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  1. Hi, Thank you all for your responses to my post. I haven't been on for a few weeks but I like to get back to see how everyone is doing. It is lovely to hear how everyone else copes after their PMSAH. Just to have contact with others is healing in itself. Love to you all, Irene x
  2. Thanks for the lovely comments. Just didn't want the day to go past without acknowledging here that I managed because of responses on this site. Irene x
  3. Hi, Today (9th September), is two years since my Perimesencephalic Brain Haemorrhage and I just wanted to say "Thank You" for this forum. Here was the place where I could read of others who had gone through the same trauma as myself. I saw I was not the only one who couldn't juggle everyday life, using credit cards, driving far, having odd headaches at various times and also having melt downs for no particular reason. To speak to my Consultant, my issues were not worrying, my GP asked me about what it was I had and how it happened. I felt out on a limb. Luckily I could drop in no
  4. Hi, Don't put yourself under pressure and think you should feel a certain way. It is early, and you will feel tired, rest and drink plenty of water. I was always asleep on the couch by 4 in an afternoon after doing absolutely nothing, just getting myself sorted was enough. One doctor in hospital had a chat with me and he said, you will have headaches and feel tired and that is your brain telling you to rest. He explained to me that every movement you make, everything you look at and every thought you are having comes from the brain and it has had an injury and needs its o
  5. Hi Georgia Gal, Just reading there about how you wonder if your dental implants could have anything to do with your situation. I am interested in that. I was a dental nurse and just take all dental issues as normal but I am going to ask my dentist and my neuro consultant about dental extraction. I had a rather difficult extraction from my lower right jaw February 2015, I had constant pain after and in the end got my dentist, (who had been my employer a few years ago), to make me something to go into the space as my jaw constantly ached. He made me a one tooth denture, which
  6. Sorry, I said a fill a DVLA form in online, it actually was one you got off line, printing it out first, then filling it in and then posting it off! Irene x
  7. Hi, I am going through the process with the DVLA at the moment. I had a Perimesencephalic SAH on the 9th September this year. I was told by the doctors in neurology I must inform DVLA about it. The doctors said not to drive until I had my review appointment as I was due to have an MRA and I would be reassessed. I knew I couldn't have driven at that point as my perception of speed was totally gone. My first week out of hospital I phoned DVLA who said that I could fill a form in online and they would start processing it but they did say when your doctor tells you that you are fit to
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