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  1. Hello again Kerry, After my SAH the opthalmologist said I had a full left side out. After getting home and actually realising I had some vision missing I "tested" myself on a regular basis. ( over and over every day ). When I eventually got my next consultation with them I immediately told them I thought this need updated to quadrantanopia. They agreed to that as soon as the field test was over. I hope this is uplifting info for you and that yours will improve in time. I should say however that now, after having been refused my licence on my last application, I have recen
  2. That's just brilliant news Kerry. You've made me sit up and take notice. I now plan to reapply. I think I will contact a local council representative to try to have any assessments in less crowded places too. Well done you.
  3. Hi Kerry, Welcome to the forum. I too have my upper left quadrant gone. It's been almost 5 years since they took my licence from me. I was sent for a DVLA assessment which I failed miserably. I do think it was more due to cognitive issues rather than my visual loss though. That and the fact they made me do it in a city centre. I held my licence for 25 years, no accidents or points at all and I never drove in cities as they made me too nervous. I am so angry that they wouldn't let me do it elsewhere. We have two driving test centres within a 15 mile radius of our town and I fin
  4. Hi Chloe, I have replied to your pm but forgot to mention that I asked for the results. They printed an extra copy out for me. You can see all the bits you've missed just like the the opthalmology one, but you can't tell from it how the DVLA will rule it as we don't know what their requirements are. As you know, due to your loss being homonymous, one eye won't be covering for the other. Let's hope the area is small enough to meet the criteria. Good luck All fingers crossed on that day Ladies!! Sally
  5. Hi Tricia, I'm in Cumbernauld and was clipped at the Southern 4 years ago now. I haven't heard of this place but I do know that our nearest Headway centre is also In Wishaw. Perhaps they are connected. Sorry not to be of much help to you. Sally.
  6. Hi Juliette, I lost approximately 25% from my visual field in both eyes. It's been just over four years now and I still have lots of trouble managing with it. Only last week I had an 'episode'. I was on holiday and had to have four attempts at crossing a road. If my husband hadn't shouted to me each time I tried ( I did look both ways lots.. I thought ) I would possibly not be here now. People don't seem able to grasp the fact I can miss things even when I look in that direction due to the blind bit following my eye movements.
  7. Hi Bev, That would be me. you're definitely not alone, I get deja vu feelings every day. I have had this for quite some time now, but only mentioned it to my doctor a few months ago after one such episode lasted longer and resulted in me finding myself flat on my hallway floor. I do believe you posted that week saying you had a seizure on the very same day! As soon as I mentioned it to the doc he arranged for me to visit the hospital where he said I would have an EEG. When the appointmenet came round I wasn't given one but they said it's almost certainly Epilepsy. I am now on 75mg of
  8. Hi again, sorry for the delay in replying here. Had a sickness bug the last couple of days. Penny, I haven't heard of business link, but will look it up online. I did, at one time contact the 'Business Gateway' which I guess could be the scottish version of the same thing. I didn't go ahead with things then because they talked about me having to do business plans and market research! All I had planned was to advertise my sewing services and hopefully have calls flooding in. As for the Jobseekers allowance, I worry that if I were to claim that, It would imply that I'm agreed that I hav
  9. I need help here! I would love to say Well Done Gill... but.. I too have appealed against failing an assesment and ( without having the added stress of having to attend tribunal) on second thoughts, they found 'in my favour' and placed me in the WRAG group. However.. it doesn't give us any financial help and I'm really really feeling it now. 6 months later I am forcing myself to keep up with a 15 hrs a week job, running a household with two attitude fuelled teenagers ( neither of whom are earning ) and trying (quite unsuccessfully) to find motivation and energy to stay positive! I
  10. Hello everyone, Just thought I should update you all on the benefit 'fight'. I gave in! They did agree I have "limited capabilities for work". However they put me in the 'wrag' group. No money for me then. That was approx 6 months ago. So why have I never heard anything about any work related activity? I have had NO correspondence at all from them since. As the money had been stopped since April and the furniture shop was closed I was feeling the pinch big style! I Did enquire about appeal and managed to up the butchers shifts from 10 hrs a week to 15. However, when I approached the
  11. Hi Mary, This thread will hopefully help me out too. I have lost the upper left quadrant of the visual lfield in both my eyes. Three years down the line, I still query whether my moments of confusion are down to cognitive difficulties or just because " I didn't see that!". I often wonder if I am still in denial there. I am very very lucky in the fact that I rarely have any head pain. Reading is often difficult and I know the vision I do have is quite bad. I also have glasses for reading, distance and intermediate also. It's a nightmare having so many and I spend much of my
  12. [ Fortunately for me the Co here are aware of the problems this causes & are doing telephone appointments where necessary. Sorry if I'm being stupid Gill, but can you explain who the "Co" are? Thanks Sally x
  13. Hi again, Tried calling them again, and again, and again!! This week alone I have waited in their queue for a total of 152 minutes. I finally got a real person ( only 25 minutes into todays call too). They called my local job centre who rang back to say. I am NOT going to be getting any further payments or arrears! " the decision was changed in your favour which means you are now in the WRAG group and as you have already exhausted a years payments for that, you will have to appeal again asking to be the support group!" Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!
  14. aww, I feel so humbled now. Daffodil, thank you for your kind words. I'm not even sure I've said hello to you in the past. That's also something I'm guilty of. I am regularly overwhelmed by how many people register here and find it hard to say hello to everyone. I must admit that this makes me not reply to people often as I know my memory will not keep all their details in tow. Asking the same question twice of the same person also has an adverse effect. ( I don't want to appear rude!) Keith, the wit and banter is all in the past posts. I've run out of that now. I wasn't aware you h
  15. Michelle, Sorry to hear the good spell has elapsed. On the other hand it's great to hear you've had one. I hope this was a sign of things changing for the better and that these spells progressively become longer and longer. Since taking on the extra hours at work recently I have had regular periods of not getting a snooze straight after a long day. I do still feel I am 'zombie like' on the whole. Luckily I don't really do anything in work as the shop can be very quiet. It makes for a very very long and boring shift. The lease on the shop is due to end in two or three weeks and I will possibl
  16. Hello people, I am feeling really guilty today. I have often told myself " SAH has been the worst thing I've ever had to deal with" I do still believe this is true, and I remember thinking that I can never ever repay those nurses and doctors ( who saved my life). I also thought that even they don't know just how much they help us when we really really need it. I was totally in awe of them. In the last year or so I have thought about approaching the hospital to ask if I, as a survivor of this, could visit with people who are currently having to deal with it in the initial stages ( Which I
  17. Quick visit here. Have totally lost the plot now. got aMassive £111.01 paid into my bank. Called them, waited 38 mins in the queue before finally being advised they "couldn't take my call" and i should " call back later"
  18. Hello folks, I got a letter yesterday, They have looked at my claim again and found in my favour. :-D:-D:-D A call this morning verified I will be getting a payment in my account within a week! :-D:-D I am really excited about this news, but in all honesty still a bit apprehensive. Not sure I can trust them to have got this one right. I was getting contradicting letters and info from two different departments for so long, I feel sure the others are about to follow up with news of errors and cancel it again. The lady on the phone this morning says I am now in the Work related activity g
  19. Hello all, Just a wee quickie to say, I asked the doc for ritalin around 10 days ago. He told me he'd have to consult a neurologist first and I am waiting to hear the outcome of that. I get myself excited every time I read this thread and will be really disappointed if it comes back NO. Will let you all know as soon as I hear from them. Sally x
  20. Hi Jill, Yes Gill is right. I did have to sit what the DVLA called a 'driving assessment'. Unfortunately I only has two chioces of location and both were city centres. During the twenty years I held my licence I avoided busy places like this and I was very angry that Those were my only options. I know lots of people who still avoid driving in places where they feel uncomfortable. I do have problems with my eyesight now as I lost the upper left quarter of my visual field. If you have always been comfortable driving in busy places I'm sure you'll have nothing to worry about. The ladies who ass
  21. Hello people, I'm onto this one. One comment on this thread has really stuck out for me. Someone said "I love Ritalin". I have made an appointment for Tuesday morning to ask if I can try it. In truth, it scares me, but the though of brain clarity, for even a temporary period, has me really excited. Can't wait to try it now. I will of course keep you all updated on my progress. Love to all, Sally. xxxxx
  22. Dear Michelle, Your post here today is lovely. You're just the perfect Mum you know. And in order to explain this to the teachers ( "head of year" hopefully ) your own words should be all you need. You, yourself are so good with words, I'm convinced if you just print what you've written here, it will have the desired effect on anyone with the slightest smidgeon of ?????? ( I don't know the word I need here?) Unfortunately I'm your total opposite and useless with words. I do hope you will understand what I am trying to say here. xx I do know one thing. Poor Dylan having to go through this
  23. Patsy, So glad you started this thread. I would really like to hear how you get on with this companys help. I have now been without my licence for three years. I lost a quarter of my visual field in both eyes and admit it causes me quite a lot of confusion. I was made to do a driving assessment in Edinburgh city centre, which I feel was very unfair as I didn't drive in either Edinburgh or Glasgow centres during my 20 years of having my licence. I know quite a few people who drive and also avoid city centres. Wish I had the ability to fight them regarding that rule. Please keep us up
  24. Thanks Gill, I guess I will just have to go without seeing it then. Thanks for trying anyway. Sally xx
  25. Hi all, I was away on my hols when this programme was aired. I only heard about it today. I am 'Miss Techophobic 2012'. Been scouring this www thing for the last two hours now. NO luck! Can anyone post a link that I just need to click on to watch it? pleeeeeeeez? xxxx
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