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  1. Sarah, I've just read all of the posts and have seen the long arduous journey you've been on. My heart goes out to you! I had brain OP number 2 in December last year, and so can relate to some of the thoughts and worries you have going through your mind. My thoughts are with you - I really hope you get a positive outcome. Take care and lots of love. X
  2. And thank you everyone for being there for me. BTG has, and always will be, such a support for me. Thank you, and keep striving! ❤
  3. Hi All I haven't visited this site for some time, now I've acclimatised to being a SAH survivor, but you all spring to mind at every anniversary.😀 After all, who knows better than a SAH warrior what it's like to live with the affects of having a SAH? Well, today is my 5th anniversary. Every year is a blessing for me. When I recall how it was straight after my haemorrhage compared with how things are now, I realise that I have come a long way. Yes, I still have some challenges- my memory still stinks, my balance is poor, I gained a lot of weight, I suffer f
  4. In order to prevent me taking any more time off, i have asked them to make another reasonable adjustment by allowing me to temporarily work a 4 day week, which they have agreed to, with it to be reviewed in february. I must admit, i would love to retire early (im 53) and so have been reading the above posts with great interest. Totally understand why you are contemplating doing so. But if youre not ready for that yet, my advice to you would be to reduce your working hours. Hope all of that makes sense. Good luck. Xx
  5. Hi I've had a similar situation with my job as i've had a lot of time off sick due to headaches and fatigue which triggered stage 1 of my employers sickness procedures. I sought advice from my union rep who said that as i am now viewed as having a disability. Reasonable adjustments have to be made relating to "Provision Criteria & Practice". Both him and the OT who assessed me when i was about to return to work, felt that there should be a relaxation of absence rules and limits, with a recognised difference made between sickness and disability absence, and that any absence
  6. I read this book a couple of years ago in my 1st year of recovery. I found it really useful, especially as at that time i hadnt found this group and i really wanted to hear the experiences of others. But i did find it upsetting at times and a bit hard to follow due to my problems with processing. At around the same time i watched the film 'my beautiful broken brain', of which i related to immensely. Not exactly comparable as it is a film focusing on one persons experiences , but it was good to see.
  7. Thank you. It has been hard - in many ways - but we're getting there. Xxx
  8. That's very true, Broncho. Life really IS too short. So much to do and so little time. My children's dad recently discovered that he has cancer - a malignant tumour on his adenoid. Although we haven't been together for over 7 years, he's still a part of my life and is currently recuperating in my house until after his radiotherapy. We are both grateful for the chance we have been given to live a longer life. Nothing is taken for granted. Xx
  9. Ooh...that sounds good. Will defo try that. The perks of subarachnoid haemorrhages! Lol! Xx
  10. Thank you everyone! I'm a little nervous about flying for the first time post SAH but I'm hoping this will be the first of many. As someone (sorry...bad memory ?) said, "onwards and upwards!" And in my case, literally! Xxx
  11. Happy anni-versary! So sorry to hear about your mum's cancer but happy to hear that music is guiding her through it. Xx
  12. The 21st of august will be the first anni-versary of my SAH. I'm writing about it now as I'll be in Portugal on the day, so hopefully I'll be in the sun and near the sea with a glass of (non-alcoholic) bubbly to celebrate. ? It's hard to believe that a year has gone by - flown by. I still find it hard to believe that I survived two ruptured aneurysms and one unruptured one, and that I've managed to go from being unable to even make a cup of tea to returning to work. But that's exactly what I've done. So on the 21st I'll be raising a glass to all the SAH/stroke survivors out there a
  13. Happy anni-versary! Love that word! It's strange. I don't know you, yet I have tears in my eyes. One word I've never liked is 'survivor' - it always seemed so dramatic. That is, until I had my haemorrhage. Now it has greater significance to me as we are all survivors. I have no doubt that, like me, you have had to fight to get to this stage - to have an understanding and acceptance of your situation. So enjoy your day and raise a glass (preferably filled with bubbly but probably filled with some health inducing liquid) to your many years to come! x
  14. Happy anniversary! And I don't say that glibly. You really do have something to be happy about as you're still here, in spite of the difficulties. Hope all goes well with your results and that you get the opportunity to celebrate. x
  15. Wow! I've put on a ton of weight too! I've always been a chunky girl, but managed to stablise my weight. Directly after my SAH, I lost a bit of weight as I couldn't eat, but after that - especially as I was confined to my bed for some time - I started to gain. I have been watching my diet, and although I'm not brilliant, try to eat healthily, and I go to my local leisure centre (swimming, yoga, pilates, gym...) 4 or 5 times a week, And I STILL gain weight! I didn't realise this was a brain injury thing! So now I know!
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