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  1. Daniel, I can only say that "stats" vary .... It took me quite some years of searching and looking for the same as you. I literally researched everything, including medical papers and these didn't give me the answers either. As a forum/website, we've taken part in quite a few requests for research post SAH. I can understand that you want answers....I did too ... but I've never got them. The only thing that I did explore a couple of years down the line, was my own family medical history and that my Grandfather, his two sons and his daughter all ha
  2. Hi Jennifer, I agree with both Susan's and Super Mario's replies. UTI's/kidney infection can cause the problems that your Mom is experiencing....confusion as well. Defintely get her a Docs appointment as it's something that can possibly be easily fixed with a course of antibiotics. A lot of the elderly don't drink enough fluids which can lead to a UTI because of dehydration ... so make sure that she keeps hydrated in the meanwhile. I had a UTI a couple of years ago .... I'm 58 and thought that I was going a bit doolally with it .... it was sorted with some
  3. With many thanks to Haymcc for her very kind donation. x Many thanks to all of those members who continue to donate each month....your kindness and support is very much appreciated. x
  4. Hi Dan and glad that you're finding the site helpful. Thank you for your question and I would probably advise to post separate subject matter on the SAH medical forums as more use to others who are searching for answers to the same. You would probably get a much greater response from other members as well. Good luck.
  5. Thinking of Sarah and Al. x The sun's shining outside and Win always had a sunny personality....so I hope that she's looking down at us today and singing a song. Truly missed and a much loved member. ❤️ x
  6. With many thanks to Super Mario for her very kind donation. x Many thanks to all of those members who continue to donate each month....your kindness is very much appreciated. x
  7. Hugs and love Daff! I enjoyed reading your blog! xx
  8. With many thanks to Sallios for her very kind donation. x Also many thanks to all of those members who continue to donate each month. Thank you all for your kindness. x
  9. Clare, Happy 6 year anni-versary! Hope you manage that run this morning and it will probably feel quite cathartic! Enjoy your day Clare, you've done so well! Hears to many more years to come! xx
  10. Bless you Sally and just glad it's all over for you now .... well done and I know how difficult it is! x Never be afraid to ask for help to work out your problems ... it's not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength ... we worry far too much about how people will judge us, but over the years and from this website, I've seen too many people struggle and that comes first hand from my own experience. It took me a long time to ask for help...and that's my only regret. Is it common how you've felt? Yes, it is and I've always hoped that within our little online community,
  11. Happy 17th Anni-versary SM! Hopefully this time next year, you'll be back on your adventures again! Have a good day and well done! x
  12. Sally, this time tomorrow, it will all be over with .... don't forget, that you always have that buzzer to press ... let us know how you get on. x
  13. Sally, I totally understand ....promise me that you'll give the GP a call in the morning? ... You're not alone and it's not a sign of weakness ... I still have help with the scanner and flying as well (not that we can fly at the minute!) ... I waited far too long to get help ... don't be me ... x The main thing is, that you manage to get your scan done and get some peace of mind ... you'll be okay ... just pick up that phone! xx
  14. Sally, no ... that's not right ... it's something that just keeps your head in one place whilst they take the scan pics. It's certainly not metal ...what in the earth have you read? Step away from the internet and stop searching..x There's also a mirror above your head, so that you can see the nurses who are taking your scan pics and working behind you in the window ... cool air is also blown in.... and remember that you will have a hand held squeezy button that you can press and the scanner will stop and the nurses will come running ... It's only your head that goes in ... not you
  15. Hi Sally, you really need to get in contact with your GP.....give them a call first thing tomorrow. Tell them that you're claustrophobic and freaking out ... they may be able to help you with a sedative that takes the edge off your fear ... as long as someone is able to drive you home...I'm not a medic but your fear is really common, so get help. I've never heard about wearing a "coil" helmet and not sure where you've got this info from? Remember that you always have a buzzer in your hand when you go into the scanner ....you can press it any time, if you need to get out of the scan
  16. With many thanks to Compostc for his very kind donation. x
  17. A big thank you to Louise for her very kind and generous donation to BTG! x
  18. Jean, I agree and the best piece of advice that I was given, was to measure your progress from the day that you left hospital ... rather than before the bleed, otherwise you set yourself up to fail ... which was what I was doing for quite some time....failing and feeling utterly miserable and despondent with it. Hence why this website exists, through my own failing and falling flat... and having to come to terms with the fact that I was going to have to take baby steps forward and maybe a few steps back with it. I found that once I became a bit kinder to myself and measured my expe
  19. I agree with Andrea and yes, take time out to put your feet up ... daily....even if you can't snooze. Re-charge the battery for a little while. Again, I think that it's a case of contacting your GP and being referred. To be honest, the earlier that you can do all of this, the better. I was offered CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy and counselling) but at a really late date ... it was more my fault and lack of help, as I only accessed it when I was struggling and then a huge delay .. I never went, as I think that I had more therapy with running this website and learni
  20. Hi Carolyn, What you're experiencing and feeling is pretty normal post SAH. 5 months post NASAH is so very early in recovery terms ... your brain and body is still recovering from the bleed and you're having to come to terms with the anxiety and panic feelings too. Is it going to happen again? - It's a question and something that we've all felt and it takes quite a bit of time to restore your confidence. I know how you feel and everybody else on this site will know too! Are you pacing yourself with your activity? We've all done it, when we've gon
  21. Missing him ... I can't even read what I've written. Take care all and keep well. xx
  22. With a big thank you to Les' wife Sandra, to his sons, family and friends for the amazing and very generous gift of £1,100 to help support and run Behind the Gray. This amount was raised after a donation fund was set up by the family as a tribute to our dear friend Les. (Macca) With this gift it means Les (Macca) leaves a legacy of this site continuing to run for years to come allowing us all, old and new members alike, to honour the gentle kindness of our friend, moderator and fellow SAH survivor but continuing to follow his example. Les always came ready to listen, he gave hope wher
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