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    Where do I start? I had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in 2005 and life became very different!
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  1. Missing him ... I can't even read what I've written. Take care all and keep well. xx
  2. With a big thank you to Les' wife Sandra, to his sons, family and friends for the amazing and very generous gift of £1,100 to help support and run Behind the Gray. This amount was raised after a donation fund was set up by the family as a tribute to our dear friend Les. (Macca) With this gift it means Les (Macca) leaves a legacy of this site continuing to run for years to come allowing us all, old and new members alike, to honour the gentle kindness of our friend, moderator and fellow SAH survivor but continuing to follow his example. Les always came ready to listen, he gave hope wher
  3. A big thank you to Subs and Mrs Subs for a very generous donation. It will keep BTG up and running for a further 6 months, which is just brilliant! x
  4. With many thanks to all of those members who made a monthly donation towards BTG funds in October. It's very much appreciated! x
  5. Louise, it's been a pleasure to travel with you on your journey and to look back and see how far you've come in the 14 years that I've known you. 😘 You've been encouraging, supportive and truthful with the battle you've had and a good friend to me and the members with your compassion and "knowing what it's like" to go through a brain injury... Know that you're well loved. x
  6. With many thanks to John for his monthly donation to help keep BTG running. Very much appreciated. x
  7. So very proud of you Jess! ❤️ Thank you so much, for all of your help and support over the years with the website .... and wow! look at what you've achieved!!! Lots of love xxx
  8. With many thanks to all of those members who've made a monthly donation towards BTG funds in August and September. It's very much appreciated! x
  9. Congratulations Macca! Hope that you have a very happy day celebrating! Thank you for all of your wise words, help and support over the years....it's a pleasure knowing you! Enjoy celebrating with Sandra this evening...Happy Anniversary! 🥂xx
  10. Doonhammer, I have the aura but don't have the numbness. I would go and get yourself checked out. I wish you well...x
  11. With many thanks to ann_calgary for her very kind donation. ❤️ x
  12. With many thanks to all of those members who've made a monthly donation towards BTG funds in July and August. It's very much appreciated! x
  13. Hi Michelle and congratulations on your 6th year anni-versary! x It's been lovely to hear your news and meeting up with Andrea, delivering cake! Also to hear of your future plans! It sounds as though you have a lovely spot to retreat to and take time out. I've found that recovery keeps going and I'm in a much better place than I was, this time last year ... I had my last SAH in 2005. Keep on doing what you're doing! Lots of love xx
  14. With many thanks to Katow for her very kind donation and message ❤️ x
  15. With many thanks to Daffodil for her very kind donation in memory of Win. ❤️x
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