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  1. Hi Patc, yes I did wonder that too, so have been sleeping with an extra pillow, which seems to have helped a bit. I've been given a neurology appointment for next week, which will give me a chance to chat things over. Seems really strange to have such a rubbish head again, when I had been so good last year! 🤔 I guess our brains are just a bit sensitive and are more easily irritated. Dr has signed me off for 2 weeks, so hopefully things will settle down soon.
  2. Really interesting and reassuring to read these posts! I'm over 5 years post NASAH and 2019 had been my best year by far. However, the last 4 weeks haven't been good, think my head has been irritated by a virus of some kind and I'm back to these weird sensations at night. For me I feel as though I'm pulled out of my sleep and my head does the weird wave washing through it sensation, which is very unnerving. I had such a good spell of feeling like my old self and feeling fairly devastated that I'm back to having an irritated brain again! 😳
  3. Krislwal, yes it really does help when someone can relate. I absolutely hate wearing glasses too and am considering lasik but worried this might make my eyes more dry. Good luck to you too!?
  4. I'm 3 and a half years post haemorrhage and have had exactly the same with my eyes. I initially had a real issue with light sensitivity and didn't even attempt to wear lenses for a long time due to headaches etc. Still having problems and now only wear very occasionally if it's a special occasion. Unfortunately I usually suffer for a few days after and eyes really uncomfirtable. My opticians have advised my eyes are quite dry now, so have recently started using an eye wash with the wee eye bath and that has definitely helped make my eyes more comfortable. I'm still
  5. Hi Margaret, I will also be 3 years in November and feel exactly the same as you. Never feel 100%, head is always a bit off at best and stress, worry or doing too much has a major effect on my rather fragile brain. Tried an exercise DVD on Thursday morning and head's been sore since! It's so frustrating and gets me down as it's so difficult to plan anything as I never know how I'm going to feel from one day to the next. I'm back to work 24 hours over 3 days but it takes its toll and I usually spend the weekend trying to chill so I'm fit for work again the following week.
  6. Hi, I am 21 months post NASH and still struggling with many of the issues you have too Trace. I can actually feel my brain all the time and it takes so little for it to become irritated. It almost feels like it doesn't quite belong to me, as if it's incompatible with the rest of me! I keep looking for a pattern to feeling rubbish and it seems that stress and worry of any kind (especially work related) seem to have a fairly devastating effect on my poor frazzled brain. I am up to 21 hours working over 3 days, but I am finding this very hard and need to have a snooze when I get h
  7. Hi, everyone. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm still waiting for hospital appointment, my GP is chasing it up. However, I have had a good couple of weeks and definitely feeling better. I'm going back to work mid October on a phased return, and feeling pretty positive about it. Still get really tired but head's not been as sore. My GP prescribed beta blockers which really seem to have helped. Thanks again for all your responses, they've really helped.
  8. Thanks Jane and Carolyn for your kind words. Definitely feeling better today, so hopefully entering an improved phase. ! Thanks to everyone for replying, your support and advice is very much appreciated. Gillian xx
  9. Thanks Skippy. Been drinking lots of water and taking it really easy. I am waiting for a neurology appointment, which hopefully won't be too long. I know I need to take things much slower than before but I was the queen of multitasking, so this new me is taking a bit of getting used to!
  10. Hi folks, wee bit more info as requested. My bleed was a sudden explosion (best way I can describe it) at the base of my skull, the pain slowly travelled from there to my forehead within about half an hour. Stupidly I did nothing about it and eventually went to Dr six days later as realised headache wasn't shifting. Sent for CT scan which was negative, so had lumbar puncture which confirmed bleed. Transferred to high dependency for five days then on ward for five days. Also had CT Angio and an Angiogram both negative and was advised it was a non aneurysmal bleed which had stopped itself. W
  11. Thanks Clare. Yes I have good support from family and friends. This last bad spell has really hit me quite hard, probably because it's made me realise that it may always be like this and sometimes it just feels like there's no escape from the after effects of this bleed. It's the not knowing that I'm finding hard and I don't really know what to do with myself to make things better. My GP has referred me back to neurology, so just waiting on an appointment. I know I am very lucky to be here and this forum has really helped.
  12. Hi, I had my bleed on 6th November last year. Went back to work in May but I've been signed off again as found it was just too much for me to cope with; noise, concentrating, lights, thinking etc. Have been very up and down (mostly down) since November but have had the odd day where I've felt quite good. My question is really whether or not my head will ever feel back to normal? Currently had a rubbish two weeks and I'm so fed up of feeling unwell! Still suffering from headaches and feelings of pressure ( bit like someone's got my head in a vice grip) amongst other things such as ongoi
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