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  1. Hi I am so proud, some of you may remember my daughter, Rebecca, had a SAH 4 1/2 years ago at the of 17; she has struggled throughout this time but was determined her SAH would not stop her from doing what she wanted. On Friday it was confirmed she has achieved a 1st class honours degree in psychology! I am amazed at her hard work and dedication, she deserves every happiness in this world. Her university days have not been what most would expect, her fatigue has prohibited her from taking part in extra curricular activities, but she has got through. Sh
  2. Hi Sophie, my daughter had SAH aged 17 years, she has since completed her A levels and is in her second year of university and loving every minute of it! It hasn't been easy, she still suffers from chronic fatigue, but she has great friends who support her when she's away at university. She knows her own limitations and has developed strategies to cope with her fatigue. We both still attend a monthly support group at the hospital where she was treated which helps us and also gives the opportunity to support others who have recently suffered SAH. You sound as positive and determined
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