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  1. hi all, i had my sah in june, and although i can do most things now, im stil having problems with my eyes....itching, extreme watering, and redness every few days. im going back to docs in new year. my main concern is my state of mind. i am really quiet, compared to what i used to be. i feel i have nothing to say, or cant be bothered. my husband and daughter say i have changed, and they feel i should see my doctor and ask about counselling? has anyone else had any help in this way? i feel i could talk to someone outside of the family about how i feel, but i just dont think my family are awar
  2. hi debbie, congratulations on your results!! could you, or anyone advise me about angiograms?? no one has mentioned them to me yet, and im not sure whether everyone has to have one or not?? i had my SAH in june 2010, ive just had my first scan in november, which i was told everything was fine. now im worried about re-bleeds as i have read on here people have had to have more coiling and angiograms??? i thought everything was over for me now apart from yearly scans?? please advise!! thanks debxxx
  3. hi rhiann, i had my sah on 6th june. i, like urself am tired a lot. i find im very aggitated with people, because i forget things all the time. i cant multitask anymore either! just been back to neurosurgeon after my first scan, last week. he is extremely pleased with my progress, so im happy with that. hopefully you will be feeling the same soon! we are going to canary islands this week, im a bit anxious about flying, but hopefully, my headaches will be fine. keep ur chin up and i hope you start to have better times!!! xxx
  4. hi, i have been in a terribly irritable mood these past few weeks. my poor husband cant seem to do anything right...even though he's so good to me. i am snapping at him all the time for the slightest thing. i try not to but cant seem to help it! i feel awful. sometimes i cant be bothered speaking to anyone, and everything people go on about (i.e my daughter asking what dress she should wear to go out) etc seems so trivial i cant be bothered answering her, which leads to her thinking im being ignorant. does everyone go through this or just me being horrible? my husband lost his temper on me a
  5. hi sonia, when did you have your first bleed? and how common is it to have another one? i have read about people having to go back in hospital for additional coiling. i am very worried because my sah was in june, my scan is in october and im worried they might say i have to go back in for more coiling? bit scared actually. im still getting headaches and dizzyness, not every day, and im not back at work yet. any advice? xx
  6. thank you very much to all of you who replied. i am glad to hear u all seemed to have similar symptoms and worries. i will definately keep on here and appreciate all ur support.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. hi everyone , i had a bleed on the brain which resulted in coiling on 8th june this year. THE biggest shock of my life! i was out with friends and suddenly felt like someone had stabbed me in the head i then fell onto the road. i went unconcious and friends called an ambulance. i was scanned the next morning and had the operation without delay. since leaving the hospital my recovery has been good , i havent had any loss of feeling anywhere or stroke symptoms. i had double vision at first. its the headaches and dizziness that i have still got. my mood swings have been awful too, and i dont
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