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  1. Hi Everyone I haven't been on for a while and hope you are all well I would like to ask if anyone still suffers from headaches following a SAH. I had mine coiled 6th july 2015, I am now back working full time but I have a constant headache ftom the moment I wake up And normally more so by the end of the day. Some days are that bad I can't function properly, my Gp suggests that it is the legacy of my bleed and how lucky I am thats all I have Although I do still get really emotional at times. I have asked to speak to someone at neuro
  2. Davie.H

    A Journey in Verse

    Amazing words .......many thanks
  3. RE.DVLA Having had numerous conversations with various people at the DVLA, , no one seems to want to take ownership of who finally decides when you can drive. DVLA say my consultant can pass me fit medically to drive and my consultant categorically says the dvla get a full Medical report and they decide Me, I'm confused, but hey got my licence back . Davie H
  4. Superb Clare Safe driving, I know how you feel, I too felt strange after 4 months off the road but it allows us to go further afield without relying on family, friends and !!!!! Public transport !!!! Like many it seemed like an uphill battle with the dvla but we get there in the end I still had the old style paper licence and now waiting on my photo id one coming back, prob take another 9 weeks Davie.H
  5. Hi Win Did you have times when your personality changed? I am finding that, because im finding it difficult to retain information at times I get really frustrated and angry with myself......I dont take it out on anyone else, although sometimes I can say things that might not come out the way I intended, then I'm apologetic, I wasn't like this before or is it all part of my recovery, Davie x
  6. Many thanks Kris I can relate to all you have just written and recently have found it is getting better, although I do find it embarrassing when it happens out of the blue Particularly when I am around people who don't understand what I have been through, I then feel I have to explain to them what's happened And when they know that, it becomes more easy Davie x
  7. Hi Sharon and welcome to BTG I havent actually started back work yet, think it will early Jan 2016 on a phased return I have been doing some Ikea furniture assembly for my daughters bedroom and found even 4 hours doing that is giving me headaches and feeling tired With having my sah early july 2015 then january already seems quite a daunting prospect, or am I expecting too much too soon Hope all is well and looks like only time and our bodies will tell us ehen the time is right Take care
  8. Many thanks Daffodil I will take on board what you have said and also let my wife read it for comfort She is going on Friday for her second appontment and if you dont mind, I will let you know how she gets on Thanks
  9. A massive thank you to all that replied and as ever the replies make me feel like part of a big family who understand the challanges As I had mentioned, my SAH happened in the middle of the night and my wife also has trouble sleeping as any strange breathing patterns or unusual snoring noises she wakes me up to makes sure I'm ok, She has become paranoid about it the now she has decided to seek professional advice to help her. Has anyone else's partners or spouses go through or even going through anything similar It would good to let her read the posts should you have any WIN.......just got
  10. Can is ask everyone Were you ever frightened to go to sleep after a SAH, I still get nights where I am terrified to sleep I think I maybe , that mines happened in the middle of the night and still get nights where I get scared thst I dont wake up. Is this normal and should it pass with time Any thoughts please xxx
  11. I cannot stop smiling now..........many thanks to you all It is a breath of fresh reading all your posts and positive thinking is the way forward, even though as you all know it can be challanging at times My new out look is definitely, yesterday you cant change, today is here and take it as comes and as for tomorrow,....wait and see. Win.....your a star...xx
  12. Hi there Just been reading through these postings and I guess i am very lucky I didnt have any contact with my employer until 8 weeks post SAH And then I was informed that due to the severity of my unfortunate condition, occupational health department would not interfere with my consultant, which basically means it will be up to him as to when I will return to work and not before Although I have a stressful job, my phase return will prob be 4 hours a day for 3 days a week over a month And then 4 hours a day 5 days a week over the following month And then full hours 3 days a week for month Th
  13. Your nuts.......in a good way though....you definitely make me smile and what an attitude and that is definitely something I can take Strength from. Ps, I definitely cannot sing but love all kinds of music, in fact I have not been to a live concert in years but im going to Andre Rieu in concert in December (was kinda forced upon me with my wife ) but im sure I will enjoy it just the same) Take care
  14. Drinking at this time of night............you wont need medication for sleeping then....I'm on mirtazapine...so give it an hour and I'll Be giving it ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz
  15. Thanks everyone, it is sòooooooo good to know I'm not alone, even my lovely wife now realises what I'm going through, she seems more contented now and understands much more by reading all of your posts As for Winb..........I cant sing but can whistle. ?..lol
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