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  1. Hi NukeProf, I had mine in 2009 was out approx. just under a year I used to talk but remember nothing, after shunt was fitted to get rid of hydrocephalus I awoke and both me and Daughter had a good cry and we now laugh at the things I said when out of it. I was in hospital I am told and said to Daughter get my handbag Sarah and she told me "It isn't here Mum" I told her not to muck about but she told me I wasn't having any of it. I thought I was in a cafe we frequented instead of hospital bed ha ha xxx and lunchtime The OT's gave up on me but not Family was told in 2nd Hospital to put me in a home as I'd never be as was. My Hubby said "No we will take her home" I was lucky when they gave out hubbies Sounds like you have made a remarkable recovery I had SAH4 and was not as lucky as you ..After being told I'd never walk by my Brain injury team I can now walk when feeling fine 800 to 1000 yards but then back goes. Some days I ache so bad I don't walk at all but I can shower myself and have my dignity back. Thanks to Kings College and my Family and this site xxxx. Good luck on your remarkable recovery and we expect aches and twinges but we are survivors ..We are Special plus I cry easier now. xxxx
  2. Hi Teri, Just knowing you are not alone is a help in itself. On here we can tell our worries to others who understand . As for short term memory loss mine has got a bit better but I often say to hubs "Did I tell you this" and I get the look which = "Yes Win 4 times" ! But it gets better and when tired it is worse lol catch 22. Keep a smile handy for down days and I love to sing so poor hubs and Family and on here. (BTG) I have been known to feel a song coming on. My ears are echo and loud sea noises sometimes worse than others. Depends how many people are talking all at once lol xx shhhhh like waves !! Take care and look after you XXX Hope to hear from you soon Nice people on here xxxx All that the others have put also especially water xxx
  3. Hi Sallios, I was told I'd never walk again and the way they told me was abrupt like this "What makes you think you'll ever walk again" I looked at the BIT person = Brain injury Team. These people were supposed to help me !! In a way they did and I said to the man who said this to me " And what makes you think I wont?. Taken me 10 years to walk 1,000 yards to walk 1,000 yards but my aim is to do a full shop lol back still aches but I was out just under a year ...So Well done Sallios xxxx Some days I feel so tired I don't walk then I think of BIT man and it gets me up ..I also have lazy periods were I feel sad for myself but few and far between xxxx We have to keep at it xxxx She says thinking of bed !! lol
  4. Sarah you will make what you feel happy with xx Sometimes we wish they would tell us a lie. Mind you 95% is good odds, but only you can make decision. I'd be scared if it was me to be Honest with you. Your call and only you can decide but if you go ahead wishing you all the best. Good luck wish I was a fountain of knowledge as all on BTG helped me when I first came on here singing my troubles and fears away. Whatever feels right for you XX Good luck again XXXXX
  5. I have had Epilepsy since 14 nothing to do with my SAH but when in hospital they fitted EVD's and I got ventriculitis. None I remember but when told I was scared !! Just thought I'd add my tuppence worth ha xxx Good luck on getting mobile xxx
  6. Hi Winkie, We go through this and I realised what a good family I had 2 of my sisters sang to me, Hubby and Daughter took it in shifts. After my bleed I had 1 year of getting Ventriculitis UTI and then Sepsis..They say I spoke but never made much sense, still nothing changes xx When eating food in hospital I thought I was in a cafe with Daughter and silly things my brain only kept me in good times. You have had a bad time of it also so be of good heart sing and smile whenever possible, as my Brother when he knew I was going to be okay, he visited me and we sang all old time songs as we did as kids. Hope all is well for you now and hubby is getting better. Wishing you all the best and hope to see you in Green Room one day ..This site is a good place to give vent to feelings. xxxxxx
  7. Hello Sharon, I have epilepsy since I was 14 puberty, got to 63 was okay and seizures where getting less !! I passed out and had an SAH that was coiled nothing to do with epilepsy, Then I day 1 had a seizure like I have never had before it was stronger and my body ached. Saw Epilepsy specialist and he sent me for MRI and it showed 2 small bleeds I had and that they had healed themselves. I was so stressed out and thought it was the end for me ..I am a baby and panic set in. Do what you think is right for you as we must not stress but go ahead as I know I did ! My hubby was worried about me having a shunt put in so he asked surgeon and he said if it was my wife I'd have it done. So my husband went ahead or I did !! Glad I had it done as was in cuckooland ..But it is your head you will have to decide but wishing you all the best xxxx If you need to give vent or worried this is a good place as we have all been there in one way or another xxxx
  8. I was okay apart from walking and then everything tasted weird and smelled stinky. Could not have lenor/comfort on clothes and other items but appetite is okay!!! chocs and Costa coffee, water from tap is yuk !! While typing this I have a cake and a coffee...and expanding so if you see a blimp in the sky say hello to me. Good luck to all those who's brains are messing them about ...When my head itched I bathed it in warm salt water it was heaven lol for a while. Good luck to us All xxxx Singing and smiling helps also
  9. Hiya Von, Sorry to hear about feeling low, I was the same as they wrote me off the OT's. We take a while to get better and this is where this site comes handy. I came on here and saw others who could smile about what happened to them, and that in itself helps us realise we are not the only ones. 5 months after my SAH I wasn't even awake took nearly a year and a shunt to be put into my head to wake me up. Then I couldn't sit straight but the love of my Family and this site helped. I also found singing helped me. Ruined it for others though lol xx Short Term memory is awful but we are Survivors and as the months go by and we get better and better and more determined and when down we have each other to talk to xx Was told I'll never walk again ...Walked into Sainsburys cafe I'll do anything for a breakfast. Keep remembering you are a survivor some don't get this far, Good luck on recovery and Welcome to BTG xxxxx Win xxxx
  10. All what Michelle has put Ben and hope you feel a bit better soon ..Slowly does it and keep well watered/drink plenty of water xxx Scary stuff but when you can talk to others about good days and bad days it is getting it off chest .. I have come on here all doom and gloom and left smiling . Do not get too stressed as that is bad for us, so sing, do anything to keep yourself happy. Good luck on recovery and remember it is early days so listen to your body xxxx Take care of you !! Win
  11. Hi William I had an SAH 4 and was out for a while ..I went home as hospital said I'll never be the same ..I didn't even remember a thing about it !! I knew what was going on when I awoke in hospital after shunt for hydrocephalus was fitted ..This was in 2009 fast forward to 2010 as that's when I woke up for real. as scared the next step was death for me ..meanwhile my Daughter found this site. It was a Godsend for me as I saw people on here who laughed and joked so I knew there was a life after SAH/Bleed. Now fast forward to now I am deaf in right ear also and although I laugh it is getting to me Grrrr. Echo sounding in ear been to Audiologist and he put a tight earphone on my shunt and I told him it was hurting my shunt. He had never heard of SAH or knew nothing about shunts filled me with confidence Not !! Good luck and any problem shared does help us as I know once I woke up hubby wasn't as nice as he had been lol ..But he was there for me the time I was in Deep trouble with bleed.and other problems ...Welcome Survivor xxxx We are all Survivors good and bad days xxx Can walk 800 yards then back goes but after being told I'd never walk it is all a bonus xxx Speak Up lol
  12. Think we are all anxious as what we went through is so scary Irene ..We are / were the tough ones in our family. Then when it happens to us it is hard to take in. I get anxiety but it isn't good for us. Can control mine xx I sing lol My neighbour called ambulance as he couldn't breath and his mouth dried up. He thought it was another heart problem. I took him round a packet of peppermints and a bottle of water as he has anxiety attacks like my Daughter does....So my Daughter went to Docs and Doc listened to her heart and she said it is fine. Only you can stop the panic. I told him loads of people have it and it cheered him up. This was when she was 15 and she has now learnt to cope with them...hard to do though. She is in her 40's now my little baby ha ha Wishing you all the best and I've already wrote to you oops sorry Mods as I didn't see this until I replied to other post !!
  13. Hello Irene, It helps to know we are not alone so that is the first step. You need calm in life and happiness so Wins orders are for you not to listen to others troubles. Keep away from any stress situations all though life is full of stress... I sing to get out of stress related situations ..Upsets my family as a bad singer. Welcome to the site, its has helped me no end ...just to go in Green Room and pour out my worries and know people understand Good luck and welcome survivor xxxxxx (was cooking a curry when I had SAH/bleed ) It must be the food that causes it lol Keep Well Win xxxx
  14. Hiya Charming, Also a survivor of SAH 4 and I didn't remember being ill. I did see my Parents who wouldn't speak to me. Weird dreams and a load of gobble de gook I spoke ..bit like now ha xx BTG/this site got me smiling again and singing to some others dismay ha ha..I knew I wasn't alone in this once shunt was put in... Good luck Keep taking the water xxx You have done really well xx Win xx
  15. I get headaches after SAH and I can manage them but sometimes I give into the odd paracetamol ..Mainly in the mornings !! See Doc just to check all is okay, as you know it is the right thing to do lol xxx Get round the Docs and double check as I was on paracetamols for a while and a woman up hospital said "Are you still on them and I told her when head gets too bad. So they gave me a CT scan. Don't do what I did scare myself witless go see Doc xxx makes sense as we don't need worries xxxxx Good Luck xxx
  16. Irene I am on statins, 1 a day and since hospital put me on Keppra also I need milky drinks with my pills !! Not had numbness but go see Doc as he can put mind at ease. Nothing like knowing whats going on in body and none of us are medical !! Good luck and let us know how you get on xxxx ..Tell a lie I had a migraine and got numb but brightened up when I saw breakfast xxxx
  17. I seem to have a small nose bleed in mornings and a bad head but nothing that a paracetamol wont clear up but see a Doc always as none of us are medically trained. It will put your mind at ease. I put mine down to a heavy sleep...what with all the pills I take and thinners but go see Doc and ask the question it will put mind at ease. As it must be worrying you and we need a care free life when possible. Wish you good luck and get any worries and fears you have put to rest xxxx Allay all fears ..and get on with living a happy life xxxx Good luck at Docs xxxxx You know it makes sense xxx
  18. Hiya Perry, I was so scared after my SAH I knew nothing and was in cuckooland ...My Family were worried for me and I was talking to people but no one would talk to me !! I have that effect on some ha ) Perhaps it wasn't my time !! My Daughter found this site and it helped me to realise I am not the only one. I had shunt put in and came round to some sort of normality. Couldn't walk, short term memory loss and other members had the same and they laughed about it. So it helps to know we are not alone.!! We need happiness in our lives after what we have been through, so I sang a lot, Hubby wasn't to pleased as I sing off key !! OT's said I'd never be the same and to put me in a home ..I knew I didn't like them, I cried everytime they came near me ha !! We do get better but it is a long slow journey and cannot be rushed, but look back in a month or so and any worries come on here and give vent to feelings, That is what I did and it helps no end. My hydrocephalus was keeping me locked in my own world. Do not listen to others troubles and keep a smile at hand xxx Time to be a little selfish and keep yourself happy xxxx Good luck in recovery and all the best xxxx...... On here is "a letter from your brain" which will help you understand what your brain has been through A Letter From Your Brain - By Stephanie St. Claire ©1996 By Karen July 28, 2014
  19. Forgot ..A Lovely Photograph of you Karen xxxx See smile radiates from within xxxx
  20. Thanks for putting up with me in early days and you and your group of Mods & Family, have put up with my mess ups and singing in the middle of posts ...Ha Ha what a pain I am lol . Glad you got this site up and running Karen as it is a life saver ..planning funeral to getting my moJo back and being the pest I have always been. Love all my BTG Family lots and see God sent you to us as he needed you to help us XXXXX Love you Karen and thanks for everything xxxxx..Want a song j/k xxxxxxxxx
  21. We , well I was so scared when Family told me what happened, and I thought this is it, the end of me. I came on here and people were laughing and joking about the funny things they did when unwell ie early days This site gave me my laughter back, and they have been there so know what we are all talking about ie little worries etc etc . You take care and get that smile back or I'll sing an old pub song to you!! Trust me no one wants that xxxx
  22. Hi Sheilau I was cooking tea and hubby came home early with some wine, I thought this might cheer me up as had been feeling rough all day. Never had a drop and passed out...I was told I was in Kings College in London and after 4/6 months went to another hospital nearer home. I came home from there as they wanted me put in a home as I'd never be me again and to say goodbye to the Mum/Wife I once was (OT's!!) I called them witches and cried when they came near me dont ask me why as I have no memory of that time. I awoke up after Kings said I needed a shunt put in as I had hydrocephalus and had one fitted. My dogs went potty I gave my Daughter a big hug when she said "welcome back Mum" I am so pleased to be alive and in the land of the living ...my walking is not that good but was told I'd never walk again. Good Luck on your recovery and remember we are Survivors xxxxx Welcome to BTG xxxx Had my coils in since 2009 xx
  23. Hi Yun I never had clipping either but had drill holes in head, when I awoke my head felt creepy crawly and itched so I remember me and Daughter pouring warm salt water over my head, most which trickled down back ha ! Sounds daft but wanted to keep scalp clean where I had shunt put in. Don't know if you can wash hair after clipping as like Daffs was coiled. Wishing you all the best and it helped the creepy crawley feeling !! Keep well and hope you get better soon xx
  24. Hi Kat, I awoke after nearly a year in cuckooland, and this site helped my Daughter when I was in hospital. I came on here after a shunt fitted for Hydrocephalus, I came out of my cuckoo land state. You do get better but it is a long Journey. Keep spirits high and no worrying . Easier said than done but to have people who have been through this and more definitely helps. Good luck on recovery, think happy thoughts when possible and believe in yourself as we are all survivors !! Now Wins orders get going and keep a smile at hand if possible xxxx Good luck on recovery
  25. Hi Diane, We have a green room on here just type message and peoples answer you. I found this site via my Daughter after having an SAH and I feel so lucky to be alive.!!! Poor family went through it. Keep typing as a problem shared is one halved and what helped me was knowing I wasn't alone in this...I was a bit whacky when I woke up as I sing a lot and it keeps me happy..Someone could be typing about how ill they had been and I'd break into song. I blame the SAH lol. People were a help on here and to know you are not alone in this helps us. Good luck on recovery and keep a spare smile at hand for those down days xxx All the Best xxxxx and get your Mojo back xxxx
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