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  1. sue


    Hi Diane, great to hear your news. Ditto to what everyone else has said!! Love to you both, Suexx
  2. Hi everyone, I had my non aneurysm SAH on the 31st December 2006. Love Suexx
  3. Hi Karen, in answer to the question about fatigue post SAH. I think I have done pretty well but find that when I do overdo things a bit I am just wiped out and have to have a rest. Also when I am stressed or anxious, I was in bed by 8pm a couple of nights ago because I felt that I just couldn't function right unless I slept. As you know we as a family are going through a very sad and anxious time right now because of Johns health and for a long time the after effects of the SAH have been put on the back burner so to speak. So it is so good to read all these posts and find that its quite normal to feel the way I do anyway. Love to all, Suexx
  4. Hi Karen, I was 56 when I had the SAH. It was as you know a non annie and on enquiring where.......they said the centre of my brain.......sorry I can't be more specific. Got an article to hand that tells the story of a man who had a stroke who originally smoked 40 fags a day, the "insular" in his brain was damaged and he says he almost forgot the urge to smoke......the insular is in the middle of the brain so I reckon thats what happened to me too......I am a VERY BAD ex smoker now!!! Never had one after the hem. the desire just went!!! Soz, i'm rambling a little love Suexx Forgot to say......I def am a femalexx
  5. Hi Karen, I am just so behind with the message boards! Right, as you will gather from the present time of 3.26am. Sleep still does not always come easy! After the SAH I could sleep for England and did! Spending the majority of time in bed. Gradually improved over the past couple of years and sometimes have great surges of energy (ask the other 2 degrees Sami and Jan!) (It is just not normal for me to dance to drum and base??) I have noticed that I do dream a lot post SAH and some of them are quite vivid......can only remember bits of them though| As for day time sleeping.........lots of times still.....I really feel I could do with a nap......the only way I do it is if our Matt.....Bless im.....makes me chill out of the sofa to watch holiday in the sun on an afternoon.....love it!!!...have been known to just drop off!! for little while Love to ya all, Suexx
  6. Hi Donna, really feel for you right now as I was the same after my SAH regarding holidays.....didn't really want to go away from home...just in case....I changed my mind.....we went to Turkey in May 2007.....it was great...absolutely wonderful and was a major boost for me in my recovery!! How you are feeling right now is probably common to us all but you will overcome it!! God Bless, Love Suexx
  7. Hi Donna, just read your post about panic attacks.......I remember having a few in the early days after the SAH.......last one I had was a few months ago.....it does pass, even though I know its horrible when its happenin!! The last one I had, I was in town on my own and I had to phone my husband to come a pick me up. I had counselling after.......it was through my GP, it was prob the same with Sami I would think......it really helped me. Have a good day.... Love Suexx
  8. Hi Cal, my non aneurism SAH was on 31st December 2006 so I,m 17months on (I think!) I had the initial angiogram and CT scans while I was in hospital, then I had a follow up MRA around 6 months later. I was then discharged by the consultant. Was then refferred back to him early on this year because of a couple of severe headaches........had a CT angiogram a few weeks ago and got the results last week.....they were good,......so that was a relief, I have to go and see him once more on December 1st this year and he says if I am the same then as I am now then he will discharge me. I suppose the reason we tend not to get scanned so much after a non aneurism SAH is because there's nothing there to look at because once the vessel is healed thats it!! My consultant had wondered if I had had another small bleed so thats why I had the last one. I agree with Ann the recovery tends to be the same whether its aneurismal or not. Hope Jims doing ok. Love Suexx
  9. Hi Donna, before my SAH I took citalopram.....they are good anti depressants and certainly help they def help with anxiety as well, the only thing is they take a few weeks to kick in but once they do you should see a real difference. Everything that you're experiencing right now is normal post SAH. Like Sami and many others I think, I am more emotional than pre SAH, in fact when my sons CPN did a carers assessment a few weeks ago for me he showed me the report he'd done before he submitted it.....he was spot on.....said that he felt I was suffering from emotional lability.....since the SAH. I asked him what his interpretation of emotional lability was and he said that he'd noticed that maybe I couldn't handle things in the same was as before and got emotional more easily!!!! Wow, think i'll ask him for some counselling!! Look after yourself Donna and remember that everyones recovery takes time, just listen to your body and rest when you need to. Love to you, Suexx
  10. Hi Cal, I still feel pressure in my head, more so I think when I'm tired, also when there are changes in the weather. Love Suexx
  11. Hi Laura, I was 56 when I had my SAH on 31st December 2006 Love Suexx
  12. Hi Ellen, couldn't really say I was excersising at the time but had been doing some flagging in church, mind you, it is pretty strenuous and I haven't done the big flags since as they put a strain on your neck!!! So maybe.......Anyway, not long after that my head felt like it had been hit really hard and to cut a long story short, I ended up on the floor in the foyer of the church unable to lift my head!! Was taken to local A & E where it was thought I had a migraine/stress type headache! (could not stand!!) Advised to wait and see a doctor but told it was a 5 hour wait.....couldn't stand the noise there so my husband took me home and called a doctor out.......he diagnosed migraine....all in all I saw 4 doctors over the next few days all with the same diagnosis, by now I had lost about a stone in weight couldn't walk properly still cos I was so dizzy and weak and couldn't swallow anything cos it came straight back up!! Couldn't stand it any more so my husband called an ambulance which took me straight into A & E....was CT scanned and immediately transferred to our nearest Neurosurgery hospital.....was told I would be coiled or clipped, depending on the results of the angiogram....results came back....there I was all ready for theatre and my neurosurgeon came to me and told me I should be rejoicing....no aneurysm!!!! My bleed was mid brain, I had to have total bed rest and take anti stroke drugs for a while, I still get scared sometimes in case it happens again because of the "no known cause!" but have been reassured that it is the best outcome.....will let you know when I get my results.....have to pick up my grandaughter from school now.....hey.....50 year old women don't belong on the couch!!!! I just went 58 last week and just love to party.....I celebrate my life!!!! Speak to you soon, Love Suexxx
  13. Hi Ellen, a very warm welcome to this wonderful site, I too had a non aneurysm SAH. Mine was on 31st January 2006 so I am 16 months on now, I have generally made a good recovery but still suffer from fatigue, memory problems sometimes dizziness etc. I think recovery is much the same fro most of us. I recently had to have a CT angiogram because of a couple of severe headaches but don't have to see my neurosurgeon for the results untill May 30th, i'll let you know what he says. My advice to you would be to take it a day at a time, listen to your body, if you need to rest, then rest!!! It can be hard adjusting to the fact that you can't do quite as much as before but hey!! We get there in the end! Take care, God Bless, love Suexx
  14. Hi guys, I can relate to everything you're all saying on this thread!! Isn't it a relief to know your not the only one!!! Like you Sarah and Keith, I tend to turn it into a joke when I get the wrong word.......I've just started swimming again but most times I tell John i'm going fishing. Jan, my mind blanks when there's a few people talking at once, its always worse when i'm tired......seem to switch off altogether then! I sometimes dial a number, then have to ask who i've phoned..... speak soon, love Suexx
  15. sue

    SAH in London

    Hi Leo, a big belated welcome to the site from me.....New Years eve seems a popular time for SAH! I had mine on New years eve 2006.....so new years eve 2007 I had a day of celebration! It was great. Sounds like you've got some great support, take it easy...listen to your body.....it can be frustrating sometimes when we can't do all we used to without getting tired but hey!! ....we're here to tell the tale. Fatigue and short term memory are the main things I get.......like right now I can't remember all you've written in your post!!!!mmmmm......it does improve in time though. This site is wonderful, great people offering great advice, new friendships made, some of us meet up from time to time. Anyway, take care, speak soon, love Suex
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