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  1. Hi Patsy! I don't come on very often but didn't want to read and run I had my SAH in June 2010 and I was coiled. I fell pregnant exactly 12 months later with my first baby after nearly 5 years of trying. My GP wrote to my consultant and his response was that I could have a normal obstetric led pregnancy. I was monitored closely but I also have Lupus and that was the reason for this not to do with my head. I chose to have a c-section as I was worried about all the pushing and pressure on my head although the consultant had said I could have a normal birth I felt better having my baby through the sunroof!!! Lol!. I had my little man in March this year and everything went well! After I had him I developed high blood pressure which I'm told is common with pregnancy and was put on blood tablets (labetalol) and was on these tablets for about 3 months until my blood pressure went back to normal. Obviously everyone's case is different and I would discuss this with your consultant and your GP but my little man was worth it although I could do with a few more zzzzz's!!!! Take care Vicky xx
  2. This is the first time I have been on here for months but just noticed this thread! Congratulations on the pregnancy Lin Lin I have recently had my my baby boy who is now 10 weeks old and I am nearly 2 years post SAH. He is long awaited as it took 5 years trying for him as my husband had a vasectomy reversal and I also have lupus which can effect conceiving. I also suffer with the normal symptoms of fatigue etc. I decided after lots of thinking to opt for a c section as I was to frightened of the pressure the pushing would do to my head although the consultant had said I could have a normal pregnancy. I must say that during my pregnancy my symptoms improved apart from the fatigue I felt great. I was monitored every two weeks as had some problems with my lupus possibly effecting his blood and oxygen supply to my son. I had a spinal which was ok and the c section went smoothly and I am glad that I opted for this as I also don't know if I would of coped with the tiredness of pushing and the anxiety of something happening to my head again! Since having the baby I have had high blood pressure which I have never suffered with before but it is now stabilised and I'm nearly off all blood pressure medication labetalol. Although this has brought back the anxiety which I thought I had buried and overcome 12 months ago and I keep panicking that I'm going to have another SAH and leave my son. I would love another baby but I am frightened of having the blood pressure problems again and wondering if I could deal with the anxiety and tiredness. With regards to your birth plan I would do what you feel is best for you and your baby! I did and had no problems with my c section. Hope it goes ok for you Take care Vicky xx With regards to your birth plan you should do what you feel is best! I did and had no problems with c section.
  3. Hi Juliette I am nearly 15 months post SAH and I am also 12 weeks pregnant. My GP wrote to my consultant to inform him of my pregnancy and the response was basically if an aneurysm has been successfully coiled/clipped there is no reason why I can not have a normal pregnancy and just be routinely monitored by a obstetrician. I am worried though about all the pushing and what it will do to my brain!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy Take care Vicky xx
  4. Hi Rhiann It's my 1st anni-versary also the day after you on 16th and I'm also feeling quite anxious about it and keep thinking is it going to happen again. I went to a friends BBQ on Saturday which is exactly what I did last year the Saturday before it happened and I nearly did not go because I thought I would be tempting fate but then I talked myself round and thought I can't stop living my life for the what ifs. I'm hoping once the first anniversary is out the way It will be easier to move forward I hope so anyway for my husbands sake I've nearly eaten him alive this week:lol: ive been vile!!!. I hope the day goes ok for you and your feeling better once it's out the way. Take care Vicky xx
  5. your consultant sounds easier to talk to than my doc!. Mine seems to talk in riddles and double dutch:lol:. Glad you had your questions answered and mind put at ease. Take Care Vicky xx
  6. I havent a clue! i was told on my first 3 month follow up that i had just the one anni that burst which was on the Left Posterior Communicating Artery and then when i went back a few weeks ago i asked him what grade my sah was and i was told it was about a grade 2 Take Care Vicky xx
  7. Hi Guys..... Thanks for the posts glad its not just me!! Sarah.....i tried keeping a diary of them aswell but gave up in the end as no real pattern i thought it was my Lupus medication until it stared again the the other week but i cant be that as i stopped taking these in October and i have also had a through eye examination done at the opticians and he said the same that whatever it is its not my eyes but must be my brain as my eyes are exactly the same as they were before the haemorrhage but i have been suffering with this aura thing since about 18 months before the haemorrhage Kel/Gill................. certain lighting also triggers mine off aswell i have had that also Kel driving through woodland on a bright day and it has triggered it off also looking a white paper weirdly enough. I had the aura on monday night, had a numb right hand/arm yesterday had to keep shaking it and had a bad head all day today that i cant shift so im now trying a alcoholic beverage as a alternative to nurofen:lol: my anni was in the left posterior comm artery! Take Care Vicky xx
  8. Does any one else suffer with migraine aura in the eyes and if so how often? I don't get the pain with it just a sensation in my head and then the zig zag light kicks in for about 15-20 mins I thought I had got rid of it had not had it since Christmas then it started again 2 weeks ago! It drives me mad!! Thanks Vicky xx
  9. Thanks for all the replys guys makes you feel a lot better talking on here!! Lots of interesting comments and you seem to learn so much on here. I did take my mom with me as my husband couldn't get the time off work and even she thought he was quite abrupt but I suppose we are just another number to them. I don't feel too bad now apart from a few anxiety attacks and have to remember to breath and had a few of the zig zig streaks of light in my eyes again which lasts about 15 mins then goes I think it is some kind of aura thing as I have had eye tests and ct scans and all clear!!. Hope you all ok Vicky xx
  10. I went for my follow up with my consultant yesterday who did my op and have come out with so many mixed feelings/confusion!. First of all he said that he had not had the report back from the radiologist from my MRI scan a month ago but from looking at the images he had he said it seems ok but as soon as he gets the report he will write to me and my GP but then started to talk about the possability of residue building up to which i thought he was talking about fluid building up around the coiling :confused:and then he was quick and strern enough to point out to listen what he was saying and that he meant that some cases need coils topping up etc (i felt like saying well stop talking in medical jargen!!) but they will have to wait for the report but just to go out and carry on as normal it can blow again but the risks are low as i have as much chance as being hit by a bus.............i thought thanks for that:lol: but i come out feeling rather confused and well pance really!!!! i know they have to tell you the good and bad but crikey!! I thought was there any point to this follow up. Did anyone else feel like this after there first follow up?? Vicky xx
  11. I had my SAH in June and returned to work in October on a phased return until Christmas. I did not know if I was going to be able to cope with any work again let alone working full time!. I work on a front line social work team with children in the care system so It is quite a stressful job but it is a job that I love. I thought I would try full-time in January and so far so good! A few headaches at first and a lot of fatigue but I am now back to full time dealing with everyday child protection as if I have never been away and luckily I have fantastic colleagues and managers who give me great support and time to recharge when I need to!! Take Care Vicky xx
  12. I had MRI done on Friday which is similar and you just have to lie there very still. I was in there for about 20-25 mins and it was fine just very noisy I just jumped a few times!!!!! To be honest I kept my eyes shut the whole time but it was totally painless. Hope yours goes ok Vicky xx
  13. Well the MRI went ok although very noisy!! Just glad its done and just got to wait for the results on 21st March now. It is interesting with all the different comments on here there is so much to learn.... Sally I agree it is too much for my brain aswell!!!. After talking with the radiographer who did my scan I learnt that I have already had a angiogram done before my op which I was was not aware of but I was in that much pain I wouldn't of cared what they did:lol: and also learned that I have only 2 coils in my head and she told me that this was good as some people have 15/16 so I'm presuming that it was not a big bleed I did ask but she wouldn't say a lot!! .....anyway i hope everyone is ok Vicky xx P.s Stu I hope your angiogram goes well for you on 10th March
  14. Finally having my six month scan done tomorrow night which should of been done in December although I'm having a MRI done instead of angiogram I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing! I don't really know the difference between them. Be glad when it is over! Not too nervous about having it done just anxious what the results will say and will have to wait until 21st March when I go back to consultant for the results but onwards and upwards as they say!! Hope everyone is good Take Care Vicky xx
  15. Sandi....Thats exactly how i feel had this problem since early December since the cold weather started and been back to doc's twice now and had two lots of antibiotics then the pain in sinus's comes back it is between eyes and over eyebrow area and my bleed was also in back of the head area. Mine is worse when i have been at work and i also wondered if stress has anything to do with it as my job is stressful but how you have described your sinus/face pain and weird head feeling is mine down to a T. Vicky xx
  16. Michelle 'P.S I don't know what Lupus disease is? Would be interested to know if you are happy to explain? ' Lupus is auto immune disease. Your immunce system is in overdrive and basically your body attacks itself and you also suffer with fatigue/aching mustles. Mine attacked my scalp and ears. I looked very fetching with bald patches over my head:lol: luckily i have long hair to cover it!! but with a bit of steroid cream it soon grew back!!. Mine is under control now but it is very hard to diognose as it mimics so many other diseases like MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc..........it took them a couple of years to diognose my mom with it... ooh and they say its not hereditary but my nan, mom and sister have it and it is mainly women who have it! Take Care Vicky xx
  17. Hi I have a weakness in my right leg. When i first had my SAH 8 months ago it left me with a slight limp but as times gone on it seems to have improved. It is worse when im tired or doing to much and the leg feels really heavy like a dead weight!!! but i cant make out if it is getting better or im getting used to it!!! Take Care Vicky xx
  18. Hi I had my routine flu jab done in October as I have lupus disease and suffer with a low immune system but when I booked it in with the nurse at my GP surgery she said that I would come in the category that is recommend to have it anyway now because of having the SAH and I should have it done every year but I already did anyway because of the lupus. I had mine done as I said in october and had no problems with colds/coughs this winter just sinusitis!!. I will be having mine done at the start of every winter. Hope this helps Take Care Vicky xx
  19. Sandi I have heard that too! what with fibre in the poo and protein in the horses hoof clippings she has a feast xx
  20. Sally.........Thank You xx I think its when i have my social work head on!! Dont get me wrong i still have my days when i suffer with anxiety if i have had a bad head for a while or with the face/head pain i have had been having recently i start panicing and thinking that i must have another brain anurism or somthing is going to happen again but i have to pull myself out of it and think logically or i would drive myself insane!! it is good to have people on here to talk to that know exactly what you are going through! Take Care xx Anya.... im glad it is not just my dog that does that in the field/stable Nala has done that since a puppy and it is somthing that i have not been able to stop her doing but apparently it is very good for them!! cant say i would like to try it myself !!!!. I am still yet to get back in the saddle but hopfully i will in the summer as my gelding could do with losing a few pounds!! Take Care xx Thanks for all the comments guys you have all made me feel really welcome on here! Take Care Vicky xx
  21. Hi Harry Im new to this too!!........... Im 27 and had my SAH in June last year so im nearly 8 months on now. It does get better, you go through so many emotions as do the people close to you aswell. It was only when i started to have councelling that i could look at things differently i do recommend it thats when i found my anxiety started to lift although i do still suffer from it now and again but i have learnt to try control it and i repeat TRY!!! At first i was so tired all the time i had to sleep twice a day but eventually that lifted although i tire very easily now im trying to adjust to the person i am now rather than the person i was then!!. ( i was always on the go!). As the others have said it is different for everybody and you are very early on in your recovery so take it a day at a time! ( i should also try and listen to my own advice!!!lol!!) Take care Vicky xx
  22. Thanks for all your kind words of support! Its good to know and i am amazed of how many people are on here with similar stories of some kind and how many people are mis- diognosed i thought it was just me......... Somtimes when i talk about the SAH to my family or friends i feel like im going on and at some point they are just going to turn round and for gods sake will you shut up about it your boring me now:lol:!!!! at least on here people know exactly how your are feeling and what you are going through im trying not to talk about it at home to much at the moment because it did not really hit my Dad until Christmas and he is now on anti depressants and im the one trying to pull him out of it !!!(he has had a bit of a delayed reaction!). I have now finished my councellling and it did me the world of good so glad i went for it felt a bit weird at first as with my job im normally the one referring people for councelling not the other way round!!. Anya............... My dog and horses have helped me heal they listen to me and dont answer back and give me loads of love and sloppy kisses when i need them.......... although with my dog thats all the time she is a constant slobber face!! (i have a Turner & Hooch dog) and i love being outside with my horses, my gelding i have had for 14 years and he always knows when somthings the matter!!!! Laura............... I live in Kinver which is in between Stourbridge/Kidderminster so your not far away from me. My consultant who im under at the QE and did my op was Mr G Flint. He is also nice although ive only seen him once since June!. Got to go again in March for clinic but still waiting for Angiogram which was supposed to be done in Dec/Jan but still waiting but had a CT scan done in November as i was having streaks of light keep coming into my right eye but scan was clear so i only presume that i dont need an angiogram now as they have seen enough on the CT scan!!!! Any how thanks for all your kind words and hope to speak to you all soon!. Take Care Vicky xx
  23. Karen I have introduced my self now on the site just learning how to navigate myself round it I am getting the hang of it now!! I have never had it until December and had it with a cold but The last twice I have had no cold so it's interesting to read about the nerve pain as I believe the bleed was behind my eye I think!! Although I have only seen the surgeon once since the SAH so not sure. I have had a full MOT on my eyes which are fine and are still the same as before SAH. I do feel it my be down to stress aswell cause I only seem to have it in the week when I'm at work and fine weekends. Take care Vicky xx
  24. I am so glad I found this site its helps that there are other people out there who understand. I don't know where to start but I started to suffer from headaches when I was 17 yrs old and after a night out with friends I had to come home early as I had a really bad headache on the way home I had to stop to be sick. I got home and got into bed and the pain got worse and neck went stiff and in the end my dad took me to hospital worrying that it was meningitis. After waiting round for hours I finally saw a doctor in a&e and by that time the pain was wearing off and the doctor put it down to a migraine and from then on I have suffered from bad headaches and the only pain relief that would work for the past 10 years was nurofen. On 16th June 2010 I had been at work had a busy day as normal as I work on a front line social work team/child protection team and been to do my horses after work. It was a hot day and when i got home I went upstairs for a bath. As I was filling the bath I bent over the bath to swish the bubbles round and all of a sudden felt this immense pressure in my head and eyes and I felt like my head was going to pop off my shoulders!! I carried on thinking I was overreaching and got in the bath and started to wash my hair. I started to feel faint and dizzy and I just remember thinking to myself I have got to get out the bath and unlock the door. I didn't even wash the shampoo off my hair and I managed to unlock the door I just got out onto the landing and the next thing I know I was waking up on the landing floor. I was a bit disorientated and managed to get downstairs to where everyone was. Nobody had heard me so it is a good job I woke up! My mom sat me on the sofa and got me a glass of water and at that the sickness started and then after about 5 minutes the pain started in my head I lay down on the sofa with a flannel on my head but I knew something was not right and just asked husband and dad to call nhs direct just to be on the safe side!!. After talking to the women on the phone at nhs she said that she was going to send a paramedic to check my over. When the paramedic arrived she did all the usual blood pressure and sats test and all was normal I was just in a lot of pain. She told me that she would take me to hospital but I would not be classed as a emergency as it was just a migraine so I could be waiting for hours so I was just sent to bed. After 2 days in bed there was no change and now I had a stiff neck aswell. My mom took me down to see my GP who said that he wanted to book me in at the emergency assessment unit at my local hospital to rule out a bleed on the brain. I went to hospital on the Friday night and they kept me in overnight and gave me painkillers and said if it is a migraine it would be wearing off by the morning........... Well it did not wear off and at lunch time on the Saturday I had a CT scan which confirmed I had a small bleed. I was started on the nimodipine and on the Sunday (fathers day) I was transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and by lunchtime I was in theatre having my op which thankfully was a success! I can remember waking up from theatre and the first thing I said was that the pain had just gone. The doc thinks that the bad head I had at 17 could of been the start of it all and it just healed itself till it was ready to blow again. I had a left posterior communicating cerebral artery aneurysm (I think that's what it was called!) which was coiled and have been left with a weakness in my right leg and right side of my skull and ear is numb but it is a small price to pay!!!. I am 27 and before I had the SAH I was always on the go working full time, looking after my horses and dogs, supporting my mom who has Ill health, a step mom and I also have Lupus which is a auto immune disease so My lifestyle was none stop always doing for others. I did smoke before the SAH from the age of 16 but I don't now And hardly drink alcohol I'm just thankful I'm still here. I now make the most of my time with my family and friends and my many animals but I'm a sucker for a sweet face!!!!! Anyway I think that is it about me really just glad I'm here to tell the tale! Vicky xxx
  25. Hi all Thanks for the feed back! this site is great so glad i found it. Had a chat with my manager today and im going to slow down a bit with work i think im trying to run my life like before SAH and fit everything in and do it myself but unfortunatly i cant and then when i start to feel tired and have a bad head the anxiety and panicing kicks in aswell which does not help as im sure you all well know. It does not help having to also muck out 2 horses every night:lol: Take Care Vicky x
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