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    I love reading, dining out (I'm a self-proclaimed foodie), traveling and being with my loved ones.


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  1. Macca, Happy Anni-versary and Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and your lovely wife! Thank you for also being there for all of us. I truly appreciate your presence.
  2. Warm welcome to BTG! I'm so glad you found this site. It is a great resource and is run and full of very supportive people. You have come a long way and many of us can empathize that it is not always easy. I speak for myself that all I can do is take it one day at a time (even one hour a time depends on my stubborn headaches 😄 ) Take care, Ann
  3. You are welcome. As I’ve mentioned in our conversation, thank you for all the work that you do! You and the rest of the volunteer staff do so much for all of us who relies on the support and wisdom this site offers. You are all amazing!
  4. Thank you, Macca. You have such a way with words and it’s like you articulated what is in my heart. When I had my first aneurysm we didn’t have our son yet and I believe the universe had a hand in that. I had to get better and be prepared for motherhood. Although I bet a lot would agree that nothing can really prepare you for such an endeavor. I had immense fear when I had my second aneurysm that I wouldn’t be around to be with my son again. What a gift for me to survive again and I intend to use every second of it to profess my gratitude by spending time with
  5. Thanks, Daff and blessings to you too! It was quite traumatic for my son when it happened specifically because I barfed on our bed. 😆 Took him awhile to get over that. Thank God my Mom can look after him while I was at the hospital. My in-laws as well and close friends kept him company. When I was strong enough to visit with him outside the hospital (kids under 14 were not allowed to go inside as Covid precaution) we did. My husband explained to him what happened to Mom and that I would need lots of TLC. Now that I am home he is an amazing caregiver. He always asks if I am
  6. Thank you, Jess, Tina and Macca. I was so looking forward to my 10th anniversary and this happened. Truly a shock but again I’m grateful for my 3rd life. 😊
  7. Hello everyone, My name is Ann from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I had my first SAH December 10, 2010. My ruptured aneurysm was coiled. This site was very helpful to me during that time. I was grateful to know that I was not alone. It took me 10 months to fully recover and Behind the Gray has been my constant and loyal companion. Although, I was not an active participant I found comfort in knowing you were all in “my team.” Fast forward to July 16th, 2020 around 9pm, I was in bed trying to sleep. My 7 year old son came to the room and asked if I would watch TV with him.
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