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  1. Myra - We all get there in our own time. Be patient with yourself and accept that you are perfect right now. I actually had to step away from BTG for a couple years. I used to think of myself as brain injured. Today I have dropped that label and only try to think about the things I am doing today and how that will make my day a day of progress. Today my goal is to work out and eat well. That's it. Just take each day as it comes and set small goals you can feel successful about. L
  2. Today is my re-birthday. It was 7 years ago that my subarachnoid hemorrhage started bleeding into my brain and I fought to live. I am happy to report that my doctors were very wrong about my outcome. I am working in my original career as an engineer, I am able to do most of the things I liked before my stroke and I am a better human being than I was before my stroke. For all of you in the early days, keep fighting to find the old you, but embrace the new and improved you for the worthy human that you are. One major lesson I learned from my stroke was that I am a worthy human being as is. I
  3. Wow I am so proud of you! What a wonderful speech. It made me cry. Today I noticed something I do to help me fit in with all those busy people in stores and such. When I just can't keep up, I hold my head a bit higher like I am observing things or thinking. And smile. It is totally my coping mech but it relates to your snail analogy. And how did you get into this? My goal in life is to be a motivational speaker. I want to share my story. Our stories. Linda
  4. Yes. Post SAH I have been very sensitive to loud noises. And have had a constant ringing in my ears. But the test showed that I am not hearing the high pitched sounds at all. I will keep you posted once I find out more. This shouldn't affect my job but it does make me feel a bit older. Rampmama
  5. Well it turns out I am an old lady at 38! I am a bit slow, the SAH at 34 was not a sign of me being an "old lady" just the universes sense of humour playing out... But work sent me for a baseline audiology test because I work in an industry where there can be load noises. Turns out I failed! Who knew. Anyone else have hearing issues post SAH?
  6. Thank guys! The place I went for rehab was called Community Neuro Rehab in Calgary Ab. www.alliance-cns.com At first I hated it. But now being a graduate, I can look bakc and see how helpful it was. For those who are eager to get back. Take your time. Even after five years, I had a difficult time just staying awake the first few weeks of work. Now 6 months into work, I can stay awake, but get very fatiqued by just thinking. I really had to increase my Concerta perscription a lot. CNS above was very good at helping me phase into work and re train my brain to handle complex tasks. Good luck
  7. My son has epilepsy. Absense seizures (petit mal) do appear to be what you are discribing. When my son has them, they can last for 15 seconds to a minute. Absense seizures make it look like the person is un reachable, loud noises, contact, etc will not rouse the person. You will also see lip smacking and eye twitches. If seizures last more than 2 minutes, you need to call an ambulance. Epilepsy is a diagnosis given to someone who has had two or more seizures. It can be controlled with medication and yes one very annoying part is no driving and swimming with a life jacket on. Do get checked
  8. Wow. What a ride. I just had my 5 year annie-versary and I wanted to share my progress. In the beginning, I came to BTG everyday to try and connect with people that had experienced something that few people live through. As time went on and I thought I was better, I avoided BTG so that I wouldn't have my SAH as my defining identity. And just when I thought I was better, I was accepted into a vocational rehab program. I was sure they wouldn't take me cause I was sooo healed. But it turns out I was very wrong. I only wanted to be better. Wanting didn't make it happen. So I did rehab for one ye
  9. My book will be about me and my life. Of course the SAH will be a huge part. And who knows what the future holds. Maybe I will post a bit about my SAH from the book. Not sure how? Any guidance?
  10. Hello all. Great news, I have been discharged from my neuro rehab programon Tuesday. I am now able to sustain activity for 6 hours and have regained control of my emotions. (Not crying at the drop of a hat) I need to keep on my cog program for life to stay sharp, but wow do I ever feel better. It was a great program but I hated it! You know what that's like I am sure. Now I am going to write a book and become a motivational speaker. Thank God I had an SAH otherwise I wouldn't have anything to share about what I've learned so far.
  11. Ok I have to say I love Ritalin. My head feels clear for the first time since my Anni. I went to the doc explaining that I couldn't get motivated to do anything. After a few minutes, he decided it was a focus issue. I am easily distracted now and have a hard time filtering out things like noise, etc. Since my anni, my head has felt like I have been on cold medications the whole time. Fuzzy. Today I popped the Ritalin and I felt clear. Nice first step. I can't wait for the med to take its full effect in about a week. Here is what I found on the topic. http://goliath.ecnext.com/coms2/gi_019
  12. Well I am almost 3 years post SAH and today was the first time I have got to go to the Brain Injury clinic in our city. Quite and experience. Found out lots from the doc. And I was prescribed Ritalin. Has anyone else had experience with Ritalin? Linda
  13. Thanks Karen, I just got a call from the specialists office and I am having an MRI on the 8th with a meeting right afterward to discuss what he sees. Feeling a bit anxious but I am thinking I will be fine. Linda
  14. So I went to my doc and complained of some new headaches. He is very conderned that my wee 2 mm annie is growing. I too am a bit worried since the headaches I am getting are the same as the ones I got before my annie ruptured. This question might seem silly given the seriousness of a rupture, but they accurately see what is happening without an angiogram? I am terrified of the MRA and would way rather have an MRI. Linda Rampmama
  15. Gosh. I haven't visited in so long because I have been feeling so back to "normal." But this past week, I am hit with the absolute need to sleep by about 1pm. It is almost as bad as when I first got out of hospital. So yes I am napping daily again. I know my brain must need it but I feel like such a sloth. I am beating myself up because there are so many things I could or should be doing rather than having a sleep. Linda
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