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  1. Hi folks yes sleeping can sometimes be a nightmare, was told by the consultant to up my amitriptyline at night, sure gives me a good night sleep, only one thing sometimes have a problem getting up in the morning !! Can't have it both ways I suppose!!! X
  2. Thanks Louise will keep you posted, trying realy hard to stay off the sweet things, try alittle food each day, makes me feel sick, keep living in hope each day is going to be different!! Think I am going to try an acupunctureist, as someone suggested to me, will give anything a go, thanks again, everyone keep posting!!xxx
  3. Hi folks. I'm new to Btg and with reading some of your stories I can relate to quit a lot them, glad it's not only me these things happen to,I also experience strange reactions when trying to sleep,especially jerking feelings!!! Glad to know its a side affect xx
  4. Hi folks thanx for all your advice, will give the smoothies and Milk shakes a try, have tried forcing myself to eat food only end up being sick!!!will just need to be patient hopefully will see an improvement shortly, good to hear your stories and share the problem, you guys are lovely x
  5. Hi no there has been no changes to my medication since I left hospital. Would love to be able to eat proper food instead of all this junk food, choc sugary sweets, still enjoy a piece of fruit thank god!!
  6. Hi folks my name is Brenda Watt, had my SAH back in August 2014, making a good recovery, still experiencing headaches , my medication helps, the fatigue still an issue. When I was 3 months into recovery I started being sick after I ate food, now 7 months in sickness has stopped but still unable to eat food only have a taste for sweet things, beginning to get me down does it get better? Going out for a meal is a nightmare!! Everything smells horrible, can anybody help me or has the same symptoms ? My consultant has referred me to a dietician , on the 6 th of May, only have an after care tea
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