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  1. Hi, Thank you all for your responses to my post. I haven't been on for a few weeks but I like to get back to see how everyone is doing. It is lovely to hear how everyone else copes after their PMSAH. Just to have contact with others is healing in itself. Love to you all, Irene x
  2. Thanks for the lovely comments. Just didn't want the day to go past without acknowledging here that I managed because of responses on this site. Irene x
  3. Hi, Today (9th September), is two years since my Perimesencephalic Brain Haemorrhage and I just wanted to say "Thank You" for this forum. Here was the place where I could read of others who had gone through the same trauma as myself. I saw I was not the only one who couldn't juggle everyday life, using credit cards, driving far, having odd headaches at various times and also having melt downs for no particular reason. To speak to my Consultant, my issues were not worrying, my GP asked me about what it was I had and how it happened. I felt out on a limb. Luckily I could drop in no
  4. HI, Keep up the good work. It is so hard to make yourself accept you are not able to do the same as you used to. It is a slow process and only do what your brain allows you. If you feel tired, your brain is telling you it has had enough. One of the registrars in the neuro department told me to accept being tired as you have to remember the brain is actually doing all the work for the body, (making your legs and arms move, your mind to think and eyes to see), it has been injured and is still working but it needs us to allow it to rest. You will look
  5. Hi Matjaz, I haven't been online for awhile and just checked in today and found your reply. I was really interested to read what your friend said regarding the headaches. Just recently I was in with my mother who was having some physiotherapy done after a hip replacement and at the end of the session the physiotherapist turned to me and said, "if you book in with me I could sort out your neck and headaches". You could have blown me over! I asked her how did she know I was having problems. I booked in with her two weeks ago and it was then she told me tha
  6. Hi Sami, Thanks for your response to my message earlier in June. It is so good to have others who understand, as I type this now I have the ache at the back of the head and as one person has said in a letter on this site, a "brain freeze" type headache behind my right ear. I am not dreaming or imagining it, but just accept it. I wish the consultants, etc would listen and at least accept that it is there post haemorrhage as I am sure others who go to their clinics must have similar issues. I had no post hospital instructions or information regarding the bleed and just found out
  7. Hi, I am a year and 3/4 post my NASAH. I have had 6 monthly MRI scans to keep an eye on an area of my brain which is showing "high signalling". They say they don't know why it is showing that, perhaps it has been there all my life. I still have headaches at the back of my head where I felt the pain during my bleed and also a pain behind the right ear which as someone perfectly mentioned, a feeling "like brain freeze". The neurosurgeon does not think any of this worrying or a problem and he can't say if this is due to bleed. They are virtual saying they
  8. Hi, I am another one here who will say the pain down the spine into the bottom seems to be a problem post haemorrhage. It does go but boy it was painful when it was there. I don't think mine left until around 3 weeks. Never a problem later. Keep being positive, you will see over the coming months how you improve. The headaches change oVer time and you will notice how you are doing more. Rest, rest and more rest. Drink 3 litres of water a day, that is beneficial too. We will all be hoping you see improvements too. Listen to your brain, it needs rest, it is working
  9. Hi, Had good success with a company on Headway. Haven't booked it yet but got a quote in place, and under the right headings for the haemorrhage, also with me still having to have checks to keep surveillance on my area of high signalling, which is stable, I just feel more confident. I wouldn't want to go away with worries of insurance and is it the correct one. Being away from home for 50 days and helping my mother to move is going to be enough to think about. Many thanks for listening to a born worrier, Irene x
  10. Hi everyone, Thank you again for the feedback, it is good hearing the different scenarios. I am so aware of how the insurance companies will want the right information that I am telling them everything the consultant has said and offer them the letters he has written so they know for sure, or I know I am giving all the information that I know. I was told the insurance companies wouldn't really be bothered with what the doctor says in the letters. I went to Canada in the summer and got my insurance so I will get it fine, just going for so long this time tha
  11. Thank you Susan and Clare for your feedback. My consultant always classes my haemorrhage as just a Perimesencephalic haemorrhage and not a subarachnoid and yes it was not caused by an aneurysm and my many scans show no aneurysms. I think I will be correct in confirming I had an, "Other", type of brain haemorrhage, for travel insurance purposes. I still have to have MRI scans every 6 months until the end of this year as a review to make sure the scans remain the same due to an "insignificant highlighted area", which the medical team feel is normal to me. I had my haemo
  12. Hi, When anyone has gone for travel insurance is a perimesencephalic haemorrhage classed in with the SAH haemorrhage? The people on the phones ask about, "any further aneurysms found", but there were none there in the first place. So confusing. Irene
  13. What great news. Just to know you are going to see someone must be a lot off your mind. Looking forward to hearing how it all goes. What ever they find you are in with the right team now. Irene xxx
  14. I went to Canada for 20 days in the summer and got medical insurance, didn't have an aneurysm, I had a perimesencephalic haemorrhage, (no known cause and chances of another are the same as everyone else). I am still under the consultant for reviews. I went to an insurance broker and he took all my information and he got cover. I was mainly concerned with medical cover and not bothered about cover for loss of goods. I go to my mother's in Canada so didn't need to worry about staying in hotels and travelling around. My cover if I remember was something like £180. I
  15. Hi Myra, Wow,3 months and back to work. That is early. I say that from someone who wasn't working and just trying to get on with life. I think you need to be so careful because I found when I tried to do a lot over the summer, I just got exhausted and ended up feeling ill, sickness and gastric problems and I needed to reassess how I did things and that was 11 months post my haemorrhage. Even now anxiety rushes in when a lot is put before me in one go. It is improving but I more aware of things now. I know in the States working procedures are so different to UK, we are
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