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  1. Hi Claudette welcome to btg xxx I still get headaches and dizzy spells and I am 14 years out September xxx Try not to worry as it is still early days for you and just make sure you drink plenty of water and relax xxx
  2. Talk to your husband when he is sober and give him two choices pack in the booze or pack his bags you need to think of your children you don't want them growing up thinking that it is acceptable behaviour all the drinking. I kicked my husband out March 2012 and it was the best decision I ever made children do as they see most of my husband's family are alcoholics I have broke that line and maybe saved my children from it but only you can decide if and when to leave. However for him to stop drinking he needs to want to stop and if he doesn't you may aswell leave. Goodluck hope everything works out for you xxx
  3. Well I would ask neurosurgeon aswell as my aneurysm was in an artery not a vein xxx
  4. Happy new year to you to daff xxx And Tina and all on btg xxx
  5. Alison I am so sorry about you and Chris but sometimes it is the best decision to just separate xxx Hope you will both be happy xxx
  6. Welcome to btg Andy xxx I hope Julie continues to improve and gets her sight back soon xxx
  7. Hi Caroline just let them think they have I really wouldn't worry about it at the end of the day unless you have a video recording 24/7 there is no way of knowing what was said, glad you are well xxx
  8. Hi mistina Firstly welcome to the group glad you found us secondly I am not a doctor but I will give you my experiences xxx 1) orgasm hasn't caused me any problems in saying that I didn't have my sah during sex so can see why you are frightened xxx 2) I have had 4 pregnancies and 2 children since my sah (lost two between 12 and 13 weeks xxx 3) tinnitus it drives me crazy even 13years later but don't get it as often xxx 4) the worry of having another I still feel like that but not all the time it does get easier as time goes on xxx Hope you continue to improve xxx
  9. Andrea do you think it's maybe because you have another one I don't know, could you not phone the insurance company and ask them for a reason you haven't been excepted, I haven't really thought of it as my family will get a payout from my work place. Hope you can find some soon xxx
  10. Hi iola hope you are feeling better now xxx I have days where all of a sudden I go hot and dizzy then I am sick it's horrible I woke up like it in the night and I have also woke up today with a bad headache all horrid xxx Try not to worry drink more water and try to relax xxx
  11. Louise congratulations on the 16 year mark xxx So sorry about your mum and dad xxx Also sorry about your dad's brother and your aunty xxx
  12. I used to feel like that at the start but it does get easier with time xxx
  13. Paul you have answered yourself 20 or 30 years that's how long people have had them so my guess is they last a long time, try not to worry xxx
  14. Hi there I can walk miles again yes I am shattered after but after about three miles I am fine I do that a couple of times a week xxx You just need time xxx
  15. Hi there please go and see a counsellor as this shunt business is really getting to you xxx I don't have a shunt but I did have a temporary one in hospital I was really fascinated by it, anyway you can spend the next 20yrs worrying about your shunt and not living life and feeling miserable (and regretting the wasted years) or you can be grateful and happy to be here and live each day and enjoy life and forget about the shunt xxx I know easier said than done but only you can get through it and live your life we can only offer comforting words xxx Good luck hope things improve for you soon xxx
  16. Sami hope you had a fantastic day xxx
  17. Hi there he could read start off with short stories and build up to books I am taking six on holiday and it is quite believable that I can finish them now (if there is only things for the kids to do) xxx Hope he finds something to interest him xxx
  18. Type epp online into the Internet it's expert patients programme not sure if it still runs but it's a six week course all done online and it really helped me xxx Hope you start to feel better soon because I know that there is no fear worse than the fear of dying xxx
  19. I am sorry you lost your mother however none of us are medically trained to give advice on times and the like xxx
  20. Hi Debbie yes weather can cause it however so can a number of other things I would go and see a dr though just in case xxx
  21. Congratulations hope you had a wonderful day xxx
  22. Hi there clare xxx Ibuprofen I would strongly suggest speaking to your doctor and my reason for that is a few years ago they used to say that you could take them with a gap of about two hours between however new guidelines (from my doctor) states that you shouldn't actually mix those medicines unless advised by a doctor xxx So don't panic but please speak to a dr xxx
  23. jess


    Hi len sorry about your mum xxx I would go and speak with your Dr's if you are having headaches I hope they are something simple xxx
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