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  1. Hi all, haven't posted for a while .but i have to say, i had a nightmare with the dvla. It took nearly eight months to get my license back, the main problem was getting the consultant to write to the dvla to say your ok to drive I had to keep ringing his secretary until she knew my voice. Got there eventually. Good luck rob
  2. Hi Robert. Welcome to BTG. Just read your posts and I think Macca's pretty much said it all. Slow down and enjoy life. Have a good Christmas. Rob.
  3. Hi all,can not believe its been two years,its been hard going but getting better all the time. I would like to thank all the great people on btg.with out you all it would have been hard going. thanks rob, and happy anniversary skippy too have a great day
  4. hi pjk,welcome to btg,had same trouble getting my licence back.if you had a evd when you were in hospital the dvla won't let you drive for six months.the six months is from the time you finished treatment. you need to keep contacting hospital and dvla to find out whats going on, like every one else says they are extremley slow.took me eight months to get mine back. good luck rob
  5. Hi clare, I had the same problems getting my licence back. I had to do same as daffodil, chase hospital and keep contacting dvla to find out what was going on. Took me about eight months in the end. Keep chasing rob.
  6. Hi Davis, Had my aneurysm burst in the same place as yours a year ago too. Had all sorts of strange sensations after. Squalshing sensation was evident, and used to feel like spiders crawling over my scalp, used to drive my wife mad asking "Can you check there's not". When I asked my consultant about them he says "Your brain doesn't like being repaired by us so you might experience a few different sensations. Hope this helps, any questions ask away,some one will know. take care Rob
  7. hi geoff.welcome to btg.glad to hear your ok. had my sah last year.still find the fatigue hard to deal with. drink loads off water and take things slow. take care rob
  8. hi beth,welcome to btg,glad to hear your ok. had my sah last year,I'm self employed too,try contacting dhss they some times help out with a one off payment if your unable to work. worth asking about. hope this helps rob
  9. hi tracie. welcome to btg. this site is great helped me loads in the last year. ask as many questions as you like, tina's right,some one will know. take care rob
  10. hi skippy,your anniversary is same day as mine.so happy anniversary to you, hope you had a good day. and thanks to all on btg who have made my last year not so insane. thanks rob
  11. Hi Issy, Welcome to BTG. I had my sah nearly a year ago, feel ok in most things but still have trouble with noise, not so much loud noise, but lots of noise, It does get better,hope this helps. rob
  12. hi gary.great site helped me loads. take care rob
  13. hi greg thanks.have had some good news st george's have finally contacted the dvla. so might hear from them soon. good luck with bus pass. rob
  14. greg,know what your going through.had mine last year.felt exactly same as you. use to drive my wife mad,find fatigue the worst.it does get better,just be patient, found this site a great help.lots of support and people who have been through same thing. take care rob.
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