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  1. Hello everyone. I wanted to add a little to the wealth of sensible advice offered already. I too am a doctor. I am a GP. I am not back at work at 4 months because I believe that the routine work of a GP... a morning of 25 patients with multiple issues and problems... really requires my memory and ability to multitask to be 100%. I am trying to understand and navigate my duties as a doctor to do no harm to patients. The GMC requires me to be certain that my illness has no adverse effect on patients. I wonder if your husband has looked at the situation from this perspective. It might be quite empowering to be supported in the decision to not work or work differently because that is our duty of care. Another observation. My experience is that everyone wants to make the problems we face seem smaller rather than acknowledging them for what they are. The tendency seems to be for others to reassure and encourage return to work, this in turn feeding into our own hopes that all is indeed as it was. Your husband might need to state very clearly and forcefully to his colleagues that he is unable to work at that intensity to take account of this human nature. I think the idea of a sabbatical sounds good! You take care of yourself too. This condition is as bad for the families as the sufferer I think. Sal
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