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    Where do I start? I had a Subarachnoid Haemorrhage in 2005 and life became very different!
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    Wimborne, Dorset UK
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    James Patterson, Lynda La Plante, Cranford, Marian Keyes, Cathy Kelly The Great Outdoors, Planes, Tr
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    Running this site
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    25/07/05 SAH - aneurysm coiled

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  1. Hi Michelle and congratulations on your 6th year anni-versary! x It's been lovely to hear your news and meeting up with Andrea, delivering cake! Also to hear of your future plans! It sounds as though you have a lovely spot to retreat to and take time out. I've found that recovery keeps going and I'm in a much better place than I was, this time last year ... I had my last SAH in 2005. Keep on doing what you're doing! Lots of love xx
  2. With many thanks to Katow for her very kind donation and message ❤️ x
  3. With many thanks to Daffodil for her very kind donation in memory of Win. ❤️x
  4. Hi Lynne and welcome... If the op should have taken place in March, then if it were me I would definitely push to get the op re-scheduled. Write down a list of all the questions that you need to ask your surgeon, as it's easy to get distracted and only realise when you've got off the phone that there was something important that you needed to ask. Tell them that you've got a list of questions, as most are pretty good in understanding that our short term memory is a bit shot post SAH. Make the most of the opportunity to speak to him/her and also ask him about question no 2 . No question is ever too silly either. The stress and worry to you won't help the symptoms that you're currently experiencing. It might also be worth contacting your GP to see if there's anything that they could prescribe to temporarily help with the flashing lights/dizziness. I suffer from occular and classic migraine and the aura/flashing lights is normally an indicator that I'm going to probably get the mother of all headaches! I was put on a medication called Propranolol and it's greatly reduced the incidences of them. I wish you luck and try to keep your stress levels down as much as possible. x
  5. Thinking of you Sarah and your Dad .... more hugs from me too ... xx
  6. With many thanks to Jess, for her very kind donation. 😊 x
  7. I've clapped and rattled for the NHS and Win.... what an emotional day ... love and hugs to all....xx
  8. I've stuck a big heart on my window for Win .... It's next to a big basket of teddies and at 8pm ... I'm going to bang on a saucepan and rattle it, like no one has even seen! xx
  9. Oh my goodness Sarah, I'm just so shocked to hear that our lovely, funny and beautiful Win has passed away. Win was a big part of our little online family ....I'm going to miss her so very much Sarah and I just don't have the words .... I know how much she loved you, Al and Tilly and I send you all my love and sincere condolences .... she was one heck of a lady! ❤️ xxx
  10. With many thanks to those members who are making a monthly donation towards BTG funds.....It's very much appreciated! x Also, a big thank you to Marobinson71 for a very generous donation and it will help to keep BTG up and running for a further 3 months, which is fantastic! Thank you guys! x
  11. Gem, I so very sorry for the loss of your Dad .... My heart goes out to you and your family. I can't find the right words and all I can do is send you all, much love and know that I'm thinking of you. xx
  12. With the Coronavirus taking hold and jobs being at risk ....and the current climate of uncertainty, I would urge members to cancel their monthly paypal contribution to BTG. BTG is in a good position financially and looking at the figures we're able to pay the bills, approximately for the next 12 months. We can always fund raise and pick up the pace once this virus is over and when everyone's in a better position. Take care all and many thanks. x
  13. Hi Daff, Well done with getting to 8 years and it does get better, whether that's coming to terms with your deficits, understanding and just adapting and finding some peace with it all... I still truly don't have the magic answer, but I know that life's much better for me and hope that it will be the same for you too. x Congratulations with all that you've achieved and have had to face ... you're pretty inspirational! Lots of personal losses with your much loved family and your darling Mum....that would be hard, even without the wonky brain! Keep on keeping on lovely girl! You're a much respected member of our team ....we love you loads!!! ... xx
  14. Hi Kathy and well done with getting to your two year anni-versary! x From my own experience, I think that 2 years on, is perhaps a turning point and believe you me, I'm still experiencing recovery and I'm at peace with my limitations and just glad to be here! It sounds as though you've got great family around you to share the hugs and love! Well done! .... and a big hug, for raising your 2 special needs children! ... I have no doubt that they will be surrounded with much love and everything that you can give them ... I'm totally in awe of you! Sending my own hugs and love to you and yours...xxx
  15. With many thanks to all who've donated in February and the beginning of March.... it's very much appreciated! xx
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