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    Where do I start? I had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in 2005 and life became very different!
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    James Patterson, Lynda La Plante, Cranford, Marian Keyes, Cathy Kelly The Great Outdoors, Planes, Tr
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  1. With many thanks to all of those members who make a monthly donation to Behind the Gray! x I'm a little bit late with the "thank you's" but it's so much appreciated and it helps us to budget for the normal bits and pieces and the unforseen stuff that arrives at BTG's door .... Thank you so much. xx
  2. I think that you need to raise the question as to whether vaping raises blood pressure? I believe that nicotine does raise blood pressure in whatever shape or form. It's perhaps better for your lungs, but may be not for your BP and it's important to keep blood pressure down after a SAH. With vaping, you're probably still taking as much nicotine, as you did, when you smoked and perhaps even more, as you don't physically put the cigarette out. Personally, I would say, that vaping is perhaps even worse than smoking post SAH, as you don't know how much nicotine you're putting into your blood stream. I'm quite shocked, that your husband's GP has said that it was okay.
  3. I believe that periarthritis is what's commonly known as a frozen shoulder and could possibly be down to age and wear and tear? I've never known a frozen shoulder to be linked to a SAH. I've had two frozen shoulders now, one on my right and the other on my left hand side of shoulder. I believe that the blood that dissapates from the bleed, down the spinal column can affect the nerve endings and the blood can take up to 3 months to clear. If you're worried and can't lift anything with your hand, I would suggest having a chat with your neuro team.
  4. We're looking to raise at least £800+ per year to keep this site running.... Hosting alone and part management with Invision, is now costing us £600 per year, so that doesn't include any extras that we may need to put into place ... such as paying for up to date software upgrades every couple of years and new themes/skins that support the new software. Information technology changes like the wind and in order for this site to work properly and without any glitches, we have to move with it. If we don't, it results in areas of the website becoming "broken" and the website and forums would eventually fall into decay and not usable. Everything, that is carried out on this site is voluntary and carried out to a high standard and would cost us significantly more, if we had to employ people in a professional capacity to do the same. Therefore, we rely on the goodwill of volunteers to keep this website running at the high standard that it is, for the minimum of costs. If anybody would like to give a donation to help keep us running there is a Donate button on the site .... if you would prefer to send a personal cheque, then please contact me via Private Message or the website via email. With many thanks to all who've set up a regular monthly donation with the website and you know who you are! x A regular monthy donation helps the site to budget for the following year/s and to be honest, it's a bit of a relief and less stress for me when working out our finances or if we need to consider fundraising. I'm not good or at all comfortable with asking for money to keep this site funded and it goes against the grain for me, but I can see that it's often down to some individuals who donate the one off larger amount who've floated the site funds to take BTG forward for another year, after I've appealed on the website and without these members, BTG wouldn't be here. So, it's also with many thanks to those of you, who've donated a yearly donation over the years and you also know who you are ...x Thank you all for your kindness and giving support to future survivors.
  5. Belated congratulations Super Mario and wishing you well! xx
  6. Finollie, I don't know of anyone that's had their insurance premium increased because of the SAH. I believe that insurance companies cannot increase your premium, if the DVLA has said and given the okay, that you're fit to drive ... Your insurance company may want to see the copy of the letter from the DVLA, telliing you, that you are fit to drive. It's much better to declare your situation, rather than having an insurance company not paying out, when you need it ...I would always advise for anybody to declare their medical history to their insurance company, irrespecive of having your licence revoked, as they would perhaps refuse to pay out. I never had my driving licence revoked and declared my problems voluntary to both the DVLA and Insurance company. At the time of my SAH, I had a work colleague, who unfortunately had a brain tumour, but gave sage advice. I had a third nerve palsy to my right eye and seizures during my spell in hospital...some of those seizures were the hospitals fault with their lack of due care and attention. A third nerve palsy meant that I had double vision. The DVLA were happy for me to drive, as long as I corrected the double vision with either an eye patch or glasses fitted with a prism, when driving. I believe that if you've been declared fit to drive and it's been confirmed by the DVLA and you have evidence as such, that insurance companies can't discriminate and up your premium.
  7. Hi Joe, I think that it would be worthwhile for you to make an appointment with your GP and get checked out. We often put a lot of our symptoms post SAH down to the bleed and sometimes they're aren't. I used to blame the SAH for everything and would just plod along and struggle. However, I've now got a good GP who gives me blood tests each year to make sure that I'm not deficient in any vitamins/minerals etc. At one point I was seriously low in calcium and vit D and at the point of nearly having to be put onto a drip and hospitalised. I was also low in folic acid/B12. All of these factors contributed to excess fatigue/restless legs/muscles twitches etc. Joe, please make an appointment and ask your GP to rule out any other underlying cause. It could be something that's easily fixed ... don't do what I did and keep struggling ... It will also give you peace of mind. Good luck and wishing you well. x
  8. Yep, it's a 10 minute appointment at the GP's down here too or you have to book a double appointment if you want longer....that's if you can find a double appointment available. x
  9. Hi Dee, it might be worth having some blood tests done? Not sure of your age, but certainly worth to see if you're defiecient in anything .... I was found to be be lacking in Vit D, Calcium, Iron etc ... don't give up! xx
  10. Bill, it's lovely to have you back! You shouldn't feel guilty for the decisions of others ... If somebody is going to commit suicide, they've already made up their own mind and I would doubt that you could have saved them, unless you were there at the actual time. I know of a few people who've done the same and the devastation that it causes. However, you also need to have some self preservation for yourself ... if you're not personally in a good place, then you can't help others, so be kind to yourself first and the rest will follow. Take care Bill. x
  11. Bill, forgive my short term memory, but you came to the Nottingham SAH meet ... at Donna's pub? I know that you left early-ish ... I also think that I can remember how much it took, for you to attend...and I remember your honesty on these forums. Over the years and since you left the forum .... I can see how anxiety and depression affects us post SAH... I've witnessed a lot more honesty and I know that it's hard to say that you're struggling .... I'm still on a learning curve and pretty much have the same fallout as you have. It's a tough ride ... I still don't have the answers to any of it and it's literally just putting one step forward and seeing what tomorrow brings... I'm sure that you bring comfort to your family, as in still having you around .... Life chucks lemons at us ... in many ways... I'm a couple of years further on from you post SAH .... it is tough when you have a massive fallout, physically and mentally and all depending on what part of your brain has been affected and what's going on in your current life...and what you have to manage. It doesn't matter what you've been in control of previously ... it's a sense of bereavement and I feel that too ... I don't feel anger, but perhaps a sense of frustration when I can't juggle all of those balls that are expected of me ... I can't do what I used to do, but I feel that I'm still here .... trying my best to manage it all and also trying to be the best that I can manage, with my family and children and having this extra time with them. Sending hugs and love to you .... you're not alone. xx
  12. Pat, it may be worth your while to discuss with your Doc about having a range a blood tests to rule out any other underlying cause. I know from myself that I used to put everything down to the SAH, however it wasn't. After a range of blood tests, I was found to be Calcium Vit D deficient and also Folate....both can cause problems with fatigue and memory. I was put on to supplements. I also hit pre-menopause, which also caused problems and menopause symptoms can actually mirror the SAH fall out. I would say, that go and see your physician and rule out what you can. Over the latter years of running this site, I know that some people post SAH are now treated with Aspirin....I think that it depends on your own personal medical history and it's something that you need to check out as to the reason why. Good luck. xx
  13. Macca, you're well loved on this site for your kindness and compassion. You have a wonderful way with words and where you convey honesty, empathy and are so helpful in every way! Thank you and congratulations on your 8 years! I'm so glad to have you in my life and BTG's too! Thank you for all of your help and support! xx
  14. Win, I think that I was still doolally when my kids thought that this site was a good idea at 12 months post SAH! Little did I realise, that it would still be running in 2018! Think that I would have run a mile to be honest! It's been run on a wing and a prayer and when I was still recovering myself and still going through all of the issues that I see from members now. It's been a combination of good, sometimes not so good lol and steep learning curves with running the site... but it's been great therapy for me, to see how each of us, have passed on our own experiences, info, support and love for our fellow SAH'ers and their carers and family. That's why I continue with it. xx
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