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  1. Hi Luke, A little late to the conversation but I just wanted to say that it sounds that you are doing so well for your Mum and Dad. My Dad had a Grade 5 with hydrocephalus, vasospasm and confabulation back in May 2015. Like you, I saw my Dad every day for the first 7 months of recovery, so I thought it might help to just share a few of the things I experienced. The confabulation became increasingly better over time, for Dad it was exacerbated because he was struggling to control his sodium levels post SAH, so that may be something to get checked out. You
  2. Hi Caroline, I myself have not had an SAH but I have been on here looking for support for my Dad who had an SAH and hydrocephalus around 6 months ago. Dad has recently seen a neuropsychologist as part of his rehabilitation and I just wanted to share something she said about a similar conversation. It went along the lines of "we all have those moments when we can't remember something being said, or having to think really hard for what we had for lunch yesterday, if you hadn't come into contact with brain injury you wouldn't attach too much importance to it, and would just shrug it off.
  3. Well I would say you guys are making a formidable team and covering all bases! If I'm honest I didn't even know there was a dependency scale, can I ask what the official name is as we'll be asking where Dad sits on all of this. I think the only advice is to be vocal, we've had to 'ask' on a number of occasions to make sure that he is getting the help he needs. I wish I knew more about the movement side to make a comment, but it hasn't been an issue for Dad and he had very little contact with the physios. I would, however, clarify just how much physio he is getting a week as there tends t
  4. Hi Jump, Yeah I'm OK, weird feeling this evening as today we've taken Dad from home and in to the neuro rehab ward - so strange him not being at home. Although we know its positive that he has a bed and will finally be having an assessment and some therapy. Dad was up at about week 2, after the EVD was removed and before he went to acute care neuro. He didn't really have any particular loss of movement or strength as a result of the SAH, so that may be something to keep in mind in respect of timescales. Once he was moving there was no stopping him!xx
  5. Hi James, been AWOL without internet for the last few days, but great to hear that your Dad is eating and about the rehab ward. My Dad was admitted to a neuro rehab ward today, feels really strange leaving him there after him being home for a while, but after the few little tests that were done (the first he's had to assess him in any way cognitively) we know that he needs the input. It is so calm in the ward that Dad is in, I'm sure it will be an absolute tonic for your Dad if his hospital ward was anywhere near as manic as my Dad's was!
  6. I'm glad I can be of help! we must have doubled Dad's calorie intake with all the stuff we took in, so pile it up around him. If the nurses can see that they may also realise what he can or can't have. The continuity of care is an issue, we certainly found it so we made the point of chatting to whichever nurse he had for the day, finding out how he was getting on and making points about how fit, strong and active a 64yr old he is. I think some may make assumptions, Dad said he feels that people do when they read an age on a sheet of paper. If he is trying to get himself out of the chair, t
  7. Hi James, Sorry to get chatting as a result of these difficult times. Dad had a Grade 5 bleed on 14/05, followed by hydrocephalus, vasospasm and an infection that had him at such a fever pitch that he was bouncing off the bed. Your Dad's frustration is well understandable, my Dad was referring to himself as an inmate towards the end of his stay in acute care, but in a really strange way I take it as a positive sign, there is so much going on in there with all the healing that to find time to be bored or frustrated has to be positive. Whilst obviously we are not allowed to comment on t
  8. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your kind words and wishes. We've had a few great days and Dad is really starting to get his strength back, we've had a great time shopping about for plants for the new house. It gives the trip a nice purpose too as shopping usually would not be Dad's cup of tea! Although I do think now that he needs a bit of space, as in real alone time, but its hard to know how to do it, particularly when the only advice we've had is "don't leave him on his own!" Louise, it is not just you that has re-evaluated relationships as a result, I certainly have and have been dis
  9. Hi Sammy, Welcome, you have found a good place here in BTG, and I am speaking from recent experience. Dad had his SAH on 14th May, so a few weeks before you. I am an only child but an adult and married woman, similar questions struck me when all this happened, but I can tell you for sure that this time last week I didn't think I would feel as I do this evening. It really is true that time is a healer in this situation and often just a few days can make so much difference. I have moved home to help with Dad's care and just to be 'around'. the more time that we spend together and the m
  10. Louise, that's oddly comforting to hear about how vivid the experiences were. Dad has been having a lot of incredibly vivid dreams that he has been talking about with me, including feeding the cat (who has been gone a few years but passed when she was 17), I think they have been worrying him a little. But after those 10 days or so of being very disorientated it seems like his short-term memory has come on leaps and bounds, which is great. Dad has cooked a few meals, we had curry tonight - yum! and is starting to enjoy pottering around a little more, he said he was bored the other day which
  11. Thanks Gemma, Dad was definitely a savoury person before too. It is also a good point about the tests, unfortunately his is booked for 3.20pm which is when he is usually having a doze and the assessment is 40mins motorway drive from our house, so I have a feeling he's going to be exhausted before he even starts. The way we are looking at it is that it will be good for the consultant to see Dad at his worst rather than his best. Did anyone experience disorientation that you recognised sometimes and then was fully immersed in at others? We've been 'living' in Jersey for the last 10 or so da
  12. Daffodil and Super Mario, thank you for sharing your experiences. Dad did a lose a massive amount of weight quickly in hospital (a stone in 2 weeks) which he had mostly regained by the time he was discharged. What was worrying us was that he was going downstairs to get the food himself, so it became a case of sleeping with one eye open just in case something happened! Although we have all joked that me and my mum are possibly a bit 'hyper' in our care, but we are all sinking in to a nice routine taking it in turns to make teas etc. Dad's appetite also seems to have calmed now, but his tooth
  13. Hi all, sorry for the radio silence, its been a whirlwind few weeks! Dad is now at home with us and is awaiting cognitive therapy, unfortunately it looks like its going to be another 3-4weeks before he gets it and he has been 'medically stable' for 2 already. I don't think his neurospecialist nurse is happy that he was discharged but that's a battle with all the different healthboards! I also know we can't talk about that stuff here...but he seems a lot happier and more settled at home. He was originally listed for inpatient but now is on outpatient so that he could be seen quicker, for the
  14. Its been 4 weeks this evening and it is such a strange feeling; its hard to put in to words, thankful, hopeful and cautious all at the same time! Colleen, thank you so much for your kind words. We are so thankful that he is with us and know just how lucky we all are! He can walk, talk, feed himself, has his witty humour and all the same mannerisms. He has lost a lot of weight over the last few weeks but thankfully after all the cake and yoghurt and treats we have taken him he has put some back on. He has been saying a lot over the last few days how he's ready to come out now, we know t
  15. Daffodil, I also meant to thank you for the diary suggestion. Dad is a big reader/in to his books, so I think it would help him to write it down. we ourselves have been keeping a diary of his treatment to help ourselves remember and for Dad should he ever want to look at it.x
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