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  1. Hi Nic, All DVLA are worried about is insurance. If your Consultant has said that you are ok, then get out there. I also contacted my insurance and they said that it didn't make any difference to my insurance because DVLA have said it's ok. Just take it easy, you tend not to realise that driving does take it out of you. Good luck
  2. Done, it's all about the bike :biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Never used to cry (at all) now I cry at everything. Me and Sharon watched "Arthur Christmas" the other day (yes, very late) and i sobbed. Never used to like Christmas either.........WEIRD !
  4. Hey Teechur, Welcome to BTG. In the immediate weeks following my SAH, i didn't feel bad at all so i thought that everything would be ok to start exercising again. Boy was I wrong, after one short 6 mile cycle ride I was wiped, I felt bad for days afterwards. So I started from scratch. Two 15 minute walks a day, got to get the paper That soon increased to 30 minutes, after a month I ventured out on my bike but was extremely careful. I did 5 miles and felt ok, so once a week that's what I did. After a month, I was soon at the stage to go for a bit longer. 4 months after my SAH I managed a c
  5. May 31st, 5 other peeps on the same ward......I blame it on having to work the Bank hols....
  6. Hey Debbie, Welcome, It's good to hear that you are keeping in touch with people that are going through the same things as you. It will help you greatly to know that you are not alone. You are not useless, you just need time to recover. Things will start to get better, be patient.
  7. I miss not doing miles and miles on my bike BUT now i get to do a more leisurely cycle enjoying the views I miss my little Vespa scooter, sold her thinking about protecting my head ! BUT i don't miss the cold mornings I miss not thinking about the slightest headache without worrying BUT i like the thought that I have family and friends who have my back
  8. Done. I have to say it did remind me of things, good or bad?
  9. I find myself going through stages. I was fine for about three months and then i seemed to relapse. I never got in the shower with my boxers on again though....
  10. Hey Sicknote, I had the same problem. I cannot prove any permanent neuro damage. I have since stopped my policy as i read the conditions on some other issues and you have simply no chance of getting anything.
  11. I asked my consultant when i could return to physical activities (cycling) and he told me to trust my body and listen to it. When you think your ready, give it a go. I started very very slow walks and progressed back to the saddle, best thing i ever did....but i must say that a few times i didn't listen and suffered for it. My SAH was a dissection and not an anni....
  12. Can't eat apples anymore, they give you cancer.................
  13. Hello and good luck with that claim. I have the same cover and filed a claim, got nowhere fast. Like every other insurance, the devil is in the detail. The word "Permanent" is their get out clause, how do you prove anything is permanent?
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