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  1. Winb143

    Feeling scared

    My surgeon told me not to stress and the only way I found not to was sing, but it stressed all around me out as I was sooo flat lol Keep thinking happy thoughts if possible, and try not to worry but I do not practise what I preach lol Be well and hope all goes well xxxxx
  2. Winb143


    I get giddy when I wake up, and I cannot jump out of bed as before I have to sit there and wait !! and only then do I get up and dash to loo !! So try sitting before you move I have noticed picking things up off floor = bad move and move slower but still see Doc xx Put your mind at ease. Hope all goes well xxxx You also Jess xxxx
  3. Hi Ruth, Never give in, I had an SAH4 and was told I'd never walk again and the PT's advised my hubby to put me in a home, which hubby said no to them !!! Pulls a face at said Physios lol I never did like them lol !! Cannot remember them to be honest I can walk 300 to 400 yards on a good day but on down days I do nothing !! Apart from have a sleep !! but the only physio they gave me was hitting a balloon none of this I remember as had hydrocephalus, had a shunt put in and awoke and hubby told me what happened as I never knew. I am so glad I awoke and am able to tell my baby who is 40 plus lol how much I love her in between rows. I found this site and realised there is a life after a bleed. Well my Daughter did and I saw women who could smile again and then another and this is when life doesn't stop after a bleed. Wishing you all the best and my answer to all ills is sing and smile as much as you can xxxx Good luck Win alias Winb143 xxxxx
  4. Hi Jimble, My epilepsy started at 14 puberty years I hoped against hope that they'd one day slow down. Just got my AED drugs to slow epilepsy down at the age of mid 55's and 9 years approx later I had a SAH and back they came with a vengeance !! I had another seizure, so told my Epilepsy Specialist about it and told him "It was like one I have never had before" He decided to put me on more Keppra which I couldn't take, so he tried me on another AED and been on it since Feb 2018 and not had a seizure since then and not even had the shakes ..Touch wood". Had another small bleed that caused the bad seizure. Good luck on getting drugs sorted out, Wishing you all the best with getting them sorted Regards WinB143 alas Win Remember I had them from 14 not when I had SAH, hopefully yours will go who can say xxxx
  5. Try and see Doc and tell him as it is more than likely nothing but to put your mind at rest tell Doc. Nothing like peace of mind when we are getting better xxx It is only 6 weeks but we need to be happy and not worry about things . Let us know how you get on xxx
  6. Hi Chris I was out for and age so all I know it was SAH4 an after they put shunt in I saw my daughter, Hubby looking sad and run to them and woke up. Still can only walk approx. 350 yards but considering was told "what makes you think you will walk again " was a red rag to a bull !! So I am standing longer walking more and it is a slow journey we are on. Good luck and keep on going xxxx
  7. Winb143

    My wife 2 year scan

    Best to keep an eye on it as recently I had a bad seizure, had them since 14 and now an old dear. This one was different from any like I've had it was a rough one, so went and saw my Specialist in epilepsy and he said "have a scan to be safe" So had a scan and it showed 2 small bleeds that had healed themselves and shut off by blood, the Doc said they were Chronic, I was at my wits end. Which isn't that far ha. Looked up chronic bleeds and it said acute is worse than chronic phew but I was so scared. and before that time I was telling everyone No Stress bad for us" I didn't practise what I preached and went into panic mode big time xx So keep wife happy and they will look at it again and keep an eye on it (No Stress nooo stress all you want) xx A few on here have ones that they keep an eye on and I'm one now lol Good luck to wife and keep her happy xxx
  8. Winb143

    Out of the Blue

    Hi Blueberry, See Doc and see if he knows what it can be and apart from keep drinking water I am no help but I hope they go. I worried about every pain I had and made myself a nervous wreck until my Daughter told me about this site and to know we are not alone is a great help xxxx Good luck and keep well xxxx
  9. Hi Bev, A man who worked with us, well his granddaughter was treated like you was they sent her home with headache relief pills She was only 14 and they never scanned her and she died of bleed on brain. Was so upsetting for All of them. Then Her Dad became a 1st responder. He was my 1st responder, My Daughter says I never made much sense when in cuckoo land but to be honest I never have xxxx ha Never worry and see Doc if worried about anything, I was so scared and my surgeon told me stress is bad for us. Keep going forward and when on a downer I find singing happy songs helps, shame my family do not agree lol Good Luck xxxx
  10. Winb143


    Hello Angela, Welcome to BTG, my Daughter found this site and it has been brilliant for me, just to know there are others here who have been through the same and can laugh about it. My Family were so good and patient with me and my sisters sung to me, had no option but to listen lol shhh !! As I had hydrocephalus and remembered nothing until they put a shunt in to drain spinal fluid off brain. I had coils put in also, I was told "No Stress" so I sing and upset Hubs and Daughter. It takes a time to get over a bleed so slowly does it and I also repeat myself and have to ask hubby "Did I ask you this Al" short term memory is sooo bad but it is getting better. I do believe singing helps me, shame I am tone deaf ha ha xx Good luck on recovery and remember it is a long Journey we are on but we are Survivors xxxx Love Win xxxx
  11. Winb143


    Hi Lorna, Welcome to BTG, early days for you yet Lorna but we will get there slow but sure as we cannot rush our brain while it is healing. This site is good as we all know we aren't alone in our struggle to get back to where we were. I was so afraid, and my Daughter found this site it helped her and when I awoke it has helped me, we can talk about what happened to us and know that others understand as they have been through the same. So welcome and good luck to you xx my first outing was to a Café for coffee and cake and in those days I couldn't hold a spoon and hubby had to tip coffee into carboard cup as I was so weak.. Keep progressing some days 1 step forward and 2 back but it does get better. Look I can smile now and also turn on the tears when I want lol xxxxx Good luck on recovery and hope you get your mojo back, remember time heals xxxx Win xxxxx
  12. Hiya John, I was 9 years SAH/Shunt in 2018 as I had mine in 2009 is that correct? as maths have taken a nose dive I blame my shunt but it woke me up xxx What I put my Family through makes me feel guilty. Well a little lol, but now they are treating me as normal so they know I am getting there !! Darn my acting needs a brush up. Good to see names I remember, must be getting my short term memory back ha ha xx Well done John and keep in there XX
  13. Winb143

    Comeback - Bill

    Bill, I had a really funny Mum who told me all the silly sayings and she always put my life into perspective. When she was on a Downer and she tried to gas herself once, I learnt this when I was old enough to understand it. She sent us kids out with my older Sister and this is how she and Sister told it. MUM " I was on a downer and your Father had played me up so I sent Sylvia out with you kids got a pillow and got comfy in the gas oven and then the bleeping gas meter run out of money ".. Meanwhile my Sister took us to an Aunt who came to our house as she knew Mum was really down. Mum said to Aunt "you know me Eileen I always mess it up" So as Mum would say head up shoulders back and remember you are better than anyone else. And life is just a bowl of cherries but she got all the pips xx xx I am so glad she never done it as I wouldn't have had so many happy times with her xxxx Hope you will remain happy and after what went through we are entitled to have off days and just think we made it xxx Lots do not xxxxx Keep happy Bill xxxx And remember a Happy song a day keeps the blues away xxxx And a chat on BTG xxxx
  14. Winb143

    New Member: Rook

    That's the Spirit Rook, others may give up on Mum but while she has family she will get there. She needs you more than ever now, when others give up on us, our Family are a Godsend xxxx Keep her active as much as you can, perhaps getting out the pair of you for a coffee. I love going out ha ha !! We need our family more than ever, as when people give up on us it is so wrong !! Human spirit is there and Love of our Family helps so much. It must be hard work, when I first went out I couldn't sit up properly kept falling sideways so had a big chair and my hubby asked for paper cup for me. ha poor man!! but I have just got out of shower on my own and washed myself and so on. Good luck to you and Mum xxxxx See we can get better with a bit of help xxxx Never give up on Mum xxxxx All the best and laugh when you can xxx
  15. Winb143

    Ten Years Today

    Hi Colleen belated happy Anniversary xx and many more. My Daughter has panic attacks, she went to the Doc and she said you are in good health ie heart lungs etc are fine !! Daughter skipped out of surgery. She has the odd one or two when she puts herself under pressure. We talk about it when she needs to. They are not nice things and scary but try having water and mints for dry mouth days and remember "it to shall pass" vicious circle they are you panic and work self up then you feel you are losing control. Been there come out other side. I do not get them anymore apart from one in 9 years. (Due to worry about SAH) (Touch wood and whistle ) Keep Well xxxx
  16. Winb143


    When you feel stressed out, try and relax hard but think happy thoughts and times. I laugh to myself !! God knows what hubby thinks lol xx We will make it with a little help from our friendsssss song there xxxx
  17. Winb143


    You will get there Shona and we all need to give vent to our worries and this is the place. Wishing you well and others will reply, so good luck in your recovery baby steps at first xxxxx You take care of you and try not to stress or worry … I sing when down but only happy ones xxx
  18. Winb143


    Hi JoJo, Sounds like you had a lucky escape !! A lot of us have said they discharge us and we have to get on with our lives which is hard to do. This is where we need sites like BTG and it does help xx I was told no stress well to be honest life is full of stress, so I try and think happy thoughts and sing a lot, my poor Family !! I have short term memory loss and my hubby gets fed up saying " told you that Win" ha ha Good luck and rest when you feel you need it, or take longer breaks. Welcome to BTG xxxx
  19. Winb143


    Hello Shona, I had an SAH4 and followed by Ventriculitis, UTI, and then Sepsis, this was in 2009 and I remember none of it. I was coiled . This site is not able to give medical advice as we are not Doctors, we have just gone through a similar experience and for me it was scary until I found this site. We are not alone in this, after I had my shunt fitted for hydrocephalus, it was like a light going on and I saw my Family and dogs xxx Welcome to BTG and remember a trouble shared is a trouble halved. I was told I would never walk again but approx. 350 yards and on a good day 400 so keep in there and remember we are survivors xxx Good luck and Welcome to BTG ..Slowly but surely I have made huge leaps for me but it is a slow process so never give up xxxx
  20. Singing happy songs also Charlie no forgetting that ha ha. Cannot sing them on here as my Dad sung pub songs which always had a cuss word in it. Be kind to you xxx Good luck have a good Sunday xxxx
  21. Winb143

    2 years today

    Hello Pat, Welcome to BTG and it is so good to be a survivor xx Some days we don't feel like it but we made it, where some others never xx Morbid bit over with, now keep smiling and always sing or think happy thoughts they really help on down days xx Never listen to others worries and keep stress free when possible and most of all welcome to this site it is a God send xxx I used to plan my funeral but now I feel so lucky xxx This place is good when you are down others understand and some laugh and I have my smile back thanks to this site xxxx All the people on it also xxxxx Good luck xxxx
  22. Winb143

    Amyloid angiopathy

    Some Docs do that nowdays Clare, my one for instance lol xx I have to book 2 appointments if I want to discuss something else ! I go in there give him my notes they float to the floor, but I have to make notes or I'll forget. Ahh well !! Such is life ...and good luck Vicky at Docs xxxx Don't forget notes xxxx
  23. Winb143

    Amyloid angiopathy

    Hi Vicky, Welcome to BTG and it is a good place to air your worries xx Scary I know as I had SAH in 2009 and then a real bad seizure in February this year and was told I had 2 chronic bleeds, well I went and done the rounds ..This was me "Chronic bleeds and he says nothing to worry about" got to look it up and it said Acute is worse than Chronic ! but scared me (Which isn't hard to do) As Super said "Do you have a nurses number you can ring who liase with Surgeon? We did and my husband was always ringing him in early days, so I am told. Try to ring someone at hospital and ask for advice and what to do to help yourself ….Wishing you all the best xxx Stress I was told was bad for me also xxxx
  24. Hi Charlie what all have put I agree with. I was in cuckoo land at your stage with hydrocephalus and couldn't stay awake, when I had shunt put in to syphon water off brain. I woke up Dogs happy to see me and what my Family had been through must have been awful !! Then I started to worry about a pain in my head and the creepy crawly feeling on my head etc etc. I told my Family not to row in front of me or tell me their troubles as I couldn't take sad, doom n gloom stories. I can now but not telling them this yet lol. Playing on it ha ha I came on here thinking" uh oh next step is me popping my clogs, wait that girl GG can laugh about it and so can that girl Sami and all on here" All seemed happy and that is when I realised there is a life after a bleed and life goes on be it all at a slower pace and here I got my smile back. xx So keep stress free when possible and sing happy songs and before you sleep and wake up happy when possible, as to be honest I awake some mornings a right moaner. Hush don't let the others know ha ha xxx Good luck on recovery XXXX Remember as Sami put it Pit stops !! xxxx
  25. I found Jill Bolte Taylors book good and at the same time she bought humour into it. My Stroke of insight is about Jill who had a stroke and I saw her on Oprah's show and she could laugh about it. Like one day we will. It gave me hope as here is a woman and she cannot remember her Mum G G and her Mum cuddled her as it was all she could do and Jill says "So this is a G G, I like G G's" (my words)