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    On the 14th Feb 2011 I had a SAH. After feeling a sudden and extremely painful headache I started to get a very painful and stiff kneck. My husband and I rushed to my local hospital and the next morning I had a Scan where they found that I had a bleed on the brain. I was transported to the John Radcliff Hospital in Oxford to the Neurosciences ward, had a more detailed scan and underwent an operation within the hour to fit 4 coils by angio. The scan also found that I have another 8mm aneurysm on my front lobe that could have been there for the last 20 years and a cluster of small aneurysms at the back of my head. I am currently waiting for my 6 week post op check up to find out what they are going to do with the larger one at the front. I am now at home recovering and finding life difficult at times, wanting more information but feeling very anxious about what I will find out. I am making progress but feel tired all of the time, keep getting a burning sensation at the back of my head and pains in my lower back so find it hard sitting down for very long. I have seen my GP who has further blood tests and have been informedthat I have to make a radical change to my lifestyle. Not that I thought it was that bad as I don't go out, like the quiet life at home but have been told that I have stop smoking (start my patches tomorrow) and I have very high Chlesterol so have started statins and will be seeing a dietician to change my diet soon. My sister told me about this forum and today my doctor did as well as im finding life hard at the moment and need to talk to people who have been through the same thing and are either going through what I am or have come out the other side. When will life get back to normal?
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    I know someone who lives in Heaven and I miss them more and more every day!, be careful who you open
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    14th feb 2011

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  1. i will tell my hubby mark to let u all no how it goes and i understand fully what you write hun im so sleepy with not sleeping last nite i dont think they will have to put me to sleep lol xx
  2. i had the bust one coiled in feb this year and that was ok its been a hard year as when i went to have the others coiled they could so now im have 3 clipped and will have the other 2 at the front of my head coiled at a later date and the 2 i have at the back of my head they are going to keep a eye on .iv got to call them in 55 mins to check they have my bed but they are great there ty all again it dose help to no how others feel xxx
  3. good morning all .well im a bag of nerves havent slept all nite going to have 3 out of my 7 clipped that will be 3 less to worry about .can any one thats had craniotomy tell me how they felt when they woke and how soon they come home just so i have some idea well i hope u all have a great day ty
  4. dont no if im writing in the place i should as not good with pc .and have read lots on hear but dont write to much as not good at that to went to jr oxford today seen another doctor that is going to do my clip op .so have to go back on the 19th september for 4 hours for pre op checks and will have 3 clipped then .got my six month scan on monday did go in to hospital last week as my head was so bad but just got given stronger pain killers but apart from reading others storys on hear iv been left to get on with it .people look at me like whats wrong with me and some think i shouldnt be back at work but i do my job well im a carer for people in there own homes and i love my job .see i sat i was no good at writing i keep forgetting what im tring to say id better go and try to sleep work in the morning so have to be up in four and a half hours i hope u all have a good day xxxx
  5. well went in to jr oxford for more coiling only to be woken up and told they couldnt get to them and that there are 2 more so i have six now .that nite i lay in my hospital bed thinking this is it no hope and even more of them .im not a bad person have never hert anyone .i work as a carer and love my job .then morning came doctors came and said they would be in talks with the other doctor about clipping them it would mean a few more ops but can anyone tell me how they felt after clipping was done how much hair they took of how big the skar s are and how long i will be of work im so scared .i dont sleep well at nite people look at me like there is nothing wrong but i cant understand myself so how can i make others understand
  6. great news that your coiling is done as im sure u have read they couldnt do myn went down at 8.15 and come back to the ward at 2.15 so they did try hard .but they found i have 6 of them .i was so hopping i could get on with my life .they are in talks about clipping them have said they will have to do more then one op .so im not giving up hope .have been very tearfull .but im so glad for you xxxx
  7. the one i had that burst was 8mm that was on the top of my brain i have another at the vfront witch is 8mm and they say a cluster at the back of my head so dont no how many that is got to go for my 3 month check up on wait for it friday the 13th may .so hope to be told they are going to coil the 8mm one and hoping to go back to work then can any one tell be if they get like a burning at the back of your head and very hichy
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