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  1. Hi completely normal after a SAH will lessen over the first few weeks medication is the only help , I found standing under a hot shower when it became too much really helped ,but it will get better eventually,good luck ...
  2. Hi fatigue is a big issue after a SAH it took me months to learn to deal with it ,it does get better but as with all things it takes time and rest . If your tired rest don't push yourself to keep going , your body does know best I tried to push myself too hard and this just knocks you right back . Take your time allow yourself time to recover it really does get better .
  3. Hi Bronco my resting heart rate is lower since my SAH. When i was in the ICU the nurse kept turning the rate down on the heart monitor because it kept dropping lower than she had set the alarm rate in the 30 s at times . I ran before my SAH my RHR then was about 60 its in the 40s now and i am running regular again now, just not as fast. My doc does not seem concerned, so maybe its just another on the list of our bodies reactions to our injury.
  4. Hi Roy here from Somerset (originally Manchester ) had my SAH 28 /01/15 on the long road to recovery hopefully,. just came here to get advice straight from the horses mouth so to speak. Will find this site and the people who use it as a great source of information and support on my road to recovery ,and good luck to you all in your own personal battles . Yours Roy........
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