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  1. Thank you so much for all your replies, they all mean so much. I have contacted my neurologist and waiting for his feedback, No doubt its going to be the same answer as yours. I'm now looking for holiday insurance's anyone have any advise on companies. once again Thank you xx
  2. good luck and hope your future is a healthy one!!! xx
  3. After a bit of a break, trying to understand my new self, I have returned and reading these lovely replies, thank you for all your lovely comments, they mean so much to me. Although it has been nearly 18 mths, I still find I become quite emotional....
  4. Thank you Louise for your reply. Take care Sammy
  5. Thank you for your reply Marg, its so lovely to hear. I have had horrendous nightmares with my coils pinging off 1 by 1 the higher I go in the plane and also with my shunt. There only nasty dreams. WOW.... Bermuda sounds fabulous and a long way for your first flight. well done. Take care Sammy
  6. Dear Macca Thank you so much for your reply, great ideas and advice. It has made me feel so much more confident. I will let you know what I decide. I think my health and reovery would benefit massively from a lovely holiday abroad. so watch this space. ha-ha. Take care Sammy
  7. I have been fitted with a vp shunt (April 2014) and would like to go on holiday abroad. Although i have been told by my surgeons/neurologists that its ok to fly, i am unsure and have nightmares and major anxieties regarding this matter. Im sure it would help me, knowing others who are in my situation that have been abroad and flown. I would much appreciate anyones feedback on this. Thankyou. Look forward to your replies. Sammy
  8. It was 0750hrs on 25th April 2014, my husband had just left to take our 13yr old daughter to school, then he was heading out for the day to work. I was left at home with my 7yr old daughter getting her ready for school and myself ready for work. Had finished cleaning the kitchen after cooking scrambelled egg for breakfast. What happened next changed my life forever. It is still a blur and I cant remember much. What I do remember was the pain in my head was excruciating never experiencing anything like it before. I remember sitting in the frontroom and calling my daughte
  9. Hello my name is Sam. I had a SAH on 25th April 2014, I spent 4 wks in ICU Dereford Plymouth and a further 9 wks in a neuro ward. My aneurysm was coiled and I have been fitted with a VP shunt. Although it has been nearly a year, I still suffer with fatigue, trouble sleeping, not very confident in social enviroments. Contemplating in returning to work next month. I am so pleased to find this site as it can be so lonely sometimes, although you have family surrounding you you still feel on your own. There are so many questions i would like answered, so I will look forward in getting to know and
  10. so pleased to have found other people who have suffered an SAH, as it can be so lonely.

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