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  1. I am 18 months post sah and just feel that ok is getting harder and harder to bear...I've worked so very hard to be positive managed to get back to work a little...but am exhausted with trying to cope...

  2. Thanks everyone ..I can't tell you how much better I feel knowing that you guys even have the tiniest insight into how I feel xxxx
  3. Thanks...yes I am in a union and have had them present at my meetings with human resources...will let you all know how I get on xxx
  4. Thanks everyone..Clare I have asked for another appointment with occupational health but they can't see me till end November so think okay need to be off till then...has anyone got experience of disability employment advisors ? I presume we are covered by disability act post SAH ? I certainly feel disabled !xx
  5. Thank you so much ! I feel better already just connecting with people who have some idea of what I'm going through ! Xx
  6. Hello...I had my SAH in Feb 2015...it was coiled then I developed several complications and spent 10 days on critical care...I also have a second small aneurysm which is just being monitored...I recovered very well physically and now regularly use the gym and no longer smoke after 30 years !! I returned to my job as a senior ward nurse in August and had an 8 week phased return which was very tiring but I was so glad to be back..unfortunately work have put lots of pressure on me to get back to working 12.5 hour shifts which I have consistently expressed concern at the building up to, as my
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