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  1. So appreciate everyone sharing their story on this Forum as only two weeks ago I was in the middle of a high intensity spin class when my headache came on. I immediately knew something was very wrong since I do not regularly have headaches. I clipped out and ran to my car to call my husband and drive home as it was about 6am. His father is a radiologist and his mother has had an aneurysm which she also described as the worst headache in her life so I knew something was really wrong. I am a very fit and healthy 43 year old, non smoker with no problems in regards to blood pressure. Upon arriving to hospital we did a CT scan which showed I had a small amount of bleeding in my brain. My mother-in-laws neuro surgeon strongly suggested an angiogram which showed no aneurysm. An MRI was also done which was normal. Morphine and Hydrocodone helped tremendously and I stayed in ICU for 3 days being closely monitored. I wasn't ever sick or dizzy or did I ever experience anything other than neck and head pain which I was able to control with pain medicine. My neurosurgeon discharged me on day 3 as he felt I would be better off recovering from home than in hospital. Everything everyone says is that there will be no chance for a re-bleed as these do not happen twice in one life. I'm emotionally having a very difficult time believing this. I just (at two weeks) had a repeat MRI and an MRA and both were normal and healthy. I just still can't believe this won't happen again. I got off pain medication on that third day and because my body was incredibly sore the following week I started taking 4 advil every 6 hours which helped and now at week two my body is not aching but slight headaches are coming back daily. I'm planning to take another week or two off completely from business and I'm having 2-3 massages a week to relax which do seem to help. One thing that is bothering me is that I have a dull pain on the top right of my head when you touch it and the doctors say it is not related to this at all and likely stress. It has been going on for 3 months which is why its most concerning and hard for me to believe that it isn't related. It feels similar to how you feel when you bump your head on a cabinet and then for several days its tender --not a headache, just tender spot on head. Would love hearing from anyone that is further out than I am in recovery and suffered from a similar experience. Again, thank you for sharing your stories --super appreciated!
  2. HI Dan and everyone else on this thread! Thank you so much everyone--for sharing your experience. My story if very similar to Dan's only it just happened last Monday. I was in a very high intensity spin class when my headache came on. An ambulance, an MRI, Catscan and Angiogram showed no chance of an aneurysm. The location of the bleed was also confined to the perimesencephalic area so technically a perimesenecephalic non aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage explains what happened. I was checked into ICU on Monday morning at 6am and discharged to go home and recover on Wednesday at noon as my neurosurgeon felt my recovery would be best at home in bed if I promised to take it easy. I switched from Hydrocodone to Tylenol 3 with Codeine which I'm only taking once or twice a day. By Thursday morning my entire backside was incredibly sore but today --one week later its limited to only my lower back which I know is normal regarding the blood in the spine. I'm planning to take a few weeks away from my work. Fortunately I have a team of 26 now in my company to help keep everything growing and moving forward. While I've read so many studies now showing an excellent and full recovery should be expected, I'm curious about your experience over the last couple years since you are further along but yet sound very similar to my case in regards to severity. Can you please share an update and/or any advice? I'm 43 and an incredibly fit and healthy woman. Thank you! The last week has been pretty scary! Best! Holly
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