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  1. Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I had my SAH in October 2014, and ever since then have been convinced that it is going to happen again. I still get headaches quite often, and every time I do I am certain that it means I am having another bleed; the constant stressing and worrying is absolutely exhausting! I am on Google most days looking up any symptoms and attributing them all to my haemorrhage; it's getting to the point where it's getting in the way of life a little bit! Today I am aching a bit and I have a headache, so I have convinced myself that I am going to end up back in hospital by tomorrow, even though I know that this is a bit silly and probably not the case, I can't stop worrying. They said that fear of rebleed was common in the early stages of recovery, but I'm 16 months on now and it's not showing any signs of getting better. I suppose I was just wondering if anyone else has anything similar or was able to overcome this fear and anxiety and could offer some advice? Thanks. x
  2. Hi Thank you so much to everyone for all your kind replies and good advice. I think that maybe I have been "over-doing" it a bit; when I have been feeling well it is easy to forget that I am still in the early days of recovery, and carry on doing all the things that I might have done before. I suppose over the new year I was guilty of this, and so that might explain why I have had a bad week. I am due back at the hospital at the end of the month for a follow up appointment with my consultant so I will be sure to speak to him about any concerns I've got then. I probably don't drink as much water as I should, or rest as much as I should, so definitely some lessons to be learnt there, I think! I'm feeling a lot better today, much clearer and no headache for a change! It is definitely reassuring to read that other people have felt similar, although I hope that today is a good day for everyone. xxx
  3. Hi All I hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year. I only recently joined this forum, just before Christmas and already it has been so helpful to read some of the discussions and realise I am not alone in my recovery I was hoping to let others know what is happening for me at the moment, and find out if anyone else has had experience of this too. I made a great recovery after my SAH in October 2014, and by Christmas time was feeling a lot better; my headaches had pretty much disappeared and I was feeling much more "with it", I was generally happy and was coping well with my fatigue. My memory was also starting to improve. However, since last week I have had the same headache return and it has been constant now for over a week. I feel confused, disorientated and "fuzzy" a lot of the time, and like I can't get everything straight in my head. I can't remember what is happening on which days, and I feel very cut off from everyone. I find that I am having trouble sleeping again and also wake up in a bad mood. I also feel sick a lot of the time. I am so confused and frustrated as I thought that I was getting so much better, and now it feels like I've taken two steps back again. I am concerned as I have read that sometimes people need more coils put in, and I am worried that my new headaches are a sign of this. I am also worried that this is going to be the permanent state of things from now on, and I am always going to feel confused and like I can't get everything straight in my head. Any advice that anyone has would be very much appreciated Nat x
  4. Hi Everyone! My name is Nat, I'm 27 years old from Cardiff in South Wales. I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage on October 10, 2014 and had metal coils inserted into my brain to treat it. I had a lot of side effects at first, but I have generally been making good progress with my recovery; I have had to return to hospital for a lumbar puncture to ease the pressure build-up in my brain, but all other side effects are slowly improving. I have been generally positive since the start of this experience, and I realise how lucky I have been, so I haven't been feeling depressed or angry, like some of the literature tells me I might. However, this week I have been feeling really down, and I feel like I've got no-one to talk to really who understands. This is why I've joined this forum, as I'm hoping to chat with people who are going through the same thing as me. I don't mind chatting about things other than the haemorrhage; sometimes it feels like that's all I talk about! I look forward to chatting with you all soon Nat x
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