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  1. Thank you Win! I would love for you to write more...advice is always welcome...sometimes it's the only thing that makes sense .
  2. Hi there Win! Thank you for your support. My husband told me the other day that he has never seen me laugh so much as I do now. Addy said she has never seen me laugh myself to tears so many times...ever. So maybe I just have some down days. I do think that recovery is a long process and I get blue when it goes slower than I would like, or I find another thing that I have to pace myself at. I am bull headed, and don't quit until I have to Everyone here has had a tough row to hoe, but yes...we have all made it. I will smile every time I think of your kind words! Have an ama
  3. July 9th, 2014. A-day. The day after our anniversary. I was 49 years old, thin to average build, and a smoker, had been for about 35 years. I had been having some pretty beastly headaches for the last three weeks. That morning was like every other, I woke up with a head ache. And like every other morning, I showered and got ready for the day. I went to see my chiropractor, now most times this offers relief but not for the last two weeks..I should have listened to my body. I also think as a medical professional he dropped the ball too. After my appointment I went shopping
  4. I have my husband and three daughters to be thankful for. During my hospital stay in ICU, the four of them refused to leave my side...driving the nurses crazy I'm sure. My girls are like Grizzly bears when it comes to protecting me and their family. I won the husband lottery. He is a big gruff looking biker type dude with the softest most incredible heart and soul. I can't even express what he means to me. I told him that a weaker man would have run (when I can get my thoughts together I will write my story and the reasons why.). He says he would never run and it makes me love hi
  5. Bored, I think not! Sort of funny though, my daughter saved my life also. Called her dad to come home and called 911. Glad you are doing well!
  6. Hi there Ametrine, I also have this same type of thing you are describing. Very quick to rage, not anger, rage. And if I latch onto something in my head...nope, can't let it go until I am satisfied it has been dealt with. My SAH happened on July 9, 2014...coming up on a year ago.
  7. Platino

    Endovascular Coiling

    Where I am, our hospital offers a support group that I have attended with my husband since I was able. They have brought in the coil suppliers, pharmacists & spiritual leaders. I have seen the coils and handled them. All the coils are designed to turn when they leave the catheter. We were also told that the average rupture requires approximately five coils. I thought it was one of the neatest things I have ever seen. Our group leaders have done an amazing job letting us know what has happened, that you are not alone and that there are folks to help you deal w
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