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  1. Thank you so much Jess, Kempse and Macca for being there and for your support and advice. I'm so tired I just can't think but it helps when other people like you come up with new ideas or confirm ideas of mine which I have doubted, so thanks again. My daughter is away, I can do nothing, everyone here is afraid of judges, won't say boo to a goose, my head hurts, I miss her, I just feel so tired. You know what it's like when one thing goes belly up ... so does everything else and for the last five years I'd say, life has been an dreadful uphill struggle with no light at the end of th
  2. Hi all, Some of you might recall that one year after my NASAH (7 weeks in hospital from 2 June 2015) I had to flee my home with my daughter (she was nearly 6 at the time) following ongoing and finally very frightening domestic violence against us both. We were homeless and penniless and travelling in a car without brakes but at least we were free of the violence and threats. After my return from hospital I felt progressively that my husband was trying to drive me towards a second stroke with the pressure and fear he made us live in. What has happened since defies all lo
  3. And a p.s. on recovery ... I still have (NASAH June 2015) exhaustion, hypoparesie on the left side, occasional head aches zero appetite, moments of deep depression, insomnia unless I take tranquillisers with sleeping pills which I still do.
  4. Hi all, Just wanted to add a word of precaution on the subject of MRIs and other scans. If you have the Injected Contrast Product with your scan/MRI make sure you discuss beforehand and check or allergies etc. Any weird or gritty or major burny painful or suffocating feelings following injections of contrast products, ring the emergency bell ! I had no problem with brain scans and MRIs during the 8 weeks I was in hosp but six months later during a routine heart MRI (my heart and lungs got a bashing during the NASAH), I almost pegged it, yes, really due to a grade 2 alle
  5. Thank you so much. We'd have been better and safer if we'd been able to return to the UK but my ex husband had our passports stolen. It is a nightmare trying to do anything here without ID. New ones can't be issued without paternal cooperation. I'm just trying to find and get furniture in here for my daughter's room and then put it together and thereafter, once we are settled, I will feel safer going back to the hospital for I feel the time has come for tests. It's risky as "he" could grab her back if I am unable to look after her and I am so afraid (and so is she) of
  6. THank you, I am very touched. I will go back to the hospital where I was treated and see if they can at least do a scan or prescribe some blood tests.
  7. You're so wonderfully empathetic and full of good advice, I knew this was the right address! Thank you so much. I've taken painkillers and anxiolytics and sleeping tabs and am feeling a bit better today, head aches much diminished,will go to the Internal Médicine guy when I can though to check out the leg symptoms (it's a step up from the loss offeeling on left side after the bleed). We are trying to get help on all fronts. I just need to protect my daughter and find a place, physical or otherwise, that we can both feel safe and rest in. Will keep you posted. Hugs, Sammy Anne
  8. Hi All, It's been a while since I visited your site. A lot has happened. I had to flee my home in July with my six year daughter due to DV problems and begin divorce proceedings. We spent two months in a Thelma and Louise type situation, driving around with our vital belongings in supermarket bags in the car, I can't say it better than that, homeless, relying on acquaintances for shelter not knowing from one day to the next if we would be safe. Cutting a long story short, I managed to rent a flat for the two of us (no small feat given that French landlords don't usually
  9. Thanks Tina. I think I have to do an allergy test on MRI injected contrast products to avoid this happening again. If they do an LP tomorrow it will be number six or seven. Several previous have ended in the nightmare scenarios with needle in back vainly tugged in different directions to identify the CSF test area several missed attempts and me threatening to Xmas the teapot on their heads if they get it wrong even just once more!!! Daff, thanks too for understanding where I am coming from as far as my little chick is concerned. It is very expensive in France to consult a pedopsychiatre or
  10. Well done Frank you turned it around. You did the best for you. Remember two things actually three for your new job 1) don't take passengers unless you are very sure if them 2) make sure you carry lots of drinking water in the"cockpit" 3) do make sure you rest up and don't let yourself get bullied into doing hours that tire you out or too long distances. You can put your wife in the passenger seat for some of the time if you'd both like some company. I wish I had your courage to change jobs. It is difficult in France to be independent o
  11. Hi all. Am back in hospital in internal medicine this time to investigate the cause of my stroke and to see if there is an underlying autoimmune disease. This morning I had an MRI of the heart. Half way through they injected a contrast product. Twenty minutes later they sent in the crash reanimation team to bring me back. Anaphylactic shock and Quinck Oedema. Not feeling great still. Reeling from the shock of it and how incredibly unpleasant and unexpected it was. Last few days here I had been dreading the Lumbar puncture that I was supposed to undergo this morning after the MRI. Now I
  12. hey Debbie, Just to say you are in my thoughts. Your neurologist sounded very encouraging. They are such non-committal types normally, so it sounds good. Now you can switch off for another year, start getting out and about an breathing easy again. Big hugs, Sam
  13. Oh I know how you feel Debbie. It's very hard work. You never think you're up to it but .... .... believe me once you come out the other side so to speak, and all that is behind you, the sense of relief is just incredible. You'll be fine on Nov 5th, will be thinking of you. Plan yourselves a great dinner somewhere that evening always think beyond upcoming examinations (things were much more of an ordeal on Nov 5th for old Guy Fawkes ... as all the UK members and admins here will tell you!!). Look after yourself xxx
  14. Wow Frank you need as much time out from professional life as you think you can afford (an more, even if this means a life change I reckon)... I am thinking along these lines with my family at the moment. It is a hard decision to make. Since my NASAH on June 2, massive headache one afternoon, unconscious two minuteslater, helicoptered to the neurological emergency room in the city centre, then 6 weeks hospital. I've had exactly what you said in your message ""Your headaches will vary in Location, Duration and Intensity for anywhere from 6 to 18 months"" .... sometimes these are really in
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