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  1. Hi Jan A big welcome to BTG. You will get that people really dont understand the fatigue and how it affects us. We all understand on here. I still have people teling me now not to be so lazy. My partner at last understands now how tired i get especially when i over do it. You are doing really well to get on this site so soon when it was only in May. Take care of yourself and be lazy you are in recovery. Ann x
  2. winb143 that made me laugh i'm the same but use my finger wriggling it around in circles because i just can't remember what i want to say. my partner does it as well now for me now I do it when i'm with strangers as well they must think i'm nuts. Only people on here understand. Yes i agree Sandi you have to laugh.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. Good to know its not just me. My sleep pattern is rubbish at the moment so am going to monitor it. Tracy i agree with you can't retain anything i am shown just have to be told over and over again until eventually it clicks. I used to get in the shower with my watch on all the time have had to stop wearing it. Set fire to the oven gloves cooking sunday dinner last week didnt even notice they were on fire good job my son was there. On the plus side started driving again but keep forgetting to change gear new clutch her we come.
  4. Hi All, My concentration is getting worse, anyone else suffered like this. Thought i had improved a lot now 15 months on since SAH, ive had to go on sick again only been back since february this year.
  5. Hi sandi Its nearly a year for me now and my concentration and memory are still shocking. just returned to work and i'm struggling. Everyone says i look so well. no one seems to understand how it affects you. My partner says i have improved so much but i don't see it myself. He used to tell me to concentrate easier said than done. i used to get really upset. He at least understands now that i really find it hard to concentrate. we have to accept who we are now and get on with what we have got. just keep working at it Sandi.
  6. Thank you for yourkind words and encouragement. my boys wont even talk about what happened they just think i am dwelling on things toomuch.
  7. hi nita i am waiting to see a psychologist 6 weeks wait i think. glad you are on the road to recovery
  8. Thank you all for your responses and re-assurance. i know i will get there just cant see the light at the end of the tunnel at the mo. iits having to adjust to a new way of life as well when i used to be so independant. my familyjust think i am feeling sorry for myself i have tried to explain but they dont understand.
  9. idont like having to take antis but no choice cos i am so bad. i knowhow you feel trying to adjust to a new life is so hard and the acceptance as well. good luck with your gp hope you get sorted I was also a positive person imsure we willbe again
  10. Thanks for reply i have been put on2 lots of anti depressants but its a caseof waiting for them to take effect. my family cant take muchmore of me crying. did you have coiling/
  11. so pleased i have found this site i had my SAH in april this year and i'm suffering from really bad depression and anxiey. has anyone else had this and overcome it. i feel i am going to loose all my friends and family because of it.
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