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    I love spending time with my Grandchildren, they are my strength in getting through my aneurysm coiling and the hole ordeal, God has truely blessed me. Oh...I like the outdoors and quilting as well.

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  1. Hi Chris, I hope that things have turned out well for you. I don't get on her much "I should" its a wonderful website. I have 2 aneurysms, one is coiled the other being monitored with yearly MRA's so far no changes from 4/2015 when they were discovered inadvertently having an MRA for something different and then coiled the one. thank God! I will periodically have headaches but I also have a terribly sinus issue so never sure which the headaches are coming from. dizziness and wobbly moments come with it as well. It sounds to me like it would be more likely the tear in the main artery causing these symptoms versus the aneurysm, my unprofessional opinion. I wish you well. let me know how you are doing. well wishes, Debbie
  2. Hi Lisa, I am going on two years in April for my coiling. I feel pretty good and have been blessed to have had wonderful and skillful surgeons on my side for my surgery. also fell blessed to have my BTG family helping me along from the beginning. I am praying that everything went well for you. please keep us posted. God bless Debbie
  3. Hi boozy sue, good luck on your up coming coiling. I had mine coiled last April and was just as anxious! it is hard waiting, I just wanted it to be behind me. you will feel so much relief afterwards believe me. my thoughts and prays will be with you, please if you have any questions feel fee to ask. Debbie
  4. Maya, I had an aneurysm coiled last April. Coiling is much less invasive, my recovery was quick and without incident...... I have had an Angiogram and an MRA since and they look the same (good new) my next MRA is set to be next August. I have one they are watching because of the location and less chance of rupture and I think the size is small, it will be something I will need to do the rest of my days. I have a good doctor that I thoroughly trust and he is very good in his field. try to think positive and for see the outcome as good, it helped me. You will be in my thoughts and prayers........please ask if you have any other questions I might help with. Debbie
  5. Clare, I may not be much help but I will send a quick message. I did have my aneurysm coiled and my head has never felt the same, even my headaches seem different. I get the weirdest feelings...kinda pressure like on the side and behind my eyes sometimes. I have sinus issue which I have always blamed and have always had allergy type problems, everything just seems intensified since the coiling. I have just learned to live with it because I am so greatful that my aneurysms were found and they were able to coil. Good luck and God Bless, Debbie
  6. Hi Ashley, I too had a aneurysm coiled in April, I just had another Cerebral Angiogram to follow up, which looked good, there was 5% that was not coiled in the back where my doctor could not see. but over all it went well and I have to have a follow up Angio in 1 year. I had an MRA before my coiling and my doctor also read that I had some white spots but said that they were very mild mini strokes! they said nothing else about them nor did they refer me out to someone else which makes since, I do see a neurologist and would think if there was something to worry about he would have said something. maybe my aneurysm takes the top spot as needs go. ( next visit something to discuss) I know we are not to give medical advise on here, so I was just telling my story about my "white spots" and maybe it will give you some information to take to your GP or Neuro in hope to help you. I have had no vision problems except for the usual aging ones! ") I have gone throught some depression, if you read some others statements it seems to be common, I find this website to be so helpful, for me it helped me realize I was not alone and reading others situations I am blessed and confindent of my recovery. I have a great doctor and support from family and I have BTG the best find since my diagnosis! I am moving forward in life and learning to live with my aneuysms.....Hang in there Ashely. God Bless!
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to follow up post angiogram. It went well and over all I'm feeling pretty good. I have two aneurysms the one that was coiled looks good except there is a less then 5% space in the back and lower end that isn't filled with coils. My neurologist says this is an area that is hard to see during coiling. We are going to watch it an have another angiogram in a year, he said he wasn't too concerned about it but we need to keep an eye on it. The other aneurysm is exactly the same size as in the previous angiogram so very good news....I'll take it! I hope all is well with everyone else! God bless you and this wonderful BTG website, you all have given me so much.Thank you! Debbie
  8. Sammy, thank you for your reply. I am doing well without the cigs and wine. There was a time that was not as true. never needed to smoke much but I did like my vino, but these days I try to take better care of myself......I think I just went through a hard time for a month or so. I will be thinking of you as well. Good luck! Debbie
  9. I know colleen, I thought the same thing, put me out! Too be honest it wasn't that bad with just the right amount of sedation. Win, I would love to come to England...never been. My husband spent some time there for work and said it was nice. We live in Oregon, the fall here is absolutely beautiful but along with it comes environmental allergies and according to my allergist I'm allergic to almost every single one of them! Thank you again for your thoughtful comments. Very good talking to you. Debbie
  10. Thank you....Thank you! Your Words of encouragement mean allot to me. I'm feeling pretty good Win, just some allergies issues like allot of people but they are terrible right now......I hate to say it but I will welcome the cooler weather and some relief! Take care, God bless. Debbie
  11. Hi everyone, I have my next angiogram Nov 5th. The first post coiling. I'm a little nervous I guess that is normal, I'm just praying that things look good and no growth on the one aneurysm not coiled. I have to admit that this last month has been stressful and I have enduldged in a few drinks and just a couple smokes, so I'm sure that those behaviors are contributing to my fears. No more for me but I'm hoping no damage done. Thank you everyone for your continued support. Debbie
  12. Thank you both Alison and Clare for your valuable information. Take care. I'm coming up on 6 months post coiling so I have my cerebral Anglogram scheduled for November 5th, I'm praying everything including the aneurysm they did not coil is in-tacked....no growth! Take care all, I will keep you posted on the out come.
  13. Steroid sprays- I have been concerned about the steroid sprays I have been using for a few years now, so I asked my neuro surgeon if he had any information that they can cause cerebral aneurysm? He said that there isn't enough evidence to support that theory.....he didn't say they couldn't either "safest answer I suppose" I do believe I will stop taking them. I have severe allergies and will probably suffer but without a definitive "no" they do not cause aneurysms from my doctor I feel uncomfortable taking them....why take the chance?
  14. The list would be great Allison, I just want to be as safe as possible myself. I have taken nasal sprays for a long while with my allergies.
  15. Hi Alison, I have a question regarding the nasal sprays you are referring to. I also use a couple sprays for my allergies, flonase and another steroid spray. I haven't heard anything about sprays causing aneurysms or bleeds until now and of course it concerned me since I have had an aneurysm coiled 5 months ago. Since I have had such bad allergies and a sinus infection that of course I have been using the sprays daily. I gave a call into my surgeons office directing this question to him. Can I ask which nasal sprays you are referring to? Maybe they are different then mine and I can rest at ease. Thank you. I hope that you are well. Debbie
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