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  1. Hi Gary ,great you've found the group ,I don't always comment but read the posts everyday ,it's been a great help to me ,there are some lovely people on here that make you feel that you're not on your own ,I'm old school ,my original bleed was 15 years ago but still need support due to new ones I've now got ,take your time my friend x
  2. Carolynusa I will be thinking of you keeping everything crossed on Tuesday ,lots of love ,Debbie I'm so pleased that things are going well ,please keep updating ,thinking of you also xxxxx
  3. Hi lovey ive recently had a second aneursym coiled before IT ruptured after a huge rupture 14 years ago ,the doctors made me drink lots of water to wash the drugs through my system after having anesthetic etc ,water is also good for the healing process ,I also peed excessively whilst in hospital ,it also helps after having a catheter removed after an operation. I also had to take a water sample to each appointment ,I'm struggling and feeling a little panicy about if I'm going to live to see my children have children and get married which I never experienced the first time I had the operation so think what you're experiencing is totally normal ,hope this helps ,keep well jane x
  4. I will be thinking of you my love keeping everything crossed ,I'm sure it will all be fine ,please let us know how it goes as soon as you are able ,lots of love and good vibes coming your way xx
  5. I was advised to stay away from the heavy weights but that may be because I have unruptured aneurysms ,make sure you check as everyone's situation may be different x
  6. Thankyou ,feeling better every day and more or less back to where I was before the surgery ,thanks for your support xx
  7. Thanks my love and all the best to you xx
  8. Thanks lovey ,I just take every day as it is and will cross that bridge if I need to ,hopefully I won't need another operation but looking more likely ,I do trust my surgeon so feel safe in his hands so what will be will be ,thanks for thinking of me and here if you need a chat xxxx
  9. Hi ,welcome to the group and keep smiling ,I had my bleed 14 years ago at the age of 29 and can confirm that there is a life ahead of you to look forward to ,being young you'll get over the effects quicker and you'll be back to doing the things you once did before you know it. I've just had another procedure on an unruptured aneurysm and didnt bounce back quite as quick as I did 14 years ago ,I too returned to work quickly trying to get what I thought normality back in my life ,please take care and rest where you can at any available time ,all the best ,jane xxx
  10. Hi Debbie ,welcome ,please don't worry ,I had a bleed 14 years ago and was coiled but only a month ago had a second aneurysm coiled and stented after they found a 6mm one on my brain stem ,the procedure was fine and I was out of hospital in two days. They've now found two more 7 and 10 mm which are being monitored as they are in the carotid artery and difficult to operate on ,hopefully they won't cause death if bleed and will be scanned again in two years. It's easy to say but try and remain calm and things will be ok ,please shout up if need any advice as I've literally just gone through the experience ,all the best xxxx
  11. Thankyou ,ive still not started taking them as the news is certainly mixed on the side effects ,I'm managing with my diet at the moment so hopefully won't need them ,I will e mail the main Man im sure he will know the best thing to do and my normal doctor is back of holiday on the 30 th so not long to wait now ,thanks againxxxxx
  12. Thanks to you both ,it's my doctor that's put me on the lansaprazole today but think I will check with my surgeon by e mail before I take it ,it's typical tiday by watching my diet ive had no heartburn so will see if I can manage by diet alone first ,once again Thankyou xxxx
  13. Can I ask has anyone else been given aspirin for life and copydogrel for 3 months after having a stent fitted ,I'm suffering heartburn and theyve prescribed me a drug that on the Internet says stops the absorption of copydogrel ,I'm scared to take it ,any advice please xxx
  14. Welcome Lovey ,it's very early days for you ,I had a sah 14 years ago when I was left partially sighted ,the fatigue lasted about six weeks but during that time you will start to feel better ,I had another unruptured aneurysm coiled two weeks ago and am feeling tired from that also. I now have two remaining ones 7mm and 10 mm which are being monitored ,please rest and relax and know that you will get better ,previous to my last operation I worked four days a week in our family business ,ran a large house with hubby ,two teenagers and two dogs and felt totally normal ,much love and thinking of you xxxx
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