he would himself go looking for my notes...he said you,ll be in theatre at 8.30 in the morning....so starved again and still waiting at 8.30...then aneathatist (wrong Spelling ) came did all the checks then told me the op probably wouldnt be done as still no notes...so i was in abit of a state to put it mildly...then out of the blue at 10 .o.clock they came for me....still no notes...there assuming there lost proper....but my nice surgeon had fought for me.....but i really was at the last of my tether...so not a good experiance.....but its over with now....going to lie down now lol worn out lol....love Joan xxx
  23. Hi Everyone....just a quicky...am home and coiled...butso tired...willlet you know details when i feel more up to it...ive been told i have £40 thousand pounds in my head ...10 coils £4000 each...love saffy xxxx
  24. Hi....I have to ring hospital to-morrow afternoon to see if they have a bed for me......so hopefully the next time i come on here will be to say ive had my coiling done....i just wish my stomach would calm down.....going out for a meal with my family just hope i can stay calm as the thoughts in my head are a bit scary, as i must admit i am terrified..so please keep your fingers crossed for me and hope to speak to you all soon...love saffy xxxxx
  25. Hi Everyone.....thank you for your messages......i went to my gp and she gave me a few tranx...but so far i havnt used them....i seem to have calmed down....i think i was so shattered about my cancellation i really lost it.....but im back to a week to go lol i hope....still not smoking ...that is getting easier...i have one of those electronic ciggies and ive got to admit they are great....i was on 20plus ciggies a day...so if anyone is serious about giving up i recommend this way of doing it....hope you are all feeling ok...take care ...love saffy xx
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