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  1. Thank you so much, Tina. This group means so much to me and I am sure to many others. πŸ’—
  2. Dearest DaVinc1, You have been given helpful advice by very wonderful people. I am glad you found BTG. I don't have much to add except I want you to know as a fellow believer, I will be praying for you. Keep the faith and let His will be done. If I may share a few verses that gives me strength: Deuteronomy 32:4; Proverbs 3:5, 139; Joshua 1:9 and Matthew 6:34. We are always here for you, Ann
  3. Thanks, Jess, Subs and Jean. For those of you who have clipping done, I understand that everybody is different but how was recovery? Timewise? And if you've had coiling and clipping, what are the major differences that you have experienced? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello everyone, It has been an eventful past 2 weeks to say the least. My second SAH was in July 17th 2020. It has been very challenging but being off during the peak of the pandemic was a blessing in disguise being a healthcare worker. There were lots of ups and downs but I do enjoy and treasure my time with my now 8 year old boy and my husband. I am grateful for them and to my very supportive family and friends and of course my BTG family. Thank you all! Fast forward to July 6, 2021, I had a routine MRI and July 9th a Cerebral Angiogram which are usually performed close to the 1 year anniversary. While in recovery after my angio, my Neurosurgeon and his Fellow who performed my angio came to see me. Unfortunately, they saw irregularities in my MRI and the angio also confirmed that. I was still half sedated at this point so this is most of what I can recall. He said my aneurysm is shifting and proving to be complicated. He recommends clipping it. He explained the risks. My surgery date is September 13th. I asked what should I do or should not do while waiting for my surgery and he said nothing really. I asked the dreaded question of will it rupture and his answer was it's low probability but not zero. I thought of all my other questions after he left. I was in shock. My last MRI was in January and it was stable. How did it drastically change? I thought of giving him a call but after the initial shock I thought whatever will be, will be. My first SAH was in 2010. My second in 2020 was so unexpected and unexplainable. I thankfully survived both. I have learned not to ask the whys anymore and just let go. I am glad they caught it. It is bittersweet news. I go through waves of varying emotions but have to be strong for my boys. This too I will overcome! πŸ’ͺ Also, I can't wait to rock my clipping scar. 😊
  5. Welcome to BTG! I am glad you found us. BTG is such a blessing to all of us and I hope it will be to you as well. I agree with Clare, 8 weeks post is very early stage and with Super Mario that you have to take baby steps. They both have given excellent advice. And yes, ask for help. It might also be helpful to seriously talk to your employers. The challenge with our condition is they and even us cannot see our brains. An MRI may show that it is stable but that is not indicative that it has completely healed and that you are back to normal. Your Doctor, Nurse Specialist or a Social Worker may be able to help you send this message clearer to your employers. If I may add, be kind to yourself. It's ok to have bad days and embrace the good days. We are always here for you. Take care, Ann
  6. Congratulations, Michelle!!! Thank you for sharing so openly. I felt your heart in what you wrote and I am happy that you had a very special day. I wish you continued strength, good health and only the best. πŸ’— Take care always!
  7. Hi Shazza, Yes, it is quite normal. Have you gone back full hours? A gradual return to work is advisable to build up your stamina and to test the waters so to speak. I hope that it is something you can arrange and feasible with your line of work. You can also ask your Doctor to back you up with this. Pace yourself and it's very important not to overwork yourself. Best of luck, Ann
  8. Congratulations, Jean! Lots of exciting things going on with you and your family. And volunteering at the zoo...that's a dream! Enjoy and I wish you the best days ahead. 😊
  9. You are doing a super job, Jennifer. You made me laugh, I have MIL issues but I am so glad for you that she's there to help. 😊
  10. Welcome to BTG, Jennifer! I am sorry the doctors nor nurses don't have answers for you. As Tina have said, these things happened and we just cannot get answers as to why. My experience is very different to your Moms'. I've had two ruptured aneurysms 10 years apart at the same location and I have stopped asking why. Acceptance is hard but eventually I was able to and shifted my focus on how blessed I am to have survived both. Your Mom is truly lucky to have survived and luckier to have a caring daughter. I understand how trying this time must be for you. I am glad you have some help. I do not know where you are from but I hope you can find resources to help you and your Mom. I am in Canada and your Mom is a senior and should be eligible to supports such as homecare, financial support, etc. Do not forget to take care of yourself also. And, we are always here if you need a listening and caring ear. πŸ™‚
  11. Welcome Ilse! What a wonderful picture. Thank you for sharing and for being so open about your experience. Perspective really do makes coping a bit easier. I admire your attitude towards it all. I love this...keep it up! 😊 Ann
  12. Hello all, Gurveena, I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, January 19th and like most just a really sore arm/ shoulder. I will be getting my second dose tomorrow. I am hoping after effect will be the same. Yes, @tina sorry to hear that. I was actually wondering where and how you were. I hope you recover completely. Sarah, we are all young at heart I hope!
  13. Awesome news, Sally! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy and take careπŸ’—
  14. Oh Sarah, YAY!!! What a relief. I am so happy for you. This made my day. Thanks, now relax and enjoy! ☺️
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