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  1. Happy Birthday Sally  xxxxx

    Win xxxxx

  2. Hello again Kerry, After my SAH the opthalmologist said I had a full left side out. After getting home and actually realising I had some vision missing I "tested" myself on a regular basis. ( over and over every day ). When I eventually got my next consultation with them I immediately told them I thought this need updated to quadrantanopia. They agreed to that as soon as the field test was over. I hope this is uplifting info for you and that yours will improve in time. I should say however that now, after having been refused my licence on my last application, I have recen
  3. That's just brilliant news Kerry. You've made me sit up and take notice. I now plan to reapply. I think I will contact a local council representative to try to have any assessments in less crowded places too. Well done you.
  4. Hi Kerry, Welcome to the forum. I too have my upper left quadrant gone. It's been almost 5 years since they took my licence from me. I was sent for a DVLA assessment which I failed miserably. I do think it was more due to cognitive issues rather than my visual loss though. That and the fact they made me do it in a city centre. I held my licence for 25 years, no accidents or points at all and I never drove in cities as they made me too nervous. I am so angry that they wouldn't let me do it elsewhere. We have two driving test centres within a 15 mile radius of our town and I fin
  5. Hi Chloe, I have replied to your pm but forgot to mention that I asked for the results. They printed an extra copy out for me. You can see all the bits you've missed just like the the opthalmology one, but you can't tell from it how the DVLA will rule it as we don't know what their requirements are. As you know, due to your loss being homonymous, one eye won't be covering for the other. Let's hope the area is small enough to meet the criteria. Good luck All fingers crossed on that day Ladies!! Sally
  6. What a Perfect situation that would be! Is there someone we can approach to gather information and campaign for this ? Ps.. I nominate Penny, Michelle, Lynne and Daffodil to be the BTG commitee if there's a fight to make this happen! pps, my attempt to quote Michelle did not work out to plan. I will ask the children to show me how to do that.
  7. Carl, Thank you for posting this Poll for us. I am still not driving after 3 YEARS:frown:. Tha DVLA insist I should do my assessment in the city centre. Edinburgh or Glasgow are my only two options. Although I do agree these assessmants are neccessary, during the 22 years I held my licence I avoided driving in such places due to the discomfort and nervousness I felt on unfamiliar and overcrowded roads. I am curious to know how many others out there (with or without the added stresses of SAH) do exactly that. Do the DVLA not understand that Joe Public will not likely do so
  8. Hello Paul, I am sorry , but I am really confused by your post today. I am not understanding why anyone would want to know of Lins whereabouts or your new address, in order to cause problems. The one thing I am sure of, however is that you have had far more to deal with in your life so far, than 99% of the worlds population ever has to cope with. You have been so strong, and should be really proud of yourself. Whatever the trouble is here, I hope it will be sorted for all, really soon. Thinking of you. xxxxx Sally x
  9. Paul, I'm ashamed to say I have been browsing this site for some time now and only read your posts this morning. I didn't realise Linda had so many troubles since her SAH. You must be so sick of listening to us all complaining about tiredness and headaches etc. It makes me realise how grateful I should feel that aI am still able to do all the things I can. I think you are an amazing person to have been so devoted for such a long time. She is so lucky to have you. I hope you can get all these situations sorted to help with your own needs as well as Lindas'. You definately deserve that. I
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