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  1. She's had her shunt put in. It has been three weeks now with zero improvement. It's so sad seeing her like this. She looks like she is losing the will to live. She barely tries to talk anymore or do anything. I'm not sure what to do anymore...
  2. Thank you Win for the response. I have to admit I got a little emotional reading that. Your condition before the shunt sounds a lot like my Mum now. I really hope she has some memory improvement as presently she doesnt remember anything longer than 2 minutes. You are a real trooper & your high spirit is a wonderful thing. x
  3. It's been a while since I have been around on the forum. I hope everyone here is doing well!? I have a few q's about a shunt operation. At the beginning of this year my Mother had a clip fitted to protect her from having a third SAH. The surgeon said recovery would be longer, unfortunately she hasn't got better at all since the operation. Sadly she was actually much better before hand which has cast doubt on our decision to go for the more invasive surgery. I have long suspected she has hydrocephalus as a lot of her symptoms pointed to it. After the 6 month check up scans showed this was correct & she does in fact have hydrocephalus , which may require a shunt after our approval. We have a meeting next week to decide what to do. I know a few of you have had Shunts fitted & was wondering about your experiences with them. Did you find your symptoms lessen after the fitting? Are you glad you had the operation done? My Mother after going through a lot over the years is potentially going to have one fitted. As a family we are pretty certain that it is the right choice to have one fitted, however I thought I should ask you guys as well if you think it made your life better before agreeing of my Mother to go through with another brain operation. Thank you all for your help
  4. I do think the Dr's could be better with communication. We were not expecting her condition to go this far backwards, also no one has told us if this is normal or not. . Just got to think positive until we get more information I guess. I've gone though this all before, so I will do what worked for her previously using the info i've got from this wonderful forum & her rehab team.
  5. My Mother who has had 2 bleeds & 3 coiling operations since September 2015 underwent a craniotomy last Friday. The surgeons decided that the nature of her aneurysm was too unpredictable to keep coiling the traditional way, so opted to clip it instead. Before we decided to go with the operation we were given the risks. The main one was a 20-25% chance that the procedure could cause a stroke which would effect the mobility of her legs. As a family we decided to go with it anyway as the only other option was a coiling procedure & a stent together. This carried the same risk of stroke, however may not be permanent like the clipping. The neurosurgeon advised us that the recovery from the clipping would be longer, but the thought of a permanent solution outweighed everything. My Mother was still suffering from extreme fatigue, momentary confabulation, memory problems & balance issues caused by the type 5 re-bleed in April 2016. However, during a meeting the week before surgery, I noticed major improvement. She was in an environment with strangers & commanded the conversation, followed all the points in a complicated setting, objectively weighed up the risks & came to a reasoned conclusion to the meeting by telling the surgeons she would like the weekend to decide which procedure to have. I was really happy when she even remembered the conversation & names of the surgeons days after, as well as the procedure & all the risks. She came to the same conclusion by herself which was the same opinion as mine & my Fathers. Now it has been over a week since the operation & I'm fearing we made the wrong decision. She is in my local hospital in the stroke unit extremely confused. She stares into space when we talk to her & everything she says doesn't make sense. She was in a similar condition after coming out of a coma last year. When the surgeon said the recovery would be longer than the coiling I was not expecting this at all. Feels like she has gone backwards 7 months I'm trying to get a meeting with the neurosurgeon to hear his opinion. In the mean time has anyone been through something similar or knew of anyone in a similar situation?
  6. Thanks guys for all the kind words. I think what I now need to do is really plan how the future is going to work for us. My Mum & Dad don't really have the energy to do much anymore, so I'm going to need to step up for my family & take on pretty much everything. I know I can do it. I'm just going to stay positive everything turns out alright, It always does in the end.
  7. Mum underwent a third coiling operation yesterday evening. They found that the aneurysm had grown rapidly after an angiogram on Thursday. The surgeon was not confident she could even go home for a few weeks. I'm happy they have moved quickly this time, but this coiling won't be a permanent solution. She has a rare type they called a giant aneurysm which keeps on growing irrespective of the coiling. It is in a place that makes other operations more difficult. The surgeon is going to go out & reach out to the community of neurosurgeons for advice as its such a rare case, with the idea she comes back in for another operation in a few months time. At the same time my Dad's heart isn't doing too well. He says it feels like heart failure again & when he says that you know it's not good as he never complains. He is undergoing an angiogram on the 23rd which will clarify the problem.
  8. She is pretty much on a see food diet at the moment. If an advert comes on the TV she wants it! So if I mention flapjack I'm sure she will be up for trying it!
  9. Hahaha I wouldn't say good. Time stops when I have to clean!
  10. I do think that her taste has changed a bit. She seems more into certain foods. Also, I have noticed she says foods are often salty when they taste normal to me. Well the chocolate is down to the last bag, so I won't get any more after this. May be treat her once a week or something if she asks.
  11. She drinks quite a lot. I try to keep her topped up with water, or in her preference coffee! Her diet has gone down hill. She doesn't like a lot of the healthy stuff I make & will often snack on chocolate / crisps / sweets a lot of the day. If there aren't any snacks she really only wants bread, sandwiches, fish fingers, chips etc. She has put on a lot of weight since being in hospital & has gone from a size 8 to a size 14 which she isn't happy about. She doesn't have the energy for exercise & junk food seems to be comforting for her. Going to the pharmacy tomorrow so I'll ask for the creams/bath oil. Thanks Karen
  12. The hospital is moving much more quickly this time around. They have booked her in for an angiogram next week. Also, did anyone suffer from dry skin, especially around the scalp after their coiling? My Mum never used to have dry skin & now her scalp is really dry. Her hair has become really thin as well.
  13. Karen, thank you for the kind words. Two bleeds as well!? You've got that warrior spirit my Mum has! I'll see what she is up for doing & make a plan to go out a couple times a week. We are planning to go for our first family meal with the extended family this weekend. So it will be quite a big thing for her I expect. I'm going to make sure she sits in the corner seat with me next to her as she is most comfortable around me. I can keep her laughing & she won't feel too much pressure to interact with the whole table which might make her anxious. Thank you for all the advice & this forum to interact on xxx
  14. She is doing well. She is up & about a bit more, helping with food & doing bits here and there. She did about 3 hours of cleaning the other day. Went through all the draws & cleaned them out. Got the dirt I seem to always miss! So I think her energy is up. She's still sitting around in her dressing gown though, which is hard to get her out of. I need to start walking with her which will give her a reason to get dressed. We don't know the details of the filling yet. When she had the second operation, after her second bleed, the surgeon told us that due to the location they didn't fill it completely as it could block the artery which is responsibly for supplying blood to her legs. So I guess they were expecting a bit of a 'neck'. However, I'm not sure if it is different for my Mum, as when the second bleed occurred, they said that the coils got pushed to one side in the aneurysm which created a nipple on the top. That point failed which lead to the grade 5 bleed. Just hope they don't faff about this time & act quickly regardless.