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  1. Hiya Mark, I sat here thinking "Well Win this is it" I was scared !! My Daughter told me about this site and after being told I'd never walk again and to put me in a home my hubby said "No Way" Needed a shunt put in !! which woke me up!! Found people on here who could laugh again. This site was a God send to me I realised there was a life after a brain bleed, and got my smile back. Learnt a lesson don't give up on yourself and argue if they give you a balloon to tap..My Physio !!! lol ..Keep well and keep fighting the good fight. All the best Win xxxx
  2. Hi Brenda, We mend but it takes us a long while to come back to some normality (In my case it did as never been normal) lol xx My Daughter found this site, I was afraid at first as I thought my next step was Death, Cheery wasn't I !! So came on here after I felt strong enough My way out of this mess was to keep happy and tell family not to tell me sad sob stories or who they had a row with as my brain couldn't take it. Loved Chocs and singing and being spoilt. But when I came on here I saw people with same as me and they could be funny and smile...This site helps others who feel alone in their fight to get better, we are not alone I learnt from this site and it really helped me. I'm forever asking "Did I tell you this Al" to my hubby and he goes" yes Win 6 times now !!" Grrrr. So I knew I was better after our first row. Early Days for your hubby but talking to others who have been through same does help. Was told I wont ever walk again or be same as was ..Still need a wheelchair for going shopping but walking around home and showering is done by me so a little dignity back xxxx Good luck to you and your husband and let him know there is life after Bleed xxxxxx We are all Survivors xxxx My right hand is weak and when I write cards out it costs me a fortune tearing up the ones I messed up on lol xxxxxx Chins up the pair of you and honestly it does get better look back 4 weeks not 4 days and see how far he has come on xxxx Remember you also need a break xx if possible xx
  3. Oh Gem So sorry for you and Family and there was me blurting on..Sorry for your loss Gem. Think I'll shut up but wishing you well xxxxxx
  4. Hiya Gem, People were ready to put me in a home I spoke and remember nothing. I remember talking to my Mum who was dead ??? same with Dad . Mum swam away from me ??? all in my mind or perhaps they were there. As my Dad said I can't talk to you love your Mum will kill me. My sisters sang to me and were good as it helped my Daughter after about 4 months I was sent to a hospital nearer home and I had water/hydrocephalus on brain..had a shunt put in and sang to a nurse when I awoke so..Your Dad is in there like I was ..Sing to him make sure his catheter is empty if he has one...Sing to him and see if he knows the words ..keep talking to him took me an age to recover but I did . Good luck to your Dad and all of you ..we get a lot wrong with us after so aftercare is important for us ..Our memory comes back slow but sure ..Wishing You Dad all the best and make sure he is getting looked after okay xxxxxx Good luck to Dad xxxxx
  5. Stevie , I had a SAH 4 and my rupture was coiled ...but I was out of it so cannot tell you much about it. All I know it stopped the bleeding into my brain. Had mine at Kings College London...This was in 2009 ..So good luck xxxxx... Go get em xxx ha ha Keep smiling and singing it really helps..But drive hubby mad xxxx Let us know how you get on xx
  6. Beverley I have the one into tummy and took me a while to get used to it ..But before I had no shunt I remember very little. Was annoyed when family had a row and told me about them ..Told them to not tell me their tales of woes in a nice way (It was oh shut up in my mind) lol nice Sis I am !! I came home day after as I was so well ..Was still not with it for a while and didn't like the lump behind ear but it is part of me now. Before that I was asleep all the time talking to my Mum who died in 1976 and she wouldn't talk to me. She swam away from me I was in cuckoo land for approx 1 year. Sisters sang to me . When I eventually got well me and hubby had a row so i knew I was getting better. Sang a lot, spoilt a lot by Dogs who have now passed, covered in dogs toys when I woke up. I am so happy to have come back to land of living. Was 63 when this started and my Daughter found this site. Looked about 83 awoke hair all grey and an old dear looking back at me xxxxx Whatever you decide I hope it gets you back to as you were. We are not alone in this struggle so head up shoulders back or I'll sing you a song . Honestly it isn't pleasant. All the best and hope to see you in Green room under Forums soon xxxx
  7. I Loved my pinot grigio after a pooey day at work, I'd get the dinner ready and my husband had drunk nearly a bottle before I had even had a chance to get a look in. Then I had my SAH and they said not to drink, I remember nothing all I remember saying is " I don't get a look in with him". Loved my Vino collapso I awoke up later not remembering a thing, had shunt put in which cleared water/fluid off brain and my husband had given up and I had also as was told it doesn't do me any good. Stopped drinking and smoking as couldn't walk very far as sat in garden when smoked. Good luck on giving it up I done it drastic way, ate chocs instead made me happy but fat xxx Good luck xxx
  8. It helped me this site knowing I wasn't alone Simone, If others have been through it and can smile again why can't we. (I'm too old for babies ) My baby is in her 40's ha !! A girl on here had a baby and she came through it okay xx Good luck and remember to smile it does help and not listen to doom and gloom stories. Congratulations on the news of baby and keep chin up xxxxx Best wishes for all you accomplish in life Win xxxxxxx Happy thoughts xxxxx
  9. Hi TinaW I found people on here Behind the grey know what we have been through and how we feel moreso than others. I got scared and was on here every day but it was my way of talking to people about what has happened to me and is it natural. Got a good feed back and it helped to give vent to worries I had. Like crying without any reason and being snappy. Started to sing happy songs and started to get my laughter back. Keep chin up and smile or sing as I was out of it for a while. Woke up when shunt was fitted as I had hydrocephalus and it kept me sleeping. Still cannot walk that far but doesn't stop me weekend Hubby gets chair and we go out for breakfast xxxx Any problems share them xxxx
  10. We have a green room where we=me talk about all and nothing and I give vent and talk a load of rubbish but come in there one day It is green room under Forums. Just a place to say I had a good night or a bad night or moan about family etc ..Give vent or just write rubbish like I do lol . Scroll down and check the date xxxxx Look first and see if you want to come in xxxx https://web.behindthegray.net/forum/9-the-green-room/ Catch you later xx
  11. Hiya Xam, Makes note to keep away at least an arm/leg length away from Xam...No singing Kung foo fighting lol xxxx Seriously I came on here thinking my Days were numbered and I saw loads talking and laughing talking about their bleeds, I was not the only one. My Family where so loving and that is abnormal in my Family lol I didn't realise how ill I had been. Take things slower, and if you get headaches see Doc, as peace of mind is a great thing . I have short term memory loss. I knew I was getting well Sisters no longer sing to me, Hubs moans, and Daughter has gone back to "OH MUM Tut" role reversal ha Drove my hubby mad by me singing but it helped me to sing happy songs, off Key .. Good luck and anytime you feel down come on here I'll type you a song ..just kidding !!! Good luck and hope you go from strength to strength xxxxx Regards Win xx Oh my buzzing noise is my backing group now
  12. Hi Sallios and Mike, Sorry I haven't replied earlier, Look back not days but months and see how far you have come. When I woke up I was going to die and then I found this site where people laughed about head exploding and I realised there is a life after SAH, also hydrocephalus kept me in cuckooland. I had a shunt fitted and was back to my old self again. Couldn't walk but I was alive, Came on here sang to everyone even if they were in mid conversation I'd break out in a song. I was a pain in the butt. Still trying to walk but back goes when I go to far. Any problems share them on here this site is so good for us and even people that do not really understand what we have been through. So a smile on face and a song running through your head (Happy ones only). Good to be alive isn't it xxxxxx Both be Well and when down come on here there is always someone to read your post and to know we are not alone is a good feeling xxxx
  13. Hi Ami, Like Daffs I also had Hydrocephalus, but I was in cuckooland as it was keeping me there. I remember nothing apart from cooking a curry then shouting "help me" as I passed out. I remember nothing until shunt was put in and I slept most of the time. Went from Kings College to local hospital, were my Family were told I'd never be the same and to put me in a home. Cheek !! Hubby took me home and a year on from bleed I had a shunt put in and it took me a while to sit up alone or even hold myself up. All this I am told by my wonderful hubby and daughter. Hubby was going to say no to op but it got me better and now we argue and moan like we did before the bleed. So I know I am better ha !! Keep a watch on it and forgetfulness ie short term memory loss is part of the beast. But if worried please see a Doc as nothing like peace of mind ... Good luck My Bleed was 2009 and shunt was fitted in 2010 Still trying to walk more. !!! Be Well Ami xxxxx
  14. Still I stink, was told it was due to my SAH/Bleed , Comfort stinks clean bedding smells my hair stinks and water is foul. Love a coffee from a shop and can eat out okay love food, I feel like I have had a shower in dirty stale water, Now use babies shampoo and very mild kids detergents. Still get laughed at by hubby who says I have an ism as in phantosmia. I go "can you smell that Al," he goes "smell what your ism?" He is a kind soul but if you hear of woman hitting hubby over head with her shoe..It is me ha ha ..It is a problem though arghhhh!! Can always eat well though !! Just smells have changed perfume stinks etc etc been demoted to cheap perfume or body sprays light ones xxxx
  15. Sarah I once said to a Hospital Doctor "It is my Body and I want to know what theses pills are doing to me" He told me and I broke down as they caused malformed babies....hence only the one Daughter as I wasn't on them then !! But this is about you and you have a right to know it, is your head, wish you all the luck in the world xxxxxx
  16. Hi Ojib, Oops shortened your name put it down to my SAH !! Ojibwe I never had AVM but SAH followed by Ventriculitis UTI and then Sepsis, Good job I was asleep while being pumped with whatever got rid of it. My sisters sang to me while out of it and Husband and Daughter took it in shifts to make sure I was okay. Was told by OT's who I played up to put me in a home as I'll never be the same ever again. Hubby told them we will take her home then. When I got home Doctor said I had Hydrocephalus had shunt put in for that and woke up singing to Nurse. I swear by a smile and singing to help us remember and happiness. None of it I remember until shunt was in ..So keep talking to Mum and keep away people who only tell you their problems she needs loving and I pray she gets better Obibwe and get some rest also xxxxx Keep talking to her xxxx happy things xxxx Get well soon Ojibwe's Mum xxxxx
  17. Hi Jenni this site helps as we know we aren't the only ones, it is early days and the Docs say do not lift heavy things but when you have children you have to. Real world and Hospital world clashes !! Our brain has gone through a lot and it needs a rest. Somewhere on here under Inspiration is "A Letter from your Brain" and it tells us what our Brain has been through, I was scared when I eventually woke up and thought no "uh oh Win and doom and gloom " My daughter found this site and it helped her and it has helped me. As she was the one awaiting for me to wake up !! I saw people talking about life and everyday things and I got my smile back... As this is a place people have been through similar things to you and we can understand how scary and sometimes the same has happened to us. Good luck and Welcome to BTG (My abbreviation of Behind the grey) Keep chin up and remember we are here when you want to vent or just put it in writing whats worrying you xxxxx Or join in Keiths quizzes in Forums Green room xxxx "A Letter From Your Brain - By Stephanie St. Claire ©1996" is good to read.
  18. Feel for you All Kathy, Not much more I can put. I do get weird heads when stormy weather is about but always see Doc as others have said xx Here is hoping Dad makes a miraculous recovery xXx God Bless you All xx
  19. Hi Lori, My Daughter found this site while I was in hospital when I knew what had happened I was pleased I had got through it and realised what a smashing Family I had. Will take us some time to get better still working on back stopping me from walking. I came on here and people laughed and that in itself helps as we are not alone and any aches and pains I'd come on here and talk my worries over and I left laughing xxxx My Answer is singing and smiling a lot ..I mean sometimes I get the weeps, but I am an old dear and was a younger old dear before my bleed. We are here when you need to give vent ~ I do that a lot so Welcome to BTG and smile xxx or I'll sing and drive you potty ha just kidding xxxx Good luck Win xxxxx
  20. Hi Andrew I was at Kings College and was in cuckoo land for a year after a time I was sent to Maidstone where they told me/Family I wont improve and to say goodbye to who I once was. Put me in a home (Cannot use rude words on here but would have). I had hydrocephalus which kept me in unresponsive condition. Couldn't think straight and it was all a dream, so my hubby told Male Nurse at Kings and I saw original Surgeon and he suggested a shunt be put in ..I woke up and sang to nurse and was home in 3 days. My dogs were pleased to see me so if worried was you given a Nurses No. you could ring? If so ring them or get hold of your surgeon again ..Good luck xxxx
  21. I am walking after told to be put in home as I'll never be same phew thanks to Family xxxx Here to prove them wrong ..Human spirit steps in and tells us we can ..800 yards walking but aim is to walk without back going on me a whole weeks shopping xxxx Well done Mark and keep on proving them wrong xxxx Welcome to BTG my short name for this site xxxx A godsend when you have a down day and just to know we are not alone in this xxxx Welcome and keep on keeping on xxxxx
  22. All what others have put and keep happy xxxx I wish you all happiness and everything that life can bring you xxxx
  23. Louise when I first come on here I was "who typed first? ahh GG ahh but who was the one I forgot all of you" Happy 20 years and many more. This is a life saver this site as I always say. Saw so many joking and hold on but they are laughing and happy. I'll have some more of this ...Been a real pleasure to see you all doing well, and me I couldn't walk at all but I remember doing my 100 yards walk or 5 steps as it was in early days now 800 to a thousand yards ... You all said well done and Keith in those days had his chefs cartoon pic. Well done Louise hears to next 20 years xxxx and many more you have given me hope as always xxxx All of you are my secret pals who I tell my Family about they go yeah yeah Win lol xxxx Love you All Especially Louise today xxxx Go get em xxxx You have done really well xxxx Loved the last 2 lines especially Louise xxxx Thanks and all you Mods and Karen (goes without saying ) XXXX Song time ha ha j/k
  24. Tell them that you are a bag of nerves over this and stress isn't good for us Sarah, hope you do get things sorted as it is your head and you want the right diagnosis given. Good luck XXXX Scary for you xxxxxx Agrees with Sami and Tina xxxx Grrr puting you through this xxx
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