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  1. I gave up smoking when I awoke as never liked the way I smelt, but a glass of wine and a cig was so nice after a rotton day at work. But Hubby gave up drinking totally !! while I was in cuckooland in case he got a call from Hospital. I used to imagine myself sitting on low wall with dogs and having a glass of Vino and a cig and then I realised I needed to get healthy !! Better late than never lol !!! So went cold turkey as I'd put my family through enough. Plus not walking made it harder for me to be tempted. Tell Hubs try and give it up with out trying to preach to him. It worked for me as I felt guilty as to what I had put them through.. Since 2009 I have had a half a glass of fizzy wine and lemonade and orange juice combined it has put me off drink for life ..well nearly !! Good luck to you both and get him to see a consultant on such matters as I was told no smoking !!! Gained weight eating chocs instead !!!
  2. Hi Jean, I was bed bound for so long I had core problems, still do. I was told I'd never walk again. Started taking 2 steps now up to 500/600 yards then back aches, I went swimming but I could only swim under water as botty floated to top . Not being flippant but it was good to stand where the water squirts out and hit my back ..was heaven. Used to hang on and kick legs out which helped also. I saw a comment on somewhere a man said he had to stand for a while and my back ached reading it. My aim is to walk around a supermarket as I have to go in chair for long walks ..Good luck and never give up we will do it no matter what others say. I was really written off by my BI Team by a man saying to me "what makes you think you will walk again" Ever wanted to say rude words to them lol. But it helped as I wanted to prove him wrong and you must prove all doubters that the human spirit can do what it likes.. See you have helped me as I'm getting off my bum and a walk around the garden xxx got 2 seats if back goes xxxxx Good luck Jean and remember you can do it xxxxxxx
  3. Hi Sherry, When I first came on here I was a pain but I was so happy to see people who can now laugh about what happened to us . We cant let this beat us can we as we are Survivors xxxx Do what others have said eg. drink water, and brain message is brilliant reading !! Down days I come on here and tell them about my barometer head, and weird smells . part and parcel I guess of B.I. My way to work my way out of bad days is either go to bed or sing and a smile...It keeps me going but drives hubby potty xxXXxx Welcome to behind the gray and life goes on xxxx and so do I ha. Seriously welcome to BTG ((She who shortens things) Keep a smile at hand always for down days xxxxx All the best Win xxxxx
  4. The Barometer heads as I call them are not nice are they Alison, when weather is overcast I feel my neck is going into my shoulders lol and my head feels heavy. Lots on here get them, and the buzzing in ears. We all get these in one way or another ..well most do. Happy Sunday Also we have on forums a Green room where we can rant or let off steam, or feel worried and I always ask sensible questions like "is this natural" Ha ha !!
  5. Hi Alison, Happy Anni~versary xx Good you made a quick recovery, until I found this site I was so scared and I saw laughter and joking going on and it makes me feel so much better to know I am not the only one. That is how I first thought of it after waking up from cuckoo land. Once I had a shunt put in I awoke and my Daughter found this site that helped her also as she was worried for me. I am at the stage now where they don't let me get away with anything so I know I am better lol. Cannot walk very far but at least I can walk little ways before back goes xxxx Glad to hear from you as posts like yours help others who come on here xx
  6. Swishy alias Jean & FRM , I think you are doing great from when you first came on here so well done to you Jean xx. Can you imagine all of us going to see FRM to tell him our complaints, we would be his only patients, as others would walk out fed up with waiting. Also FRM you would get a bad head. From us all remembering what we was going to say at the same time. Got to smile as we must have said some funny things when in Cuckoo land xxxx Love to you all Salsa classes start at 12. FRM Win xxxx
  7. Hi FRM, I am so happy to have made it and I thank my Family for that as OT's said to say goodbye to the old me and they thought I'd never get better so they said to"Put her in a Home" so in a way glad I called them witches lol . None of this I remember but my brain told me not to trust them. Was injured brain then. Hubby wouldn't have any of it and my Sisters tell me how great Hubby and Daughter were. Sisters singing to me etc and when I had a shunt put in I woke up and sung to Nurse. I get on hubby's nerves so I know I am better ..Isn't it so good to have made it xx I do sometimes look up to sky and have a conversation with my Mum and sometimes Jesus as I saw a man in a long gown when out of it. My Daughter and I, we laugh at silly things I said. Thought one time I was in a café and I wanted to pay for it and we look back and giggle. We are Survivors FR and so pleased we made it xx This site helps loads as if I told anyone else what I told you they'd go" yeah yeah Win " Glad you are doing well and good to have happy people around us xxx and sing a song or 2 in key or out lol Take care and Adios mi amigo lol xxxx
  8. Hi Sarah, I had to have another Scan as I had a seizure now I've suffered with Epilepsy since 14 puberty and I had a fit last February which was like none before. I was like the girl who's head spins round xx I rang my Epilepsy Specialist up and he sent me for a scan and the letter I had back was so scary it said I have had another 2 but small chronic bleeds, but have healed themselves . I saw the word chronic and was so so scared. I am the one who always says no stress lol Well talk about stress I was in full flight panic mode so looked it up and it said Acute is worse than Chronic. I came back on here so pleased I only had a chronic bleed ha ha . Before that once again I thought I was at Deaths door. It is natural to panic as long as you don't go into full flight mode as I did xxxx Good luck and Stress free unlike me ha xxxxx
  9. Hi Paula, After I had my shunt put in and woke up and eventually could sit straight my Daughter told me about this site (To be honest at that stage I was a bit doom and gloom) I was down and came on here and I saw people who had a bleed/SAH etc. and they seemed to be able to laugh while I was planning my funeral. Then I realised there is a life after a bleed/SAH whatever we had. The more I chatted the more I smiled, so down went the funeral plans and I started living again, walking is not that good 400/600 yards then back aches. This site is a godsend and has helped me loads ..so good luck and remember we have been there and it doesn't sound silly as everyone has been through something similar on here xxxx Keep well and sing happy songs xxxx
  10. Thing that helped me was the Brain talking to me.. " A Letter From Your Brain - By Stephanie St. Claire ©1996" It made sense to keep calm and it sort of explains what we've been through it is under "Inspiration" I think xxx (short term lol) https://web.behindthegray.net/articles.html/inspiration/a-letter-from-your-brain-by-stephanie-st-claire-©1996-r167/ It made me calmer to be with people who had their B.I. and the whole site helped me as I found people who could laugh again, so once again to Mods and Karen and Family a Big Thank You xxxx We are not alone xxxx
  11. Hi Nikki, Now always listen to your brain xx and body also if tired rest up. Good luck for the future and keep a smile at hand for those down Days. This site has helped no end. Hope to hear from you in Forums /Green room one day. Keep bright and cheery it helped me xxxxx Of course all what the others have already put xxxx
  12. Mandy, You have been through it and I do not know if anyone on here has heard of it. Perhaps if they have one will get back to you ..Good luck on both recovery's sounds like you are a fighter. Keep in there and never give up All The Best Win xxxx
  13. Was good Daffs, Perhaps that is why I couldn't listen to my Sister for long as she only told me tales of woes and her troubles. My brain couldn't take it. I used to want her to hush up as it gave me bad head lol Poor Sis. When recovering I was selfish and didn't want to hear about her Sons arguing. Even the man talking I wanted to say oh come on spit it out (I think it is me) ha ha. Guess I have got self centred since brain malfunction lol Thanks for that Daffs methinks I should look at self rather than blame others (I wont) xxxx
  14. Sophie, It isn't something that we can get over quickly but we are survivors, that in itself is good. But we are all here and to know we are not alone in this helps me lol selfish !!! My Daughter found this site and for me it was a godsend xxx We can share worries and tales of woe and people actually understand as they have been through it xx so wishing You Good luck Sing and think happy thoughts is my answer to all ills lol xxxx I was coiled and had to have a shunt for hydrocephalus as I was in cuckoo land. Be well and don't let things get to you laughter is best medicine xxxx
  15. Jess, Sorry to hear about Daughter, I have had a shunt in since 2009 permanent one. (But I am an oldy) Keep searching or ask Docs what is best for your Daughter xx They can advise you... Good luck to Daughter xxxx
  16. I'm supposed to cheer you up Norma lol xxxx Good thing is I didn't know as I would have stressed more. Wonder why my Surgeon said never stress...it is bad for you . But they were only tiddlers I guess. You be well and try and think of happy thoughts and songs xxx My answer to all ills xxx Speak/Type soon xxx ha xxxx Get your smile back Norma xxxx
  17. Hello Norma, Good job they are keeping eye on your coils, when I had mine I was discharged and they said "any problems see Doc then he will refer you to us. I had a bad seizure 2017/18 unlike any other I have ever had. Was sent to see my Epilepsy Specialist. Had the MRI and he said 2 other little bleeds but they have healed themselves. (had seizures since 14/puberty). So knew it wasn't right I was in full panic mode. Was so scared so I know how you feel, So at least you know they are keeping an eye on you. Mine healed on their own but was so scared for a while ...So we are here when you want to give vent etc. Good luck and I wont tell you no stress as I went into full blown stress mode xxxx
  18. Take it staged as others have said as it is early days for you, and you want to be sure you can do job as before. You might be okay but do what your body tells you to. I have good days and then a duvet day and I don't even work xx Wishing you all the best and welcome to BTG We have all been there so anytime you need a rant or are worried come on here it is my safe place lol xxxx Good luck Caw xxxx
  19. Sorry I missed you Julian, Hope all is going well for you and family ~ Where would we be without them !! Seems like you are doing okay xx Regards to you and Yours Win xx 500/600 yards I can walk now it was 60yards when you came on here but back still goes lol xxx Keep Well xxxx
  20. Joe, Are your bosses helpful if so have an extra 1/2 hour at lunchtime and try to dose off at desk and like wise tea breaks. I need a sleep in the day or doze off in chair but I am not working. I admire all that get back into the swing so quickly. I go shopping and come back shattered ..So whatever happens I wish you all the best. Good luck and tell Bosses perhaps a camp bed for 1/2 hours kip or whatever. Keep Well and let us know how you get on xxxxx
  21. Hi Cassandra and Neil, In 2009 I passed out while cooking my hubby a curry luckily he came home early as all that day I felt tired and he bought me in a nice bottle of wine and I just fell to floor SAH4, was rushed to hospital operated on. Just getting better then ventriculitis sets in and then after that Sepsis rears it's ugly head, my Daughter asked her Dad "Will Mum get better Dad" he said yes but who knows when !! I put them through the mill not my fault and I had hydrocephalus which kept me in cuckoo land. A year later I had a shunt put in and I was told I woke up singing to a nurse. Meanwhile my daughter found this site and I saw people who could laugh about what happened to them. This site got my laughter back for me xx Cassandra I know you cannot eat too well but please eat . I swear my extra weight helped me get over this. Now on a diet !! Try puree foods but to get better you must eat as our body needs it for when we feel rough. Wishing you good luck and please let us know how things are going. You will find this site a great help when on a downer or when you have a good day, It has helped me so much xxxx Keep chin up and I'll keep my 2 up xxx We are not the only ones and that in itself makes me feel better. I played the OT's up when in cuckooland and they said to my husband "We think she should go into a home " I could be an old Dear sitting in a home with hydrocephalus. Good job my husband said "we will take her home with us" I knew they had it in for me lol xxxx Keep well and get better xx Order from Win xxxx wink Love Win xxxxxx
  22. Mama2 I had them at puberty so not caused by SAH but had some real bad ones when I had SAH saw my Doctor who deals with my Epilepsy and told him I had such a strong one so much different to the usual ones, and they are bad enough !! Had MRI and had a small bleed but it healed itself up ... Not nice and scare the life out of me and I have had them since 14 puberty now an old dear still scare me so I lay in recovery position and am out for about 2 minutes but the one after SAH was different from any I've experienced before and it was so scary ...Be of good cheer as a lot of people have them after SAH scary for the person having them and the onlooker xxxx . You'd think after what we've been through we would have a break. I wish you well and try and remain calm as I never can xxx lol Medicine changed and all is well last shakes I got was in 2018 Feb so been a year without shakes ..touches wood and whistles Regards Win xxxxx
  23. Do not take others worries on as stress can be harmful and I used to bath my head in warm salt water, as my Mum swore by salt water. It cannot do any harm and perhaps even ease the tingles and itches you get . So No worries /stress and sing a happy song my answer to all ills xx Good luck Win xxxx
  24. Not much I can say what hasn't already been said Vicky xxx My Surgeon told me I must try and not stress after my bleed, so if you think getting it off chest will help or make you stress more ?? Do what you want to do and then move forward. I wish you all the best (This is where I normally say sing but you seem to have been through it) xxx regard Win xxxx
  25. I felt guilty as my family had been wonderful and saw me through not only SAH but then Ventriculitus followed by Sepsis and hydrocephalus. I was out a long while and once I had shunt fitted I awoke to know what happened to me. Dogs went potty hubby was so good and Daughter was marvellous xxx I felt for them and felt guilty for what they had been through. Once my Daughter held my arm and said" welcome back Mum" we both shed a tear or 2 dozen . I felt guilty but the stronger I got the more I was told get up as I couldn't walk but I am at the stage were I could do more. But I play on it lol You will get there and you will get stronger but it takes a time so pace yourself and be patient and thank goodness you made it to tell others your story. I sing badly but it helps me but not my family xxxx Welcome and good luck this is an amazing site it helped me no end xxxx To talk about how you feel and others can say how they were etc etc. xxxxxx
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