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  1. Winb143

    12 Hour shifts

    Joe, Are your bosses helpful if so have an extra 1/2 hour at lunchtime and try to dose off at desk and like wise tea breaks. I need a sleep in the day or doze off in chair but I am not working. I admire all that get back into the swing so quickly. I go shopping and come back shattered ..So whatever happens I wish you all the best. Good luck and tell Bosses perhaps a camp bed for 1/2 hours kip or whatever. Keep Well and let us know how you get on xxxxx
  2. Hi Cassandra and Neil, In 2009 I passed out while cooking my hubby a curry luckily he came home early as all that day I felt tired and he bought me in a nice bottle of wine and I just fell to floor SAH4, was rushed to hospital operated on. Just getting better then ventriculitis sets in and then after that Sepsis rears it's ugly head, my Daughter asked her Dad "Will Mum get better Dad" he said yes but who knows when !! I put them through the mill not my fault and I had hydrocephalus which kept me in cuckoo land. A year later I had a shunt put in and I was told I woke up singing to a nurse. Meanwhile my daughter found this site and I saw people who could laugh about what happened to them. This site got my laughter back for me xx Cassandra I know you cannot eat too well but please eat . I swear my extra weight helped me get over this. Now on a diet !! Try puree foods but to get better you must eat as our body needs it for when we feel rough. Wishing you good luck and please let us know how things are going. You will find this site a great help when on a downer or when you have a good day, It has helped me so much xxxx Keep chin up and I'll keep my 2 up xxx We are not the only ones and that in itself makes me feel better. I played the OT's up when in cuckooland and they said to my husband "We think she should go into a home " I could be an old Dear sitting in a home with hydrocephalus. Good job my husband said "we will take her home with us" I knew they had it in for me lol xxxx Keep well and get better xx Order from Win xxxx wink Love Win xxxxxx
  3. Mama2 I had them at puberty so not caused by SAH but had some real bad ones when I had SAH saw my Doctor who deals with my Epilepsy and told him I had such a strong one so much different to the usual ones, and they are bad enough !! Had MRI and had a small bleed but it healed itself up ... Not nice and scare the life out of me and I have had them since 14 puberty now an old dear still scare me so I lay in recovery position and am out for about 2 minutes but the one after SAH was different from any I've experienced before and it was so scary ...Be of good cheer as a lot of people have them after SAH scary for the person having them and the onlooker xxxx . You'd think after what we've been through we would have a break. I wish you well and try and remain calm as I never can xxx lol Medicine changed and all is well last shakes I got was in 2018 Feb so been a year without shakes ..touches wood and whistles Regards Win xxxxx
  4. Winb143

    1year post sah

    Do not take others worries on as stress can be harmful and I used to bath my head in warm salt water, as my Mum swore by salt water. It cannot do any harm and perhaps even ease the tingles and itches you get . So No worries /stress and sing a happy song my answer to all ills xx Good luck Win xxxx
  5. Not much I can say what hasn't already been said Vicky xxx My Surgeon told me I must try and not stress after my bleed, so if you think getting it off chest will help or make you stress more ?? Do what you want to do and then move forward. I wish you all the best (This is where I normally say sing but you seem to have been through it) xxx regard Win xxxx
  6. Winb143


    I felt guilty as my family had been wonderful and saw me through not only SAH but then Ventriculitus followed by Sepsis and hydrocephalus. I was out a long while and once I had shunt fitted I awoke to know what happened to me. Dogs went potty hubby was so good and Daughter was marvellous xxx I felt for them and felt guilty for what they had been through. Once my Daughter held my arm and said" welcome back Mum" we both shed a tear or 2 dozen . I felt guilty but the stronger I got the more I was told get up as I couldn't walk but I am at the stage were I could do more. But I play on it lol You will get there and you will get stronger but it takes a time so pace yourself and be patient and thank goodness you made it to tell others your story. I sing badly but it helps me but not my family xxxx Welcome and good luck this is an amazing site it helped me no end xxxx To talk about how you feel and others can say how they were etc etc. xxxxxx
  7. I suffer from being a lover of food lol so I am opposite but still had one ..guess theses nasty things do not recognise my love of food or your bulimia. They take no prisoners they attack our head and Grrrr lol I was told "Ahh you drink, ahh you smoke and ahh you are overweight" I tried to blame my hubby so I was told lol now I just blame my SAH for everything lol ... My reply to them he drinks all the wine and they were not impressed !! Today I do not drink or smoke and the phrase horse and bolt stable door always comes to mind. Good luck Jennifer xx Keep looking forward xxxxx Welcome to Behind the gray
  8. Winb143

    Did a stupid thing

    Vicky when I first came on here I thought "Well Win this is the end" I was very depressed but I kept singing and thinking happy thoughts and before I knew it, I was laughing and being a right pest on here !! I got my smile /Mojo back !! I realised this wasn't the end but the new me and I liked me lol. Saw all my get well cards and realised I was loved. I had to get better for those who stood bye me in times of need and sung with me xxx After a year of singing I cut it down as I realised I was driving loved ones mad let alone my Pals on BTG lol xxxx It is a long journey but we are here and anytime you feel down type away this site is so good to talk out worries and little things that niggle you. One woman got the hump as I was too happy for her !! Life is tough when around me lol xxx Be happy and always when down try and think of a nice time be it years ago or recent and smile xxxx But it will come xxxx Be Well V xxxxx Have you been in Green room yet Vicky? general chit chat xxxxx
  9. Winb143

    Did a stupid thing

    I awake with a heavy head so take a paracetamol .... it seems to help but always see Doc !! Good luck Vicky Win xxxx
  10. Trust me Jean you'd need earplugs like Julian needed lol Think I sound good, then hubs says give it a rest Win ha ha that is when I realise the zzzz and buzzing I get stops me from hearing myself lol xxxx Better go to Docs about hearing xxxx Be well Swishy Jean XXXX
  11. Makes note never get around children and foil hooty tooties /blowouts :~ Julians advice. Bet the kids loved them but poor you..Still it could have been worse I could have sung a song lol. Good to hear from you Julian and apart from the blow outs all is well with you xx hasn't that year passed quickly !!! Keep them coming and letting us know how life is treating you after what You/We went through xxxx Good to hear from you again xxxx Keep em coming xxxxxx
  12. I get it in corner of my eye, I lay down dark room shut eyes and after 20 mins it goes a paracetamol helps me xxx form of migraine but see Doc and double check xxxx Do not know as still on Keppra xxxx Good luck Win xxxx
  13. Winb143

    Fatigue in my legs

    Agrees with Karen, Joe, Put your mind at ease and less stress if you see Doc and he can sort you out. Don't delay off you go and hope it will be okay but at least it is one less thing to worry about Good luck and let us know how you get on xxxxx
  14. Winb143


    Daffs had to have hers altered Penny when she reads it I am sure she will reply (daffodil but I shorten names) lol xxxx
  15. Winb143

    Clive - Four and a bit years on...

    I do not sing ..well not a lot lol !! It keeps me happy trouble is they are old pub songs my Dad taught me and they cannot be sung on here lol Super you made me laugh xxxx I got a new phone and I couldn't remember No. so they took it away !! Sim card that is. Was going to send them a nasty letter but thought better of it Clive. Hope head feels better. It is so good to know we aren't the only ones this site made me find my smile again XX Apart from moaning at a lovely hubs I have xx Keep going strong Clive and do not listen to others problems, selfish I know but when it first happened I wanted happiness all around me xx Good luck Win xxxx
  16. Winb143


    Touch wood not yet Penny apart from the lumps and tubes yuk lol. But without it I'd be lost as was in cuckooland for an age!! I have a permanent one and it woke me up and I sung to a nurse ?? Go figure lol There are a few on here who have had it adjusted.. They will pick this up and answer you..Good luck and keep a smile at hand xxxx
  17. Win <~~~ Is a she lol xxxxx
  18. Trish, I go to bed sometimes in afternoon as so tired. Went shopping today and plum tuckered out as they say in Cowboy movies ha ha x Takes a few years to get over what happened but each year look back and surprise yourself. I was told I would never walk again up to 400 yards plus before I go bliming backs aching. Keep happy and sing songs when up to it is my answer to all what ails us. Good luck on recovery xxxx Hope to see you in Green room when you feel a bit better and not so tired xx just general chit chat xxx but make sure you get rest when body tells you to xxxx Take care xxxxx
  19. My short term memory Trish is sooo bad hubby goes.."Yes Win you told me 4 times" So I make a sarcastic remark back at him. I say "well I know what your memory is like " and he huffs at me lol If I rush to loo in middle of night I get the giddy's so sit there for a while then skidaddle off to loo ...Too much info for you lol xx For 3/4 years I got itchy head and felt like I had creepy crawlies, so bathed head in warm salt water to keep scalp clean !! My own idea as my Mum when alive swore by salt water bathing (She just swore really Lol) xxxx Hope you feel better Trish and all goes well xxxx I sing it seems to help me shame for my family though xxxx
  20. Winb143

    One year today

    Hi Angela, I have had epilepsy since 14 puberty so I thought okay God wont let anything else happen to me !! Wrong in 2009 I had an SAH4 and I never knew anything until I woke up after shunt had been put in to stop hydrocephalus...apart from walking I was doing okay then 1 day I had a really bad seizure not the normal ones I have. Saw my Epilepsy specialist, he said we will give you an MRI so I had it and he wrote to me saying 2 chronic bleeds but nothing to worry about. Well putting it mildly I was sooo scared ..this was me "A chronic bleed and nothing to worry about oh my and a few tears" what will I do couldn't talk about it. I wanted to just be sorry for myself ...looked up chronic bleed and it said not as bad as acute, I was so scared through that time I wanted to feel sad for myself. Got over that bit and now getting on with life and I am long winded but wishing you all the best as they have spotted it and will keep an eye on it and I will not tell you not to worry but stress doesn't help us so I sing happy songs when on a downer, so I hope all turns out okay for you and all will be okay. Let us know how you are xxxxx Win who was one scared old dear lol xxxx
  21. Winb143

    Feeling scared

    My surgeon told me not to stress and the only way I found not to was sing, but it stressed all around me out as I was sooo flat lol Keep thinking happy thoughts if possible, and try not to worry but I do not practise what I preach lol Be well and hope all goes well xxxxx
  22. Winb143


    I get giddy when I wake up, and I cannot jump out of bed as before I have to sit there and wait !! and only then do I get up and dash to loo !! So try sitting before you move I have noticed picking things up off floor = bad move and move slower but still see Doc xx Put your mind at ease. Hope all goes well xxxx You also Jess xxxx
  23. Hi Ruth, Never give in, I had an SAH4 and was told I'd never walk again and the PT's advised my hubby to put me in a home, which hubby said no to them !!! Pulls a face at said Physios lol I never did like them lol !! Cannot remember them to be honest I can walk 300 to 400 yards on a good day but on down days I do nothing !! Apart from have a sleep !! but the only physio they gave me was hitting a balloon none of this I remember as had hydrocephalus, had a shunt put in and awoke and hubby told me what happened as I never knew. I am so glad I awoke and am able to tell my baby who is 40 plus lol how much I love her in between rows. I found this site and realised there is a life after a bleed. Well my Daughter did and I saw women who could smile again and then another and this is when life doesn't stop after a bleed. Wishing you all the best and my answer to all ills is sing and smile as much as you can xxxx Good luck Win alias Winb143 xxxxx
  24. Hi Jimble, My epilepsy started at 14 puberty years I hoped against hope that they'd one day slow down. Just got my AED drugs to slow epilepsy down at the age of mid 55's and 9 years approx later I had a SAH and back they came with a vengeance !! I had another seizure, so told my Epilepsy Specialist about it and told him "It was like one I have never had before" He decided to put me on more Keppra which I couldn't take, so he tried me on another AED and been on it since Feb 2018 and not had a seizure since then and not even had the shakes ..Touch wood". Had another small bleed that caused the bad seizure. Good luck on getting drugs sorted out, Wishing you all the best with getting them sorted Regards WinB143 alas Win Remember I had them from 14 not when I had SAH, hopefully yours will go who can say xxxx
  25. Try and see Doc and tell him as it is more than likely nothing but to put your mind at rest tell Doc. Nothing like peace of mind when we are getting better xxx It is only 6 weeks but we need to be happy and not worry about things . Let us know how you get on xxx